Baby Yoga: A Modern Trend or A Useful Activity?

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The term baby yoga has appeared relatively recently. Therefore, young parents have many questions regarding this type of activity with the baby. It is worth noting that the early practice of yoga can be very useful for both the child and the mother. But this is possible only with a competent and responsible approach. What’s the use of baby yoga and how to avoid unpleasant consequences? Find this and more in the article.

What Is Baby Yoga?

Let’s start with explaining what baby yoga is. This is a set of static exercises, which is very similar to those exercises that are performed in adult classes. Naturally, the child himself cannot perform the asanas, so an experienced specialist or the mother helps performing all movements.

What is it for? First of all, yoga for newborns is positioned as a method of early development, which, moreover, has a healing effect. Experts believe that such exercises help to get rid of most of the problems that are associated with childbirth or with minor deviations during fetal development. Such problems include displacement of the spine, dislocations of the hip joint, torticollis, etc. Yoga is also helpful with increased intracranial pressure, which has recently been quite common among kids. However, in this case, inverted poses are not used. Also, the practice is successfully used with hypertonicity of the muscles and muscle hypotonia. Due to yoga a stimulation of the internal organs takes place, and the brain at the same time is saturated with oxygen, which in turn affects intellectual and physical development of the baby.

The Benefits of Yoga for Babies

It is impossible to overestimate the beneficial properties of baby yoga. Firstly, it helps to strengthen the spine and the entire bone system of the baby, the development of muscles and joint mobility. Secondly, regular exercises improve digestion, contribute to the development of the vestibular apparatus, balance the psyche and make the baby’s sleep sound. Thirdly, the contact between a parent and the child becomes closer. The enrichment of the emotional world of the baby also takes place.

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The physical benefits of baby yoga provide a baby the opportunity to move a lot and efficiently. After all, thanks to the directed movements the child masters the world around. Coordinated movements of the arms and legs play a huge role in the development of the child’s cognitive and intellectual abilities. The more complex and unexpected movements your kid produces, the better his/her brain develops. And, as you know, the longer the physical activity, the deeper the breathing becomes. And this is very useful as well.

The Benefits of Baby Yoga for a Newborn and the Mother

If yoga for a newborn is performed in accordance with all the rules, then it can provide improvements in a variety of ways. These include the following points:

  • the early elimination of postpartum stress and trauma, both in the baby and in the mother;
  • early development of major reflexes;
  • normalization of digestion and sleep;
  • prevention of intestinal colic;
  • development of the muscular system;
  • stimulation of the internal organs and systems;
  • full supply of oxygen to the brain;
  • quick adaptation to the environment.

Since the yoga classes are held with the mother, then one more positive moment is the development of a deep mutual understanding and the strengthening of the mother- baby contact.

baby yoga. mom with baby into yoga

Potential Harm of Yoga for Babies

Baby yoga may also have negative aspects, the main reason of which is a non-professional approach:

  • sprains and even fractures;
  • developmental disorders;
  • damage to internal organs;
  • reduced immune function;
  • psychological trauma.

All these troubles can be avoided if you carefully and attentively consider the possibility of practicing baby yoga. If you decide to start this practice, work only with professionals you can trust with 100% confidence. Remember that in the very early period of a baby’s life the foundation of his health is laid. That’s why it is so important to make sure that the exercises will bring your baby only benefits, not traumas and complications.

Baby Yoga Practice Guidelines

Yoga classes for babies should be held in a special way. First of all, keep in mind that only an experienced instructor with a successful experience of at least 2 years should lead the process. Even if the mother herself practiced yoga for a long time, she should not conduct classes with a newborn without professional help, since special knowledge is required here.

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In addition to this basic point, there are several other rules that must also be observed:

  • Baby yoga classes with a newborn can be started only after consulting a doctor. Therefore, an experienced instructor, before taking the mother with the baby into the group, necessarily finds out everything about the health of the baby and about possible contraindications.
  • All movements are performed very smoothly, slowly and carefully. Sudden changes of position are not allowed.
  • Classes begin gradually and slowly. The transition from simple to more difficult exercises is carried out imperceptibly. This allows the baby to easily adapt to the loads.
  • Adults constantly monitor the condition of the infant, instantly reacting to changes in skin coloration, screams, and crying.
  • Every baby is unique. That’s why a special set of exercises for each baby should be prepared.
  • Classes are held only when the baby is ready for exercises. So, if your child feels bad, cries, etc. then it makes sense to refrain from practice.
  • The best time for baby yoga is 1.5 hours after feeding.

Always Be Careful

Such classes with a newborn are called yoga only by analogy with this practice. In fact, they represent a special set of techniques borrowed from massage and children’s gymnastics. Since at such an early age the baby is still not able to make any movements independently and can’t even hold the head, all manipulations are carried out by an instructor or mother under the strict guidance of a professional.

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Considering the possibility of practicing baby yoga with a newborn, you should carefully weigh all the positive and negative points. Consider that this kind of practice is relatively young. No scientific research has been carried out on it. Therefore there is no exact data on the benefits and harms of baby yoga. Moreover, many doctors recommend abandoning any effects on the infant in the first month of his life at all. They believe that at this stage the baby needs only peace and maternal care.

Baby yoga is a new trend that originated from ancient practices. With the right approach, it is able to lay the foundation of good health from the first days of life. However, in order to gain only the benefits from the classes, and to exclude the possibility of the onset of harmful consequences, it is necessary to direct all forces to search not just an experienced but also a talented and loving instructor. If you have even the slightest doubt, it is better to abandon classes and start them only when the baby can keep his head on his own. Remember that your baby’s health depends on you, so you must be very careful.

Baby Yoga with Mom

Baby yoga for moms with babies is a pair activity. This type of baby yoga is the best option. Classes are held for children from 3 months and more.

baby yoga

For a baby, this is a great way to know his/her own body and spend more time with mom. Children get a lot of pleasant impressions from such an unusual pastime. The load is received by both the baby and the parent.

For mom, it’s just as entertaining as for the baby. After childbirth, it is not so easy to get in shape, and when practicing with an infant, the body becomes fit faster. What’s more, the nervous system calms down. Signs of postpartum stress pass faster as well. In addition, it is a great opportunity for communication with other mothers, sharing experience and socializing. For mothers, children in class also increase the weight load. Exercises with a child in her arms or in a sling further increase the effectiveness of training.

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