Baby Pool: The Main Benefits and Tips on Buying

baby pool. dad with kids in the pool

Inflatable baby pool is the best start for the child on his way to swimming. An artificial reservoir with a properly selected displacement, depth and size helps the baby to get used to the aquatic environment. At the same time, parents do not worry about the safety of their offspring. Consider what you should pay attention to when choosing an inflatable baby pool.

The Main Advantages of Swimming

Swimming has a positive effect on the children’s organism, since absolutely all the muscles of the body are involved during the sessions. Water procedures can improve the activity of many organs and systems, are an excellent prevention of problems with the spine and musculoskeletal system. Swimming is especially useful for children of preschool and school age. Because exactly during this period the active development of the whole organism of a small person takes place. Answering the question about the benefits of swimming in the pool for children, we can highlight the following advantages of this activity:

  • activation of metabolic processes;
  • strengthening of the respiratory tract;
  • toning of the heart muscle and the whole blood system;
  • maintaining correct posture;
  • prevention of flatfoot;
  • saturation of the baby’s skin with trace elements due to natural water massage.

baby pool. mom and baby in the pool

In addition, regular swimming helps to form a healthy and developed personality of the child. Scientists have proven that water exercises contribute to the development of such traits as purposefulness, determination, courage, independence, interpersonal skills, etc. Also, swimming improves the child’s appetite, contributes to a deeper sleep, relieves emotional stress, and gives the child pleasure and joy.

What to Pay Attention To?

  • Shape and color

Children’s inflatable pools can be round, square, rectangular, oval, in the shape of a star, in the form of animals, birds, fish, boats and even cars.

A baby pool of bright colors with pictures of favorite characters on the bottom and sides will be more attractive to the baby. It will be great if the child helps to choose the colors and pictures he/she likes.

  • Pool side height

For comfortable and safe swimming, the height of the sides of the baby pool must be chosen taking into account the height and age of the child. If the baby is under one and a half years old, the height of the pool should not exceed 15-17 centimeters. From 1.5 to 3 years old – no more than 50 centimeters, for older children – no more than 70 centimeters.

baby pool. baby in the pool

  • Width of sides and seams

When choosing an inflatable baby pool, you must also pay attention to the width and rigidity of the sides of the pool. Coordination of movements of children is not sufficiently developed, so the bumpers must be tough enough so that the child can stick or lean on the bump to sit or not to fall.

The wider the sides, the more additional ways to use the pool you have. After all, one can sit on a wide elastic part, dangling the legs in the water, etc.

You should also pay attention to the quality of the seams of the joints of the pool parts – rough, uneven seams of poor quality can scratch the delicate skin of the child.

  • Pool bottom

The bottom of the pool can be flat or inflatable. We recommend choosing the inflatable bottom of the pool. Thus, it will be softer and warmer for the baby’s legs. What’s more, the unevenness of the surface on which the pool is installed will not be felt, and the water will warm up faster. You can also purchase a special cover for the bottom, which protects the pool from pollution and possible damage by branches or small stones. Often at the bottom of the pool there are special pimples, irregularities and roughness designed to keep the baby from slipping.

baby pool. kids in the pool

  • Awning

This is an important element of an inflatable baby pool, although not mandatory. The pool can be placed in the shade of the garden, on the beach – covered under a beach umbrella. But if there is no such possibility – give preference to purchasing a swimming pool with an awning. This way you can protect the delicate skin of the baby from sunburn.

  • Filling and draining water

A small inflatable pool can be filled with buckets or a hose, but for a large pool it is preferable to purchase a special pump if it is not included in the kit. When buying a pump for pumping water, give preference to the model with a filter, because additional cleaning will never interfere with the water in which the child will bathe.

While choosing a pool you should also think about where and how you will drain water from it. With an ill-conceived discharge of water from a medium-sized pool, you can flood a part of your summer house or flood your neighbors. Pumping out water using buckets is inconvenient, so you should pay attention to the presence of a clack to drain water, with which the pool can be drained easily and quickly. A hose can also be attached to the clack.

baby pool. children in the pool

Do Not Forget About Security

  • First of all – the child should not remain in the pool without supervision of an adult, even for a minute!
  • It is necessary to take breaks between bathing – on rest, having a snack or sunbathing;
  • To avoid hypothermia, the water temperature should be at least 22;
  • Do not forget to change the water and clean the pool (if necessary, use special cleaning agents). But make sure that these agents are safe.

Other Benefits of Inflatable Pools

  • Quick installation. Inflate the structure and pour water. There is not a big deal and will take much time.
  • Mobility. Inflatable pools can be set almost anywhere, they can be easily transported and moved to any convenient place.
  • Great benefits for children. Inflatable pools at the expense of their small size warm the water faster. They are also equipped with soft, safe sides.
  • Easy maintenance. This type of pool is easy to clean. It is not at all necessary to have a large number of special cleaning products or devices.
  • Low cost. Compared to large pools or specially established structures, inflatable pools are quite affordable.
  • Relatively long service life. If you use such baby pool correct, it will serve you long enough.

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