Baby Shower Games: 12 Simple Ideas for a Funny Party

Baby shower games. Woman celebrating baby shower

The celebration of the upcoming birth of a child is a wonderful occasion to gather with friends and family. In this article we’ve collected some simple yet funny baby shower games for the future mother’s holiday, which will cheer up the guests and create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

What’s the Purpose of Baby Shower Party?

  • This is a good opportunity to express your love, attention and friendly participation to a pregnant woman, to share the joy of the upcoming event, to share positive experiences. This will help the pregnant woman to remain calm and in a good mood right up to the birth.
  • Baby shower is a party not only for attention and gifts. Many parents know how important it is to get prepared for the appearance of the baby in advance and without haste. Properly chosen gifts can make life a lot easier in the first weeks after giving birth, giving a woman the opportunity to recover.
  • When the baby is born, he/she will already have everything he/she needs. And close people, having seen that their gifts are useful for the child and the mother, will feel a sense of gratitude and will be more willing to provide the necessary assistance.

How to Arrange a Baby Shower?

There are several options for arranging this holiday.

  • In the classic scenario, the baby shower is a party for women. Both experienced women (already having children), and young women without children are invited. Baby shower is a very personal holiday, so it’s better to invite only the closest people, in a company of which the pregnant woman will be pleased to celebrate the soon appearance of her baby. Sometimes men are also invited, but their presence can cause embarrassment, especially for the expectant mother herself.

Baby shower games. Friends having a baby shower

  • The baby shower is arranged by general agreement or secretly when the pregnant woman does not know what holiday she was invited to. Most often the party is held in the house of one of the close friends of the future mother, but if there are a lot of guests, you can spend it in a restaurant, café, etc.
  • The invitation to the baby shower is sent no later than 6 weeks before the upcoming delivery. A festive room is decorated, light, the menu, gifts and greetings are being prepared. Best of all, if the future mother herself will make a list of gifts, so that the baby has everything that is needed, and at the same time there are no 10 identical presents.
  • During the party, guests communicate, give gifts, discuss the upcoming birth, and surround the pregnant woman with care and attention. Depending on the fantasy of the organizer, the baby shower script may also include various contests, entertainment and baby shower games, as well as photo and video shooting. At the end of the party, unpack the gifts so that everyone can admire the cute little things for the baby.

Baby Shower Games

As a prize for the winners of the games and contests you can prepare some symbolic gifts: a pacifier, baby socks, a box of chocolates, etc.

 Who is who?

Each of the guests must bring their own photo along at the age of 1 year. Photos are mixed, and one by one are shown to participants. Guests must guess who is who.

baby shower games. baby shower celebration

 Music competition

Fragments of children’s songs, lullabies or musical themes from famous cartoons are played to guests. The person, who can name the song or where it is from, wins.

 Time for mom

For the closest circle of guests, certain cards with inscriptions are prepared. These cards show the kind of help they can be provided after the birth of the baby: dinner, walk with the child, looking after the baby when the mother needs to leave for some time, cleaning the apartment, etc. Guests pull out these cards and take on obligations written there. Such assistance will be an invaluable gift for the mother after childbirth.

 Bibs for all occasions

For this game, you will need a set of white bibs and pens to draw on the fabric. Each of the guests can come up with their own design for the baby, draw something funny, or sign the bib.

5 A guessing game

Small items related to children are put in a shadow-proof bag. Guests to the touch try to guess what’s inside.

baby shower games. baby shower gifts

6 Time capsule

Guests write their wishes to the baby on a colored sheet of paper and put it in a box together with a small souvenir, which is then sealed. When the baby is 3 years old, this box is taken out and kind wishes are read to the birthday boy/girl.

7 Tasting baby foods

Get your guests to try baby mini yogurts, mashed potatoes and juices, but do not show them the labels. The goal is to guess the ingredients to taste. This is an interesting way to learn the difference between different manufacturers and to discover many tastes for kids.

8 Handmade time

Sit at a large table and do needlework, make some beautiful gifts for the future mother, write a few letters to the future parents and child, or simply decorate the children’s clothes and toys together. Letters are at the same time an interesting and useful idea for a party, since more experienced women always have something to say to a young mother: tips, ideas, and especially soothing and encouraging words!

baby shower games. guests at a baby shower

9 Baby Animal Names

Make a list of 10–20 animal names and ask guests to write the names of the cubs of these animals. When everyone has finished, read the correct answers out loud and ask participants to count the number of guessed words. Give the prize to the guest with the highest score.

 Name Creator

Write the names of the future parents on a piece of paper, and set the timer to 5–10 minutes. Ask guests to make up as many names as possible using only the available letters.

 Competition “Baby Name”

This competition can be held in two versions.

1) If you have already decided on a name, but none of the guests know it. Arrange an intriguing contest who guesses the name of the baby.

2) If you yourself have not yet decided on a name, then invite guests to put forward a couple of ideas. Each guest can write their favorite names on a piece of paper. After all the names have been written, you can read the names and discuss them if you wish.

baby shower games. Friends and family baby shower party

 Master class for the care of the baby

Each of the guests writes a situation with a child or you write in advance several situations on a piece of paper. After the situation is voiced, the attendees offer various solutions to the problem, and the future mother chooses the best option. Thus, during an interesting discussion, the future mom will be able to psychologically prepare for the birth of the baby.

Examples of situations

1) Baby cries, what to do?

2) The child cannot sleep, how to be?

3) The kid wants your attention, what will you do?

4) Baby is bored, what to do?

5) The child does not stop crying, what can be done?

6) etc.

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