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Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby is a popular, beloved by many parents book by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau. The main aim of this book is to guide new parents through their baby’s first year of life.

The main concept presented in the book is to build a flexible routine for babies from the very beginning. The feeding and sleeping routine is based on the baby’s needs, not on a schedule dictated by the parent.

Tracy Hogg and Her Advice

Is it possible to understand your baby’s “language” and begin to fully communicate with him from the first days of life? How to understand the nature of the newborn to provide necessary care, taking into account his personal characteristics and temperament? Are there simple and reliable ways to solve such typical problems of infancy, such as “causeless” crying or unwillingness to sleep at night?

Tracy Hogg, a specialist in caring for newborns, tells about this and many other things. Her many years of experience and recommendations have helped many families to cope with the difficulties of the first year of parenthood and raise happy and healthy kids. All Tracey’s advice are extremely practical and accessible to everyone, and the techniques offered by her are extremely effective – perhaps because her approach is based on respect for newborn children, albeit small but still personalities.

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Why Is This Book Worth Reading?

  • Tracy Hogg is one of the most famous authors of parent-child literature, she is recognized on a par with the eminent Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish, William and Martha Sears;
  • It is a must-have for all parents who have newborns: you will understand what to expect, and learn to cope even with what you did not expect;
  • The author competently and kindly explains each mom and dad how to love, respect and care to raise a happy child;
  • Parents around the world call Tracy Modern Mary Poppins for her effective advice;
  • Modern pediatricians recommend the author’s books to parents all over the world.

More About Tracy Hogg

Tracy Hogg is rightfully considered to be modern-day Mary Poppins. All over the world young moms use her methods for putting the babies to sleep.

Tracy Hogg was a nurse, and in order to help the babies, she had to learn to understand their language and decode the signals they send. Thanks to this, Tracy was able to master their non-verbal language. After moving to America, she devoted herself to caring for newborns and women in labor and helping young parents.

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Her experience as a nurse at St. Catherine’s Hospital for the Mentally deprived and other hospitals led to a career as a child care expert. She was nicknamed the “whisperer of a child” for her ability to soothe children. Later she became one of the best-selling authors for her books. Her first book explains the basics of her philosophy, about understanding and tuning in to babies and the methods parents can use to help their baby sleep: Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How To Calm, Connect, and Communicate With Your Baby.

The book has been quite successful and was followed up by Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers and The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems.

The Baby Whisperer Basics

Tracy Hogg’s method is often considered to be an alternative between crying it out methods and no tears methods. And it is indeed so.

Tracy does not have babies cry it out. She thinks that a baby needs to feel safe and secure, and to know that parents are always there for him.

But she also does not support what she calls “accidental parenting” like nursing, bottle feeding, walking or rocking baby to sleep. She thinks that it makes a child dependent on a certain routine before sleep whereas it is crucial for a baby to learn to sleep independently.

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In her book, Tracy explains different tools that can help parents teach their baby important sleep basics: among them a strictly structured routine (E.A.S.Y.) and the pick up put down (pu/pd) method for putting baby to bed. Each tool comes with clear, age-specific instructions that need to be followed in order to achieve a good result.

The E.A.S.Y. routine is about reading and understanding your baby’s language and creating a predictable daily pattern.

Every day is structured with a pattern of “E” Eating, “A” Activity and then “S” sleep which leaves time to yourself for “Y” You.

The pick-up put down (pu/pd) method is how you put baby to sleep in the crib teaching to sleep alone. The mechanism is rather simple – you do the putting down and picking up as often as need to get baby to sleep.

Tracy Hogg’s Baby Whisper sleep method, and the whole philosophy behind it, is well rounded and based on valuable ideas.

Each of Tracy’s books gives interesting insights and help understand babies and their sleep, even if you do not want to follow all the instructions.

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