Baby Halloween Costumes: A List of Great DIY Ideas

Baby Halloween Costumes. baby in a pumpkin costume

Halloween or the most mystical masquerade of the year is around the corner. Images of vampires, witches, the dead, ghosts, zombies and other evil spirits are especially popular at the holiday.

Everyone loves to dress up in different good and evil heroes – both adults, who can finally realize their dreams and transform into their favorite characters, as well as children, since Halloween is a night of reincarnation and magic. You can also transform into a good fairy, a ghost, a princess and other mystical creatures or fairy-tale characters – it all depends on your desire and imagination.

And if for any reason you have not yet chosen a costume for the holiday for your children, we have prepared a list of some great baby Halloween costumes ideas that you can make with your own hands at home.

DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

A lot of baby Halloween costumes can be done easily and fairly quickly with your own hands. The simplest and most fun ghost outfit can be made from a large piece of white fabric. Simply cut the holes for eyes in it and put it on a child.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a ghost costume

The mummy costume is another beautiful and easy-to-make option for Halloween. You just need to wrap the child with wide bandages and, if you wish, apply red paint to some places.

Baby Halloween Costumes. boys-mummy-costume

If you have a luminous or white paint, you can dress the child in a skeleton suit by drawing bones on black clothes.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a girl wearing skeleton costume

A child can put on the fangs on his teeth and draw a thin red line (imitation of a drop of blood) on the corner of the mouth, as well as put on a black and white suit and get a simple and at the same time bright image of a little vampire!

Baby Halloween Costumes. baby vampire


The children’s spider catcher costume is suitable for both boys and girls. The outfit is not difficult to make yourself: it is enough to choose a plain black clothing or a large piece of black fabric for making a cape and apply white lines of a web to it. The spiders depicted on the previously drawn web complete the image. Insects can be finished using paint. Also, decorative spiders bought in advance in the store can be glued on.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a baby spider


Charming and funny children’s costumes of various animals are perfect for Halloween. The following baby Halloween costumes are especially popular:

  • black cat;
  • a lion from the fairy tale “The wizard of Oz”;
  • a bat;
  • wild cats;
  • crocodile or dinosaur.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a baby in a bat costume

Of course, if you have patterns and desire, you can sew any costume with your own hands, but, of course, many models of baby Halloween costumes can be purchased in stores or on specialized sites. Very cute black cat costume is quite easy to make by yourself, putting on black pants or leggings with a black turtleneck on the child. Add painted mustaches near the nose and black fabric sewn along the edges in the form of a tail.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a black cat costume

Today, stores sell a huge amount of items necessary to create a scary and interesting image. For example: cat ears, bat wings, fangs, witches and wizards hats, lion’s manes, gloves in the form of cat’s paws or legs of a wild cat, etc.


The witch costume is very popular among little girls. To create such a magical outfit, you will need an old dress of dark colors, decorative additions in the form of frogs, snakes and spiders, a small broom, a nose pad to make it long and curved and a special hat. The old dress needs to be shredded a bit, decorated with frogs and snakes, etc. The broom can be made from small branches. For a more vivid and memorable image, you should draw dark circles under the eyes with the help of shadows, imitate soot traces on the cheeks and paint the lips of the little witch with dark lipstick.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a girl in a witch costume


The costume of the master of the seas and oceans consists of many important details, such as:

  • high boots for boys and black sandals for girls;
  • wide-brimmed hats and pirate bandanas;
  • wide pants or trousers or leggings;
  • vest and corset;
  • loose-fitting shirt with wide sleeves or a vest T-shirt;
  • a belt with a sword;
  • interesting decorative details: an earring in the ear, a bandage covering one eye, a hook on the hand, feathers on the hat, etc.

To complement the image of a little pirate for Halloween, you can use spots of red paint on a white shirt and torn some parts of the costume. For children over 10 years old, it is better to choose a costume with many elements and details, while for very small pirates it will be enough to try on only a shirt and a hat.

If you want, you can draw moustache and a black beard, like that of Captain Hook, which will undoubtedly make the image more vivid and funny. If a child is fond of Hollywood movies about pirates, he can be pleased with a pirate bandage and a wig with dreadlocks, like the famous movie hero Captain Jack Sparrow.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a pirate costume

Angels and Devils

Halloween is a holiday of all saints, so the costumes of angels and devils will be appropriate. For kids who want to dress in a lighter outfit for the holiday, an angel costume with decorative wings behind the back, a spacious white dress or a suit and a halo over the head that rests on a wire or rim is perfect.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a girl in an angel costume

Children who want to try on the image of negative heroes will like the costumes of little devils, made in bright and rich colors. Such outfits will require not only costumes or dresses in red and black, but also decorative horns, a tail with a pointed end and a trident.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a devil costume

Fairy-tale Heroes

Many children try on the image of fairy-tale heroes during Halloween.

Girls can try on the images of princesses and fairies from various fairy-tale cartoons, wearing bright dresses that are most similar to the outfits of their favorite heroines and complementing the image with magic wands and small transparent wings behind their backs.

Baby Halloween Costumes. a girl wearing fairy costume

Other options

Baby Halloween costumes can be not only scary or fabulous, but also funny and very original, such as:

  • chicken suit made of soft and fluffy materials;
  • pumpkin costume for the little ones;
  • butterfly and caterpillar costume for girls;
  • costumes of television series heroes;
  • creative outfits of inanimate objects, such as a suit of ice cream or a Christmas tree;
  • costumes that convey the images of various celebrities.

Baby Halloween Costumes. pumpkin costume

Edward Scissorhands

Do you remember Tim Burton’s classic Edward Scissorhands movie? Your baby has the opportunity to become its main character during the holiday. In Edward’s gloomy suit, he will surely be the star of the evening.

How to make: The blades and scissors for the image can be made of cardboard and covered with foil or painted with silver paint. Further, these attributes need to be attached to the black gloves so that when the child moves his fingers, his “sharp” blades will also move. For the costume itself, you need a black jumpsuit, on which you can attach all the belts with large buckles available in the apartment. The image will be complemented by the corresponding makeup.

Baby Halloween Costumes. edward scissorhands


This is the option for charming and romantic young ladies. Maleficent is a fabulous character. A sweet, tender girl, who became insidious because of the betrayal of her beloved. The image is quite controversial and even more interesting. It’s worth a little effort to create it, but the result is worth it.

How to do it: the costume is based on a beautiful long dress that will be complemented by large wings made of cardboard covered with fabric and nice little horns that can be made of wire, disposable cups and paper.

In fact, the choice of unusual costumes for children of all ages is simply gorgeous and is limited only by the imagination and creativity of adults.

Baby Halloween Costumes. maleficent

How to Choose the Right One?

In general, it is better not to choose very scary models for young children up to 9 years old. So, it’s worth choosing more kind and positive outfits, such as princess and fairy dresses, pirate and super-hero costumes, animals from fairy tales and kind wizards.

Older children (12 years old and more) can choose the costume of the negative hero of the film, series or cartoons. Outfits sewn or bought for Halloween are useful for various holidays and events in schools and kindergartens, as well as for theme festivals and holidays.

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