Is It Possible to Predict Your Baby Eye Color?

baby eye color. blue eyed baby

All the parents have many questions concerning their baby eye color. Immediately after birth it is almost impossible to say what eye color the baby will have. Only after a while the eyes of the child will acquire their native color. Why does it happen? Is it possible to find out the eye color of your baby? These and more questions are discussed in the article.

Why Do Babies Change Eye Color?

As a rule, most children are born with light eyes, which can change their color in some time. This is explained by the fact that the iris is stained with melanin. In the body of the newborn, this pigment is produced in a low amount, but over time its quantity grows. The mechanism of melanin production is determined not only by the individual characteristics of the child, but also by heredity. It happens that a baby eye color changes several times in the first years of life.

Do not forget that the color of the child’s eyes always changes in the direction of darkening. So, the baby born with brown eyes will not become gray-eyed or blue-eyed in time. But the opposite situation is quite possible.

When Does the Baby Eye Color Change?

The color of the child’s iris may change during the first year of life. Sometimes it may take much longer. In some cases, the final eye color can only be seen by 3-4 years. By the way, brown-eyed children produce melanin more quickly, so by the 3rd month of life the constant color of their eyes usually appears.

Significant changes in the color of the baby’s eyes often occur between 6 and 9 months of life. Studies have shown that at this time melanin in the body of a baby is produced most intensively.

baby eye color. baby with blue eyes

Surprisingly, the color of the eyes in babies can change several times. This process occurs due to changes in melanin production as the child develops and grows. In this case, the final color of the baby’s eyes will be formed only by 3-4 years.


The amount of melanin is inherited, since the dominance of these characteristics occurs at the genetic level. Your baby receives a complex of genes not only from you, but even from your ancestors. Thus, the baby acquires his/her own hereditary fund. Due to this unique fund the child develops his/her own peculiarities.

There are also cases when heterochromia is detected in children at birth. In this case, the kids have eyes of different colors.

It also happens that in children with light eyes the color changes during an illness or because of fear.

Heterochromia: What Is It?

It happens that the child’s eyes have different colors: one of them is colored weaker, and the second is stronger. This phenomenon is called heterochromia and is explained by a relative deficiency or excess of melanin. A rarer occurrence is a sector (partial) heterochromia, which is manifested in different colors of the iris areas of one eye.

The causes of heterochromia can be very different. It can be inherited genetically and passed down from generation to generation, manifesting itself much later. Also, abnormal pigmentation of the iris can occur as a result of various diseases. In any case, children with heterochromia should be regularly examined by an ophthalmologist.

Whatever the color of the eyes of newborns is, it changes over time. Blue can become dark blue or gray, and brown can turn to dark brown, reddish or yellowish. The newborn receives the program of changes from parents along with genetic material. It is possible to learn more precisely and in detail how the color of the eyes changes in newborns, according to a special table.

baby eye color. eyes color

What Affects the Inheritance of the Color of the Iris?

  • genes of parents and closest relatives (sometimes cousins’ eye color also plays its role)
  • skin color and nationality of parents
  • amount of pigment

The shade of the iris of the baby will change with the growth and production of melanin. In an 18 month old child, the color of the eyes does not differ from that of other babies.

Important: the main color will begin to appear only after six months. At 1 year you can make assumptions about the possible the color of the iris of your baby. But melanin will still accumulate up to 2 years or longer.

Newborns with Blue Eyes

The majority of children are born with blues eyes. However, it is too early to judge or argue about the future eye color of the baby. By the first birthday, the baby can acquire the brown color of the iris.

The light color of the iris is changeable: it can acquire darker shades more than once, especially if the baby is blond from birth. The beautiful sky color of the iris may become darker or brighten over time. The final shade of the eye will appear during the period of 2 -4 years.

This is interesting: The majority of mountain dwellers are blue-eyed. People with blue eyes are usually light-skinned with blond hair. But there are exceptions.

It is believed that the babies with the eyes of the color of the sky are sentimental and pragmatic. They dream a lot. These kids are very calm and not particularly naughty.

Babies with Gray Eyes

Gray iris is not uncommon. Usually northeastern people are born with gray eyes. Gray eyes, like green ones, can change shade during the day.

Gray-eyed babies are believed to be calm. They carefully consider every step they take. Hurry is not their feature.

baby eye color. grey eyed baby

Newborns with Dark Blue Eyes

  • Eye color is in close connection with the amount of pigment that is produced by the body. But if we talk about dark blue color, it is formed by the refraction of light rays.
  • Dark blue eyes are often found in residents of the north. Sometimes there is a special color of the iris – indigo. It has a deeper shade.

Dark blue-eyed children are characterized by emotionality and sensitivity. They are overly sensitive and vulnerable. Parents of dark blue-eyed babies will often have to calm their child as they tend to cry a lot.

Babies with Brown Eye Color

Babies with dark skin are usually born with dark blue or dark gray eyes. Within six months, the shade of the iris changes to brown or black. Dark shade does not change. It can only enhance the depth of color.

It should be noted that initially dark color will not become lighter. The iris can only change to a darker shade. Children of African nationalities, as well as from Eastern countries can be born brown-eyed.

Babies with brown eyes have a cheerful nature. Brown-eyed kids are active, their mood often changes. They eventually become hardworking and responsible. Children with a brown iris can be both hot-tempered and shy.

baby eye color. brown eyed baby

Green Eyed Newborns

Green-eyed babies can only be born from light-eyed parents. This rare color of the iris is found only in 2% of the world’s population. Many green eyed people can be found in Turkey and Iceland.

Green-eyed children are considered to be stubborn and persistent. Parents will have to face the extraordinary demands of the children. And this quality will remain with them for the rest of their life, forming a personality that clearly defines goals for himself/herself.

Some Interesting Facts About Eye Color

  • The most common eye color in the world is brown, and the most rare is green. Less than two percent of the population of our planet are owners of green eyes. In some countries in Asia and South America, green eyes are not found in people at all;
  • Less than one percent of newborns are born with a phenomenon called heterochromia. This means that the eyes of the baby are of different colors;
  • Geneticists have the opinion that the color of the eyes of newborns is transmitted according to the law of Mendel. The law says that parents with dark eyes will most likely have a child with dark eyes. Parents with light eyes will probably have a baby with light eyes. If the parents have different eye colors, then the baby eye color will be something in between.

No specialist in the world can determine for sure a future baby eye color. Therefore, parents can only guess or wait until the individual characteristics of the baby manifest themselves and the eyes will get their final color.

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