Bathroom Renovations That Don’t Forget the Kids

Bathroom Renovations That Don’t Forget the Kids. bathroom

Real estate agents will tell you that the bathroom is the second most important room in the house (after the kitchen) to homebuyers. As such, bathroom renovations make a lot of sense. One thing that often gets lost in the rush to renovate however, is the kids. And by that we mean homeowners who are renovating to improve their home rather than sell their home, often approach the project as if the intention is to sell. They put too much focus on aesthetics and not enough on fulfilling the needs of the kids who also have to use the room. Below we’re going to provide a number of tips for renovating the bathroom with the kids in mind.

General Contractor Tips on Kid Friendly Renovations

Here are some ways to make the bathroom safer and more inclusive for young children.

  • Make the sinks accessible

Every one of us was a kid at some point and so we remember what it was like trying to brush our teeth at the sink when we could hardly reach the faucet. But just because we struggled with too-high bathroom sinks doesn’t mean your kids should have to. Consider installing two sinks in the redesigned bathroom at two different heights. It’s the kind of thing that won’t cost an arm and a leg but will make the entire bathroom experience much easier for your kids.

Bathroom Renovations That Don’t Forget the Kids. a bathroom

  • Have at least one low shelf for their things

You don’t want the kids to be forced to stand on the toilet or a step stool or a chair to get the toothpaste or a towel. That’s just asking for trouble. Instead have at least one low shelf in the bathroom that is dedicated to things they use and need. Their toothbrush and toothpaste, a hand towel and perhaps an extra roll of toilet paper in case the one on the dispenser runs out while they’re using it.

  • Install no-slip flooring

Any time you combine kids and water you get the chance for slipping and falling. In the bathroom where there are so many hard items to hit ones head on like the toilet, the sink, the bathtub and more it’s vital to reduce the likelihood of slipping. The best way to do that is to forget about installing super slippery-when-wet ceramic tiles and instead install no-slip vinyl flooring or even cork flooring. Cork is one of those rare materials that is both very stylish and very safe to walk on even when wet.

Bathroom Renovations That Don’t Forget the Kids. Home renovation by Milman Design build_149

  • A no-slip step stool

While it would be ideal to have two sinks at different levels with one dedicated to the kids not every bathroom has room for that. In which case you still need to make the sink properly accessible to your children. A step stool is a popular solution but it cannot be just any step stool. It should be one with no-slip steps. This can be the result of the step material itself being textured in some way that prevents slipping. Or it can be the result of you attaching no-slip rubber or vinyl to each step.

  • Shower safety

You and I don’t have much trouble standing in the shower. To small kids however the shower enclosure can seem like a cavernous place and the whole experience of showering can be disorienting. Ask the general contractor to install a bar around the inside of the shower at their height so they can hold fast if they need to.

Bathroom Renovations That Don’t Forget the Kids. shower

  • Use durable materials

Kids are tough on things. They don’t mean to be, they just are. That includes whatever they come into contact with in the bathroom. Therefore, while you may be tempted to use gossamer thin rice paper shades on the expensive Japanese table lamp you plan on having in the bathroom is that really such a good idea? A better idea, and one that takes the kids into consideration, is to keep all lamps out of the reach of the kids and make sure they’re made of materials that won’t break even if they get hit by flying objects.

When you conduct bathroom renovations with everyone in mind everyone winds up happier and safer and you wind up sleeping easier.

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