Beginners’ Guide for EDC

Beginners' Guide for EDC

Perhaps, you have already heard of the “everyday carry”, which most people abbreviate as EDC and including items like Kinzd men’s wallet. The Everyday Carry community has been growing rapidly but most people claim that they have scrolled numerous pages and photo pages, but have not completely understood what the term refers to. Today, I will take a few steps back and try to answer some of the questions people ask frequently.

What does the term everyday carry mean?

At the most basic level, everyday carry refers to a collection of items people carry in their pockets or in their bags each day. They include some of the items you put in your pockets before you get into your car and start driving for work or to any other place. Most people will feel somehow naked without the items and their day would be bad without them. Some of them are valuable, but not in the sentimental or monetary way.

Some items like scrunched up receipts, pocket lint, gum wrappers and some other disposables might remain in your pocket throughout the week, but they are not part of your everyday carry. Your daily carry should have essential qualities. People have built the philosophy of everyday carry around utility and preparedness. All components of your EDC must serve particular purposes or one useful function. They prepare you for unbearable situations and empower you.

What are the advantages of the EDC approach to my daily belongings?

If you do not remain in your home throughout the day, you definitely have an everyday carry. However, by considering the items you put in your pockets each day as your EDC system, you will enjoy many benefits. Here are a few of the benefits to enjoy after adopting the EDC approach to your daily belongings.

Beginners' Guide for EDC

Do more things in a better way

By carrying a few tools each day, you will enjoy access of the functions that make your day easier and life better. Moreover, by using the EDC approach to upgrade your essentials, you will be able to maximize the efficiency and performance, which will result to better experience.

Remain prepared and self-reliant

By bringing the tools with you each day with you, you will have equipped yourself for the daily routine and the unexpected situations. An EDC carry will help you complete your tasks faster and eliminate the need for help.

Enjoy more convenience

With a proper EDC carry, you will never dig through drawers, borrow a pen or give up until you get the tool you need. EDC items are not only convenient; they will also make your life easier.

Beginners' Guide for EDC. city EDC

Enjoy long-term savings

By investing in everyday carry items that can last for many years, you will definitely save in the long-term. Go for the reliable, well-made and durable goods if you are not ready to spend any of your money to replace the cheaply made or inexpensive disposable items.

Express yourself in a unique way

Individualization is an important part of your lifestyle. The items you carry and use each day says a lot about you. An EDC system is a great outlet for expressions.

What are the items commonly found in an everyday carry?

Different people will have different essential items. Therefore, you will have to develop several items that match your lifestyle. Here are some of the things you might need to include in your EDC list.


No other device can match the versatility and functionality of a smartphone. It will reduce the need for a flashlight, pen and paper, watch, camera and a wallet. It is an ideal choice if you are a minimalist.

A phone wallet

A phone wallet combines the smartphone case and the wallet in a single unit. With one, you will eliminate the need of two separate items in your EDC. Most of them are in premium leather and therefore offer adequate protection to the smartphone and other EDC items.

Beginners' Guide for EDC. A Phone Wallet.


To keep your IDs, cards and other essential documents safe, you will require a wallet. A wallet might not be important but the items it holds are definitely useful. It will protect them from loss and damages.


In case of a power outage, need to navigate a dimly lit path or to search for an item under the coach, a flashlight will come in handy. Go for a modern light with several modes and dedicated battery.


The common multitool functions include scissors, pliers, scissors, bottle openers and some other cutting tools. If pocket space and weight are important, a multitool will be a perfect addition to your EDC.

Is it necessary to carry all this stuff?

It is not necessary. EDC system has more to do with your daily life. Just as you are you are unique, your EDC will never be like that of another person. Carry what you require depending on your location, lifestyle, daily routine, profession, budget and your daily routine.

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