Baby Mattress: What to Know to Choose the Right One?

Baby Mattress. a sleeping baby

The appearance of a baby in the family is associated with numerous troubles, because the little man needs so much for health and comfort. The first months after birth, the main occupation of the baby is sleep, which means that he spends most of the day in the crib. Thus, it should not only be comfortable, but also safe. One of the most common questions of parents is what baby mattress is the best for a newborn, because the bed should ensure the normal development of the baby’s fragile spine. In children under the age of 3 years, the correct bend of the spinal column has not yet been formed. So, their mattress should be rigid. Environmental friendliness and hygiene of the filler also play a significant role.

Requirements for a Baby Mattress

To understand how to choose a mattress for a newborn, you need to figure out what requirements it needs to meet and study the ratings compiled by specialists.


Orthopedists and pediatricians are unanimously convinced that infants need to sleep on a firm foundation without a pillow. But keep in mind that everything is individual, and before buying a baby mattress or pillow, be sure to consult a pediatric orthopedist! A flat and firm surface contributes to the correct formation of the spine and posture. A soft mattress can lead to severe deformities and curvature of the back. A solid base helps to stretch and relax the spine, tightly fitting to the back of the child. This is the key to health and normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Baby Mattress. a baby mattress


There are many fillers for mattresses, but not all of them are suitable for children. For infants, natural hypoallergenic materials are the best option. For example, Coconut fiber. It is environmentally friendly, perfectly breathable, non-hygroscopic (dries quickly), retains heat and its original shape, and is not saturated with extraneous odors. The baby’s dream on a mattress with a coconut layer will be strong and healthy.

Baby Mattress Cover

The outer shell of the baby mattress is no less important than its internal filling. To keep the bed clean, the cover must be removable, easy to wash and dry quickly. It’s great if the outer layer of the cover is made of natural fabric, such as cotton.

The Size

The sizes of mattresses in a crib are usually standard:

  • 60 x 120 cm; or
  • 40 x 140 cm. However, there are baby cribs of non-standard shapes. In this case, it is best to order a mattress according to individual parameters. The optimal height for a standard crib is 5-6 cm.

Baby Mattress. baby hands on the mattress

Safety and Hygiene

Outside the mattress there should be no coarse seams, buttons, decorative elements and protruding zippers that could interfere with sleep or injure the child. The materials used must not contain harmful substances. Preferably they are completely natural. Removable covers and mattress covers will help maintain hygiene in the crib. Thay can be easily replaced or washed in the machine if necessary. There are also special covers that hold moisture and protect the mattress itself from getting wet.

Orthopedic Characteristics

A children’s orthopedic mattress for a newborn, as already mentioned, must be firm in order to constantly keep the baby’s back in a straight position. Considering the fact that the weight of the baby is not so large, the presence of springs makes no sense. Moreover, their fluctuations can cause restless sleep in a baby. Apart from the coconut coir, additional comfort can be provided by a latex layer, memory foam and an additional layer of insulation, which keeps a comfortable microclimate in the bed.

Baby Mattress. sleeping baby

Types of Baby Mattresses for Newborns

In order to fully understand which baby mattress to buy for a newborn, you should know that all orthopedic designs are divided into two categories:

Spring Mattresses

As the basis of such structures, metal springs are used. They can be dependent (connected to each other) and in this case the bed will be soft or with medium stiffness, or independent, when each spring is an independent link (hard and medium stiffness models). If parents for some reason stop at the spring model, then it is better to choose a mattress with an independent spring unit. It can be used up to school age.


Instead of springs, one or more elastic layers are used at the base of the structure. It is important that all materials are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Such designs evenly distribute the load over the entire area of ​​the bed, protecting the spine from deformations. What’s more, they have a long service life. The necessary stiffness is achieved due to different variations in the thickness of the layers. The manufacturer’s marking will help to choose the right baby mattress in the crib, as well as special samples on which the product is shown in section. Inside, there may be several fillers at once, including:

  • Felt. This is an environmentally friendly material from mixed natural fibers. Most often it is cotton and wool. But please, keep in mind that animal hair can cause allergies.
  • Latex. This is an environmentally friendly material obtained from the juice of the plant – hevea. It contributes to maximum relaxation of the back and the correct body position. It is used in the manufacture of elite models.

Baby Mattress. a mom putting baby to sleep

  • Coconut. Rigid, dense vegetable fiber with excellent breathability. It is not subject to decay, resistant to moisture. Pathogenic microorganisms do not multiply in it, but most importantly, the coconut layer provides an ideally firm and even surface for sleeping.
  • Foam. Modern foam materials with a memory effect not only contribute to the complete relaxation of the body, but also improve blood circulation, since during sleep they do not allow the vessels to be pinched. Sleep on the baby mattress with such a layer is considered the most comfortable.

Combined Baby Mattress

Fillers can be combined in many different ways. It may be, for example, a springless mattress with a layer-by-layer arrangement of latex and a coconut coir. Or a spring one in which the spring block is covered with coconut flakes on one side and latex on the other.

Most often, in mattresses of a combined type, one side is softer than the other. Such a mattress is able to last from the birth of a child almost to his full age. It is enough only to turn it over at the right time. That is why this option is the most popular among buyers. Such baby mattress is able to satisfy the preferences of both parents of newborns and older children. Note, however, that not all mattresses of this type are durable.

By the way

An orthopedic baby mattress can be either spring or springless. The main thing is that it is convenient. Translated from Greek, orthos means “straight” or “correct”. These definitions most accurately describe the ideal position of the spine during sleep.

Baby Mattress. a sleeping baby

What Else to Consider When Buying a Baby Mattress

Even when the filler is selected, that is far from all. We must not forget about such characteristics of the mattress as size, manufacturer, quality of the cover, and the presence of accompanying documentation.

Before buying a mattress, it is worth clarifying the dimensions of the bed. The size of the mattress may not coincide for a centimeter or two, but no more.

Pay attention to the following:

  • The dimensions of the crib vary depending on the age of the child. Among the most popular are 60 × 125 cm or 70 × 140 cm – for younger children and 90 × 200 cm or 160 × 200 cm – for older children. Nevertheless, it is better to use a tape measure before buying and measure the width and length of the bed.
  • When choosing a baby mattress, it is worth paying attention to the cover. Give preference to products with a removable cover. Some manufacturers offer covers soaked in antiallergenic and antimicrobial compounds. This is extremely important for children with allergies.
  • In addition to the mattress, the buyer may require some other accessories, such as a mattress pad. A similar thing is especially relevant for babies. The moisture-repellent mattress cover will not allow the mattress to get wet or dirty, which means it will keep it in its original state longer. Such a cover can be machine washed, and it does not require special care.
  • Before buying, be sure to check the product documents. Of course, these documents are not a 100% guarantee of the highest quality, but will allow you to verify the safety of the mattress.
  • The manufacturer itself is of great importance as well.

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