Baby Girl Nursery Ideas: What to Consider and What Color to Choose?

Baby girl nursery ideas

A room for a girl is a small work of art that emphasizes the individuality of your daughter and her desire for beauty. Therefore, parents should think carefully about the repair of the room and try to make it not only the most convenient, but also beautiful. In the article you will find some useful baby girl nursery ideas to help you make the best room for your daughter.

Baby Nursery

Making a child’s room is as enjoyable as responsible. Before embarking on the room decoration, it is necessary to go through a series of difficult dilemmas in the choice of finishing materials, design and furniture placement, to find the optimal combination of safety, practicality, environmental friendliness and cost of each piece of furniture.

With all this, it is important to take into account the passions and interests of the child, not to follow the stereotypes of the rooms for boys and girls and take into account the nuances of a particular space of the room – its size, shape, number of windows, etc.  Find out how to choose a color palette and design theme, how to take into account the age, interests and features of a little lady and not ruin the family budget with an impressive selection of modern design projects created by experts in different corners of our planet. Read on to find out more.

Criteria for Choosing a Girl’s Nursery Design

Children grow up. Their preferences, interests and needs change so fast that parents can hardly keep track. Of course, age will be the main criterion for choosing a design for a nursery. Each age group has its own desires, abilities and skills, level of independence, etc. But there are many other aspects that will have a direct impact on the preparation of a plan for the repair or reconstruction of a room for a little lady:

  • the size and shape of the room;
  • number of windows and doors;
  • the location of the room;
  • interests of the girl, her hobbies;
  • the nature of the child (calm or active, etc.);
  • financial capacity of parents and planning for a certain period (not everyone will be able to change the interior of the nursery every 3-4 years, as recommended by experts);
  • design of the apartment or house.

Baby girl nursery ideas. baby nursery

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas Depending on the Age

A Newborn

When the baby is up to 1 year, the design of the nursery is more important for parents. The baby still does not care about the wallpaper or furniture design. The main thing is a pleasant microclimate in a room that is not overloaded with details (less decor – less dust). Experts recommend creating basic repairs, which later will be easy to decorate for a girl who has already learned to walk and seeks to know the world around her in all possible ways. Bright, pastel shades for wall decoration are ideal for creating a background on which you can later apply artistic painting, drawings using stencils or stick stickers with characters from your favorite fairy tales and cartoons.

Creating a design for a baby room, you lay the base for the next 3-4 years. The choice of safe materials for finishing, furniture and other interior items is obviously very important.

1-4 Years

In a room for a girl from about a year to about 4 years old, a large part of the space should be given to a play area. In addition to the bed and storage systems, a small corner is needed for practicing creativity. It can be a compact table installed near the window or a small console that can later be transferred. Each functional segment should be optimally lit.

Baby girl nursery ideas. baby bedroom

5-6 Years

In the nursery, which is a small world for a girl 5-6 years old and older, still most of the room space is reserved for games. But parallel to the segment for games and creativity, a zone with a workplace appears. Preparing for school is best done at a full-fledged desk (preferably with a height adjustment of the table top – this is how the furniture will “grow” with the child) and with a comfortable chair (with seat height adjustment, backrest tilt).


In the preschool room, an interior design is a joint act of the parents and the child. The age of the girl already allows her to consciously talk about her favorite colors, design themes (heroes of fairy tales, books, comics, etc.), hobbies and desires. If the child is not interested in finishing materials, then the baby will be able to choose the furniture. Most likely she will want to participate in the process of choosing the textile design of the room – bed linen and blankets, drapery for windows, carpet, etc.

Baby girl nursery ideas. a girl room

A Teenager

In the room of a teenage girl, the design is almost always made according to the young lady’s desires. In adolescence, girls need to exercise their independence, to personally engage in creation of the style of her room. Therefore, parents need to be patient and listen to all suggestions on the design of the children’s room. After all, only the girl herself knows how she wants to see her little world enclosed in a few square meters.

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas: Color Palette

50 shades of pink, which are often presented in a wardrobe of a girl, can move into the design of the child’s room. And it’s not about the stereotypes of dividing everything that concerns girls to pink, and boys to blue. Most of the girls really like the pink color and they ask their parents to use it in the design of their room – the room where they relax, play, learn, engage in creativity and sports. In addition, the pink has many shades, among which you will probably be able to find “your own”, suitable for the role of the main background tone.

Baby girl nursery ideas. pink nursery


What are the best colors to combine with pink and its shades? There is no universal advice; much depends on the size of the room, its shape, layout, intensity of natural lighting and etc. The combination of pink and white will create a gentle and light image of the room. You can add a gray tone to this alliance, or light wood floor surfaces. Keep in mind that experts do not recommend using more than three colors (or their shades).


And a little more about the gray tone, as one of the main colors for the children’s room. Only at first glance it may seem that any shade of gray in the room for a girl is melancholy and boredom. In all respects, this neutral color is perfectly combined with white and another more saturated tone. Three primary colors, two of which contribute to the visual expansion of space (white and light gray) and the creation of a calm, peaceful atmosphere is an excellent choice for a child’s room. As the third color in this case, you can use any favorite color. The main thing is a reasonable dosage of bright tone.

Baby girl nursery ideas. gray nursery


White color and its shades as the main tone of finish is a great opportunity to create an easy and clean image. If we are talking about small rooms, and even with a complex geometry, the white color often becomes the only winning option for the design of walls and ceilings. Moreover, on a white background any furniture and decor will look great.


Beige color is another universal option that can become not only an excellent choice for the basic color scheme, but also visually “warm” the interior, bringing softness and comfort, lightness and freshness to the decor. It has many shades, but pastel, warm shades are often used to decorate the walls in the nursery. In combination with white and pale pink, beige can create surprisingly light and incredibly cozy place. A similar effect can be achieved when using peach color as the main solution to the palette of a children’s room for a girl.

Baby girl nursery ideas. beige room


If you and your child like different shades of blue, then safely discard stereotypes and use them as the main or additional (to a bright tone) color for finishing the room. Soft blue shades look great both as the main tone of the finish of all walls, and as an accent surface. But it is important to understand that all shades of blue belong to a cold color palette and are suitable for rooms located on the south side of a building with good natural light.


Another one, created, as if specifically for girls, is a palette of shades of lilac, purple. Delicate violet walls can be an excellent background to create a light and fresh image of the girl’s room. You can dilute pastel purple with white, dark purple and even gray.

Baby girl nursery ideas. purple girl room


Coloristists say that most shades of green can be used as the primary color of the finish in the children’s room. This color creates positive effect, awakens creativity and can soothe hyperactive children. Just make sure to choose the shade correctly.

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