Baby Shower Food Ideas: How to Throw a Great Party?

Baby shower food ideas. baby shower for a girl

Baby shower is a great way to have fun with friends and relatives in the last stages of pregnancy, when leaving the house is already difficult. It reminds a bridal shower – the same party before the beginning of a new life, only more gentle and touching. Preparation for the party takes a lot of efforts and time. To ease the situation, we’ve gathered some great baby shower food ideas. Record a holiday recipe!

Sense of the Party

Future mom’s friends and relatives are going to the Baby Shower to show special care and attention to the pregnant woman before her birth. Also, on this holiday, honor is given to the future baby. Relatives and friends give presents to the hero of the occasion, which will be useful both to the child and to the mother herself.

It would be great to record the party on camera, because the baby will be born in just a few weeks, and it will be so pleasant for his mom to recall this sweet moment of waiting after a while.

The support and love of friends in the last weeks before childbirth are especially important for a pregnant woman, because it is well-known that pregnant women are much more sensitive and vulnerable than their friends who are not expecting a baby. Gifts will also make the holiday brighter, more pleasant and, of course, useful.

Baby shower food ideas. baby shower

Where to Begin?

If your friend is waiting for a baby, ask her about the expected date of birth. It is best to arrange a baby shower a month before the baby is born, and if a pregnant woman has health problems, then it is better to have a party 1.5-2 months before the birth. In this case, you, firstly, will not be late with the date of the event, and, secondly, it will be physically easier for the expectant mother to respond to your invitation a few weeks before giving birth than a few days.

After consulting with friends, the organizers set the date, time and place of the holiday. Then the pregnant woman is invited to it. If necessary, the date, time and place are adjusted according to the wishes of the future mother.


All participants of Baby Shower bring gifts for mommy and baby. The organizers must decide on what basis gifts will be purchased. You can do this in two ways.

The first method: all participants (of course, except of the pregnant woman) buy gifts according to their wishes. These can be baby care items, baby clothes, toys, and also some nice and useful things for the future mother herself.

The second way: the organizers make a list of things that the pregnant woman has not yet acquired, but which she will need when the baby is born. All invitees choose from the list the thing that they can buy and bring it to the party.

At the beginning of the party, all the gifts are put in one place specially reserved for this.

Baby shower food ideas. baby shower party celebrating

What Should Be on The Menu?

It is important to remember who we are organizing the party for! For the baby shower the ideal table is light snacks, fruits, and a bit of sweets. Cake pops, cupcakes would also be a great choice!

Prepare non-alcoholic cocktails. You can serve them in baby bottles!

Various cupcakes will be ideal treats for the holiday. By the way, thematic options for boys or girls are already being made. Macaroons, pannacotta and other portioned desserts also look great on the candy bar. And, of course, sweets, for example, will fit perfectly into the concept of a party — for example, sweets of a round shape will look great, reminding a pregnant woman’s belly! Drinks can be poured into small baby bottles. It will look very impressive. Buffet table will be the greatest choice. Thus, everyone can come up and take whatever they want.

Party Cake

An original cake will decorate any holiday. For baby showers, they often choose cute cakes in the form of a pregnant tummy or a bag for mothers, in which there are a bottle and other accessories, but there are many other options. You can find them on Internet. Or you can create your own design of the cake.

Baby shower food ideas. boy baby shower

Baby Shower Food Ideas

1.A charcuterie platter

A charcuterie platter is traditionally for cheeses, meats, crackers, and fruits. But you can also add other things you like like nuts, dried fruit, olives and other things.

The different types of meats will offer a visually and texturally different feel and experience to your guests.

2. Ham And Cheese Rollups

They will also attract your guests to the buffet table and will surely leave them satisfied.

3. Veggies & Dip Cups

Nothing can be easier and tastier than veggies and dips. Simply buy and cut vegetables. Fill your mini cups with your favourite dip and a great snack is done.

Baby shower food ideas. veggies and dip cup

4. Baby Shower Veggie Tray

This is also a tasty and healthy choice for a baby shower party. Also, this dish is very easy to prepare. Simply cut up your vegetables and arrange them nicely on a cute plate. Add the dips of your choice or cheese and it’s done.

5. Ham and Cheese Sliders

In terms of baby shower food ideas, this is a popular choice because it’s really easy to prepare and quite delicious.

6. Easy Caprese Salad Skewers

This snack is also very easy to prepare. What’s more this dish will become a great option for vegetarians.

Baby shower food ideas. Easy Caprese Salad Skewers

7. Crispy, Bacon & Cheese Loaded Potatoes

This dish takes a bit more time to be cooked, but it’s still rather easy and very tasty. We are sure your guests will love it.

8. Cheese & Crackers Board

The name speaks for itself. Put different kinds of cheese and crackers you like on a beautiful board and it’s done.

9. Healthy Fruit Skewers

This is simply refreshing and delicious. And will not require much efforts to be prepared. But make sure to use fresh fruits.

Baby shower food ideas. Fresh summer fruits on sticks

10. Watermelon On A Stick

How refreshing, and easy it is! This is a perfect snack for a summer baby shower.

11. 8 Layer Taco Dip

Who does not love a good taco dip! This is another easy baby shower food to serve because you can simply place it next to a bowl of corn chips, and your guests can enjoy themselves.

12. Mini Hamburgers

Tips On Serving Baby Shower Foods

As you can see, there is a great variety of options you can serve. Of course, the ones we have mentioned above are not everything. You can find many more options or create your own dishes.

To guarantee a diverse baby shower food, serve a combination of easy appetizers. Pay attention to the following list:

  • Starches: For example, ham and cheese rollups, pizza bombs and other.
  • Proteins: These are meat or fish dishes, like meatballs, chicken rollups, or sushi.
  • Vegetables: Tasty and healthy appetizers made with fruits or vegetables. They can be raw, cooked, etc.
  • Snacks: These include nuts, chips, pretzels, or popcorn.
  • Dips and Spreads.
  • Desserts: People often look forward to the desserts because no party is complete without chocolate.

baby shower food ideas. women on a baby shower

A Few More Tips

As you think about organizing a party and creating the best baby shower food ideas, keep in mind that you will need to carefully plan everything. It is certainly not a matter of throwing a few “good” dishes together.

Ask your guests about their food preferences and possible allergies and diets. Be sure to consider serving different types of foods to accommodate their dietary needs. For example, if there are vegetarians or people with gluten sensitivities, be sure to have a few vegetable dishes.

It is better not trying a new recipe for the first time on the day of the baby shower. It may not come out the way you had hoped.

If you are setting up a buffet table, set up the table to allow traffic to flow from all sides, instead of just one side.

Don’t forget about the drinks. People may expect it because it is a tradition.

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