Baby Shampoo: How to Choose the Safest Option?

baby shampoo. baby bath time

A child’s body is much more strongly influenced by various external factors than an adult’s organism. Therefore, it is quite reasonable that children need different from that of adults’ cosmetics. In particular, the right choice of baby shampoo is very important.

A child must have his/her own hair shampoo, because children’s scalp and hair has their own characteristics. Baby shampoo should have good cleansing properties and at the same time should be mild and harmless to children’s health. Here are some important criteria that will help you choose the right baby shampoo.

The Composition of the Shampoo

This criterion can be called the most important in choosing this cosmetic product for children. So, in no case should there be aggressive surfactants, synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. But there should be useful components, for example, herbal extracts, natural vegetable and essential oils, etc.

The pH of the Shampoo

Baby shampoo should not irritate the scalp and should not cause allergic reactions. That’s why its pH level should be neutral. Usually the pH mark is indicated directly on the shampoo package.

baby shampoo. bathing baby

Also, baby shampoo should have a careful action to prevent irritation of the scalp and eye mucosa.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Baby shampoo should be hypoallergenic. This means that its components should not include saturated artificial colors, fragrances, dietary supplements and prohibited preservatives. The maintenance of preservatives is admissible in the minimum quantity necessary for preservation of the normal microbiological environment of production during the specified expiration date.

Age of the Child

To choose a shampoo for a child, it is important to determine whether this shampoo is suitable for your baby by age. For example, if you need to buy shampoo for the smallest, then on the packaging of such a shampoo you should look for the mark “for babies” or use the one labeled “from birth”. If there is no such mark on a baby shampoo, then usually it can be used only from 3 years.

baby shampoo. baby bathing

Packaging Format

This criterion may show not very important when choosing a shampoo for the child, but in fact it is quite significant. The fact is that during the washing of the baby’s head, an adult has to hold the baby with one hand, which means he/she can pour shampoo with only one hand. And if at the same time the bottle of shampoo slips out of your hand, etc., the bathing procedure will turn into a real torture. In this regard, it is important to pick up such a shampoo, the bottle of which can be easily held with one hand, and the contents can be easily poured.

Taking into account the above criteria for choosing a baby shampoo, it will be much easier to purchase this item. However, at the same time, a huge range of shampoos for children makes parents doubt. In the end, no parent wants to experiment on the health of their child. That is why it is better to give preference to proven products from a series of organic baby hair shampoos.

Organic Baby Shampoo

Organic shampoos for children are made from natural ingredients and do not contain all the harmful “chemistry” that can be present in ordinary shampoos. What’s more, organic shampoos include natural plant extracts and valuable organic oils, and only natural, safe substances act as preservatives and flavors in such shampoos.

baby shampoo. baby washing head

By the way, it is quite easy to distinguish organic baby hair shampoos from all others. Firstly, on the packages of such shampoos there must be marks of international certification. Only in this case they have the right to be called organic. Secondly, the composition of these shampoos does not and cannot include parabens, SLS, silicones, etc. Finally, thirdly, organic shampoos do not have a bright color and strong aroma, do not give a lot of foam and are not stored for years – all this proves the natural origin of these shampoos.

What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Baby Shampoo?

It is better to buy a baby shampoo of known manufacturers. If necessary, ask for a quality certificate and study in detail the information on the package. Very often, potentially harmful substances written in small print can be found on the label. So, parents need to be very careful.

Give preference to products with a light or natural odor or no odor in general, as well as clear mixtures without color. The use of such detergents will help protect your baby from allergies. Buy baby shampoo and hair conditioner separately. Items that combine several functions do not cope well with their main purpose.

Pay attention to the shape and stopper of the bottle, which should be comfortable to hold. When buying baby detergents, it is very important to pay attention to age restrictions, since the bulk is intended for children over 3 years old. Such information must be reflected on the bottle.

baby shampoo. a mom bathing the baby

“No tears” shampoo will help you ease the bath time. Do not make hasty conclusions if there is not a large amount of foam when in contact with water. Such shampoos, as a rule, do not foam much. If your child is older than 5 years, do not rush to transfer to shampoo for adults. Set aside this moment until they reach 14 years of age.

In its structure, shampoo can be liquid and in the form of a gel. The most economical and convenient for parents of young children shampoo is the last option, but it is always up to the parents to decide. If you have never thought about what kind of baby shampoo to buy before, then you need to understand that it is very important to consider every little thing for making the right choice.

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