Baby Shower: How to Organize the Perfect Party?

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Incredibly cute holiday with the funny name Baby Shower comes from the United States. It has nothing to do with bathing real babies: the party is arranged in order to cover the future mother with attention and gifts for her baby. And also – to create a good mood for her on the eve of the labor. Are there any unwritten rules for holding such a party?

Traditionally, a Baby Shower is an exclusively female party to which girls and “experts” (moms who can share personal experience) are invited. Usually it is carried out during the safest and most peaceful – the third trimester, but when there is still enough time before delivery.

The Essence of the Party

Usually friends of the future mother are visiting the Baby Shower to show special care and attention to the pregnant woman before her birth. Also at this holiday, honor to the future baby is given, relatives give presents to the hero of the occasion, which will be useful both to the child and to the mother herself.

It would be great to record the party on a camera, and on a video camera, because a baby will be born in just a few weeks, and it will be so pleasant for the mom to recall this sweet moment of waiting after a while.

The support and love of friends in the last weeks before childbirth are especially important for a pregnant woman, because it is known that pregnant women are much more sensitive and vulnerable than their friends who are not expecting a baby. Gifts will also make the holiday brighter, more pleasant and, of course, doubly useful.

Baby Shower.

Baby Showers at the Time of Queen Victoria

Once upon a time, when Great Britain was ruled by Queen Victoria, and America was acquiring its own traditions, such events as the Baby Shower were held after the first baby was born – and not at all because of prejudices about the fact that you shouldn’t buy anything for a baby before birth. In those days it was considered indecent to go out when you are pregnant.

Invited relatives and friends brought hand-made gifts. Grandmothers were spared from the need to work on sewing or knitting tiny little things – their honorary duties were to pass on family silver.

Today, the Baby Shower party has become less formal, the timing of its implementation has shifted to 7–8 months of pregnancy. Now, even men are invited to baby showers. The fundamental principles have been preserved, the main of which is that the party should not be too long so as not to tire the future mother (2-3 hours is enough).

Who and How Organizes Baby Shower?

Traditionally, one of the friends of the future mom is responsible for the organization of the baby shower. Since the party is celebrated several weeks before the supposed birth, it is difficult for the mother to arrange this event, so she and the baby are only the main heroes of the celebration.

The party itself is carried out either at home with some friends, or in a cafe or restaurant – it’s not good to put cleaning and washing dishes on the shoulders of a pregnant woman.

You can organize a baby shower secretly, making a pleasant surprise to your pregnant friend. But it is better to warn in advance, because surprises are not always good, especially if future mom has health problems or some personal plans.

Usually the organization of this kind of a party before the birth of a child is a responsibility of the best friend of the future mother. But today, the rules are changing: a sister, a friend, and even a husband of the pregnant woman can prepare the party.

Baby Shower.

The main thing is to think over all the steps in preparation for the holiday. Read on to find some useful tips for preparation of the baby shower.

Decide On the Date of Baby Shower

It is better to plan baby shower at the seventh month of pregnancy. At this time the mother goes on maternity leave, and still feels well and is not in a hurry to the maternity hospital. This time is convenient from a practical point of view as well: a pregnant woman will have time to look through the gifts presented at the baby shower and figure out what else she needs to buy before delivery.

Choose a Place for the Party and Count the Guests

Before thinking about decoration of a party, it is important to think about where to spend the holiday. Home is a great option if you plan to invite a small company of friends. You can celebrate baby shower in a cafe, outside, even in a photo studio (you can arrange a photo session at the same time) – the main thing is to stay within the budget of the party.

baby shower menu

Take Care of Invitations and Decorations

How to decorate a party? Prepare in advance all the decorations that will lie quietly before the party, write invitations and think about the theme of the party. If the gender of the baby is already known, you can make a pink or blue theme decor. If the gender is still unknown, give preference to neutral colors.

Baby Shower: How to Make a Party Plan?

Usually the entertainment program begins after all the guests arrive. After half an hour of activities on the baby shower, you can go to the treats, photos and unpacking gifts.

Out of respect for the future mother, it is better not to bring alcoholic drinks to the party: make non-alcoholic cocktails for pregnant women.

Baby Shower


It is better to serve sweets and light snacks. Guests themselves can cook treats for the baby shower. It is better to agree in advance who will cook this or that snack and bring ready meals to the party. It’s great to decorate the treats in the theme of the holiday. Cupcakes, decorated with babies, pacifiers and mastic bottles will look super nice on the table. Gingerbread, coated with icing and painted in the style of the holiday can also be a great idea. You can bake cookies in the form of baby bodysuits, and serve drinks in baby bottles.

Preparation of the Place

As for any other holiday, it is better to decorate a room or a hall where the baby shower will be celebrated. Since this is a holiday in honor of the baby, you can decorate the room, with balloons, ribbons, garlands of delicate colors, photographs depicting small children, etc.

Often, baby showers are made according to a certain theme, for example, in the style of a small princess, if the birth of a girl is expected, or in the style of superheroes, if the woman is pregnant with a boy, etc.

 baby shower for a boy

Particular attention is paid to the chair, where the future mom will sit. It is decorated with bows, balls, lace, pillows – everything that fantasy allows. The main thing is to make it immediately clear that this is a chair for the heroes of the party. And of course you should not forget that the place for a pregnant should be as comfortable as possible.


All the participants of the Baby Shower bring gifts for mommy and baby. The organizers must decide on which basis the gifts will be purchased. This can be done in two ways.

The first method: all participants (of course, except for pregnant) buy whatever gifts they want. These can be baby care items, baby clothes, toys, and also some nice and useful things for the future mother herself.

The second way: the organizers make a list of things that a pregnant woman has not yet purchased, but which she will need when the baby is born. All guests choose from the list the thing that they can buy and present. At the beginning of the party, all the gifts are put in one especially reserved for this place.

But in spite of all the steps of preparation, keep in mind, that Baby Shower is a bright and cheerful party. Do not turn it into talk about hard labor and future nightmares with feeding. Your task is to set up the future mommy for positive emotions and charge her with a good mood before the baby arrives. Spend this time smiling, having fun and getting positive emotions.

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