Baby Monitor: The Use of the Device, Advantages & Disadvantages

baby monitor

The problem of child care at the time when it is necessary to urgently leave the nursery is familiar, probably, to every parent. During this time it is important to know that the baby is alright, that he has not hurt himself during the game and does not need anything. In this case, a special device called baby monitor can help provide every minute control during the absence of parents.

What Is Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is an electrical device that helps parents keep an eye on a child using video equipment. A baby monitor consists of parent and child blocks. In the first case we are talking about the receiver and a monitor, and in the second – about the transmitting device and a camera. Young parents speak about this device only positively. After all, with this device, you can leave the child in another room, and at the same time not worry about the fact that he will be in danger while you are absent. Thus, you can constantly monitor the child even if you are in another room.

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The Main Parameters of the Baby Monitor

 Range of action. If you live in an apartment, then you may not worry about this option. The baby monitor usually functions at a distance of 90-150 meters. But remember that the signal level can be reduced by a large number of overlaps or because of certain finishing materials.

 Monitor color index. You can buy a device with a black and white or color monitor. In the first case, the cost of the baby monitor will be less, but watching the child on such a monitor is not very convenient.

 Sound. In good models of devices it will be possible to listen to the child not only through the speaker, but also through the headphones, which is more preferable.

 Night mode. It is a very important feature if you use a baby monitor to watch over a child at night. The same function is useful in low light conditions. The transition to night mode, as a rule, occurs automatically.

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5 Individual models of devices can be connected to a TV or computer. This will help not only to improve the picture, but also to get the opportunity to record what is happening on the screen.

6 In your free time, a baby monitor can be used as a regular TV that broadcasts some TV channels. Also, in some devices there is an alarm clock that will help to wake up in time for a walk or a bath.

7 The device can be placed on a flat surface, worn on a belt or hung on the wall using special fasteners.

Choosing a Baby Monitor, Pay Attention to the Following Factors

 Consider the distance at which the baby monitor blocks will be from each other. It is also worth considering the walls and their coverage.

 Decide on the aesthetics of the device, choosing the shape, size of the monitor, as well as the color of the case.

 Decide on the functionality. Perhaps you will not need these or that functions of the baby monitors, which, of course, influence the price of the device.

 Make sure the device is safe. This must be confirmed by appropriate quality certificates.

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The Advantages of Baby Monitors

The baby monitor can become the best assistant for every parent. It has a lot of advantages, among which are the following:

  • It makes life easier for parents. The portable device allows you to monitor the child from anywhere in the house within a radius of 200-300 meters. You have the opportunity to do the usual chores around the house or work, without leaving the baby unattended.
  • A baby monitor is absolutely necessary if you want to give your child the opportunity to develop independently. At the same time, the maternal control factor does not disappear anywhere. Moreover, watching your own child from the side, you will know exactly what he is interested in, what toys he loves, which games he plays and how he behaves in the absence of parents. This, in turn, will allow you to set the correct vector in the education of the baby.
  • One more indisputable, though not obvious advantage of the baby monitor is the convenience in its use. No other device can so accurately, quickly and efficiently transmit video information about your child.
  • The ability to see everything that happens to the baby, even at night due to the use of infrared technology when the lights are off.

avent baby monitor

  • Use of the remote control allows you to control the camera and see all places difficult to view in the room.
  • New models of baby monitors are equipped with a feedback function, which not so long ago was the hallmark of mainly expensive monitoring devices.
  • Night light and lullabies provide an opportunity to put the baby to sleep without going into the nursery.
  • “Sleep” mode allows you to save battery power: the display goes out if the room is quiet, and turns on again, reacting to the baby’s crying and other sounds

Baby Monitor Disadvantages

  • High price
  • Increased power consumption
  • Ability to receive a signal at a short distance

Where to Install the Camera of a Baby Monitor?

As we have already said, there should be no blind spots in the review of the baby monitor. In addition, the child should have no opportunity to reach the place where the camera is located. The same rule applies to elements such as power supply and wires. Ideally, you need to attach the camera to the ceiling or a wall. The recommended distance between the child and the camera should at least be one meter. The focus of the camera is adjusted by rotating the lens. As soon as there is a clear picture on the baby monitor, you can stop the adjustment.

The camera should not be closed by anything. It must be ventilated and release heat to the atmosphere. There is not too much heat from it, but if it accumulates around the camera, the device may overheat.

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