Baby Swings: What to Be Aware of Before Buying One

With the birth of a baby, a young mother will face many troubles associated with caring for her beloved baby. However, in addition to these worries, women still have household chores: cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. It is quite difficult to do all the work with a baby. And in order to somehow ease the everyday life of moms, nowadays, many devices have been created, where a mom can safely leave the baby for a while. One of them is baby swings.

There is a wide variety of them on the market. Thus, the purchase of this product can confuse a woman. In this article, we’ve gathered some important information to help you choose the best option.

What Are Baby Swings?

Swing is a favorite pastime of both small and grownup children. However, usually, babies under the age of six to seven months are not ridden on the swings, because they still do not hold the back. However, modern electric baby swings solve this problem. They can be used from birth.

The fact is that the swing chair is made in anatomical form with soft linings and a special headrest, so the newborn is reclining in them or even lying, which means that no harm is done to the fragile children’s spine.

But the main advantage of electric baby swings is that there is no need to push them to make swinging movements with the seat. As a rule, the device is equipped with batteries or accumulators that allow the swing to move automatically from side to side. Thus, the mom has some free time while the baby enjoys swinging.

How To Choose Baby Swings?

The modern market offers a wide variety of devices for swinging babies. But how to choose the best swing for newborns, so that the child would be happy to stay in them, and the mother would be calm as well?

Firstly, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the materials from which the device is made, and the stability of the structure. Flimsy swings break quickly. Make sure that the product does not have sharp corners and edges, as the baby may get injured. The stability of the swing is a guarantee that they will not roll over, even if your child will behave quite actively. In order not to worry about the fact that your little one will fall and get hurt, choose an electric swing that is equipped with a five-point seat belt.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the presence of removable seat covers. This will keep them clean, as the fabric will still periodically become dirty.

Thirdly, we recommend buying a model of electric baby swings with an adapter, so that they can work both from batteries (accumulators) and from the electrical network.

Fourth, be sure to consider the weight of the child. Most models are designed for weight up to 11-15 kg.

Fifthly, take into account various additional functions of electric swing. In simple models, there is only one swing speed.


If your financial capabilities allow, purchase a product with several speeds. In addition, rocking swings for newborns will be an excellent tool in caring for a baby. In addition to swing, they have a mode of vibration and playback of a calm melody, which will help the baby fall asleep. It’s good if the seat in the swing can be removed and used as a deck chair – a portable chair with vibration.

If the swing kit includes a removable table, in the future you will be able to feed the baby directly in the seat, using it instead of a high chair. A hanging arc with toys will allow you to entertain the baby longer.


The Pros And Cons Of Electric Swing

Electric swings, like all products, have their pros and cons, but no matter how many positive qualities they have, doctors still do not recommend leaving a child in the swing for a long time.

Here Are The Main Advantages

  • electric swings are suitable for rocking the baby to sleep;
  • a special timer will stop the movement after a certain time;
  • you can change the position of the back;
  • smooth motion has a beneficial effect on the vestibular apparatus and has a calming effect on the child;
  • compactness and mobility (many electric swings can be folded and taken in transport).

Disadvantages Of Baby Swings

  • belts with three attachment points are now recognized as not very safe;
  • in many models there is an insufficient seat depth;
  • a long stay of the child in a chair without a head restraint can cause headaches;
  • intense motion can cause nausea in some babies;
  • not every music will appeal to the baby, therefore it is important to choose a model with adjustable volume so that it does not annoy the child.

Features Of The Use Of Baby Swings

When choosing a swing for newborns, make sure that the following requirements are present:

  • The presence of a hypoallergenic removable cover made of breathable natural materials;
  • There is no need to choose a model with a large number of modes and motion speeds. Two or three are enough. It is better to make sure that the chair is moving from side to side, as well as up and down;
  • Instead of a music panel, it’s better to look at a chair with a player connected. Thus, parents will be able to independently select and change melodies;
  • It is important to consider the recommendations of manufacturers on the permissible weight and age of the child;
  • The electric swing for the newborn should have a solid and stable design. The presence of anti-slip plugs on the legs is mandatory.

Safety Measures

  1. Before installing the electric swing, you should study the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer. To avoid troubles during operation, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the basic requirements.
  2. Set the swing on a hard and even surface.
  3. Lock mechanisms according to instructions.
  4. After placing the baby in the chair, it is necessary to fix the child with seat belts.

Doctors And Parents Reviews

Doctors have different opinions on the use of baby swings. On the one hand, the chair imitates the intrauterine position of the child. For the baby, it is a familiar and safe environment. However, pediatricians recommend strictly dose the time.

Doctors believe that constant motion may violate the baby’s vestibular apparatus. However, if parents operate the electric swing correctly, nothing bad will happen. You cannot use an electric swing for babies with impaired development of the musculoskeletal system and neuralgic disorders.

Keep in mind that for newborns it is necessary to use baby swings which are recommended from birth. Other models even with a folding horizontal back will not suit.

What concerns parents, the majority who used baby swings speak positively about them.