Baby Changing Table: The Necessity and Most Common Types

baby changing table. a mom changing clothes of her baby

While planning big purchases for a little baby, parents sooner or later ask a question about a baby changing table. Is it necessary? Wouldn’t the changing table be a waste of money? Who needs it more – mom or baby?

Is Baby Changing Table Necessary?

During the day, you need to change the baby’s clothes not once or even twice, because clothes and diapers get dirty with fantastic speed. The question automatically arises – where to change the child’s clothes? When going for a walk (especially in winter and in the off-season), a child is dressed in a pile of clothes and “packed” in a blanket. Upon returning home, the same process goes in the reverse order. And in this case, a baby changing table is very useful. Add here daily hygiene, bathing, followed by skin treatment and change of linen. Do not forget about the infant exercises, massage and air baths. Well, everything says that your home should have a special place. For some mothers, their own bed becomes a place to dress their baby. It can be a writing table or a dining table with a blanket on it.

Of course, it can save you money. But is it worth mother’s fatigue, her tight bent back and swollen legs? And what if a doctor or a massage therapist came to the child? It’s clear, that’s it is quite difficult to conduct an inspection and do a massage, bent over the bed, etc. So, what’s the sense of constantly overcoming difficulties, if there is a simple solution to all problems – baby changing table? The main thing is to choose the best option for yourself, based on the financial possibilities of the family and the size of the living space of the house.

baby changing table. a mom and baby

The Advantages of Baby Changing Table

Of course, in order to “swaddle” a baby, or change diapers, do massages and other care procedures you need a special place.

In fact, many mummies can easily do without a baby changing table. They do all of the above on their own or children’s beds.

Meanwhile, a baby changing table has a lot of benefits. First, it allows you to dress the baby without constant leaning. After pregnancy and childbirth, after carrying a baby half a day many mummies have back problems. A changing table allows you to not bend over all the time. But please, keep in mind to consider the height of the mother when choosing a table.

Of course, the changing table is much more hygienic than anything else. It is always made from materials that are not harmful to the baby, and which allow a good disinfection.

baby changing table. Happy mother with baby girl on changing table

As a place specifically provided for the baby, the changing table is equipped with bumpers that limit the risk of the baby falling. Of course, this does not mean that the baby can be left there unattended.

In addition to the function of the place for baby care, most of the changing tables have additional shelves and drawers that allow you to use the changing table as a place to store children’s things.

Varieties of Changing Tables

Perhaps the least expensive and the simplest option is the changing board. Indeed, this is a regular board, equipped with sides and, as a rule, a mattress, which is fixed on the board. The changing board can be set on a bed or where it is convenient. And when it is not needed, it can be easily removed. In the case of fastening to the bed, this option, for the convenience of mummy, is absolutely no different from swaddling on a simple bed. For the baby, there is some additional plus in hygiene and the presence of bumpers, which we talked about above. You will love this option if you already have a chest of drawers or a cabinet that you have planned for children’s things. You can set a changing board on this cabinet, having made a full-fledged baby changing table with drawers.

The second budget option is hanging changing table. As the name implies – it is a changing table that is attached to the wall. In a sense, it is a shelf made of durable plastic, metal, and well-washable modern materials on which you can put a baby. Such changing “tables”, as a rule, are additionally equipped with rather capacious pockets for diapers and children’s cosmetics and are very convenient, especially if there is a lack of space for children stuff.

hanging baby changing table

Other Types

An inexpensive and convenient version of a baby changing table is a table with universal fixings that can be set on the sides of the bed, on the table or on the edges of the bath. It does not take up much space, is made of high-quality hygienic plastic and washable materials. It perfectly performs its functions, providing convenience to both mother and baby.

The traditional version of the baby changing table is a regular or folding table with a tabletop, equipped with bumpers and, possibly, a changing mat, as a rule, removable. Modern tables of this type are often made of metal and plastic. Some changing tables of this type are equipped with drawers and storage systems for children’s clothes, diapers, baby cosmetics, etc. From the minuses of such a table one can note a significantly higher cost than the options discussed above. In addition, such a table, of course, requires more space in the apartment.

baby changing table. mom changing diapers

And finally, one of the most common and purchased in our time version of the baby changing table is a changing cabinet. It is a quite capacious dresser which you can use for storing children’s things for many years. The top of this dresser is equipped with a removable changing mat. The thing turns out to be very functional, because when the baby grows up and the changing table / mattress loses relevance, you simply remove the mattress and the chest of drawers will remain in the children’s room and will fulfill its function of furniture for many more years.  Such a baby changing table is a beautiful, functional and useful thing. But there are also disadvantages – the need for a large amount of space to install it and, as a rule, not a small cost.


Now that we have considered various options for changing tables, let’s say that no matter which option you choose, you will most likely use it as a changing table for up to six months, a maximum of up to 8 – 12 months of a baby. Then the baby grows so much that, firstly, he/she no longer fits there, and secondly, becomes too mobile. Thus, there is a real threat that he/she will fall down from this table. So, when making a choice, consider this fact and think in advance what you will do with the changing table later: use it further in some way, give it to someone else or throw it away.

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