What Is the Best Age to Get Pregnant?

the best age for pregnancy

Nowadays, in all the countries of the world, we can observe the tendency among women to get pregnant at various ages. Moreover, the age when women get pregnant incrementally rises. From the scientific point of view, a woman is able to get pregnant and to give birth to a baby from the age of 14 to 50. Of course, such an age range is too broad. So let’s figure out what is the best age to get pregnant.

An ideal age to get pregnant for a woman

According to the specialists’ opinion, the best age for a woman to get pregnant is the age from 20 to 25. This is the time of blooming when the body of a woman is best prepared for such an uneasy task as childbearing and birth of a baby. At the age of 20, a woman’s organism is fully formed and all its systems function at full capacity. And as the woman is still young, she hasn’t acquired any diseases which could exacerbate her pregnancy and delivery yet.

What concerns psychological maturity, the age from 20 to 25 is also the best for pregnancy. At this age, women are mentally prepared for the birth of a child. The teenage crisis is also over. A youth doesn’t tend to dramatize the problems and copes with them quickly and easily.woman's age for pregnancy

Perhaps, we couldn’t speak about full financial stability at the age of 25, but some material certainty is already present. Usually, the young people of this age earn their living themselves.

A young mother can also easily maintain her physical form, what is certainly beneficial for a future baby. But still, it is better to refuse extreme sports. Fitness is the best choice for a future mum.

The best age for a man to conceive a child

But what about future fathers? Is there an ideal age for a man to conceive a child? An optimal age for a man to become a father is from 20 to 35 years. The sperm is the most active till the age of 35. But there are some factors besides age which negatively influence its quality:

  • Smoking;
  • Alcohol;
  • Infectious diseases.man's role in pregnancy planning

With age, the number of defective cells possessing different gene mutations in a man’s organism also increases.

John Mirowsky’s research

However, the scientists of the University of Texas have a different point of view. According to the research of Professor John Mirowsky, the best age for a woman to get pregnant is 34 years. «It is the age when a woman reaches an optimal balance between her health and material well-being,» says the professor.

Having studied the stories of about 3000 women who have at least one child, John Mirowsky and his team have come to the conclusion that the number of health problems among women falls from the age of 22. The female body feels the best at the age of 34. According to the opinion of the scientists, at this age women take more responsibility for their health and usually have a permanent sex partner.

Of course, some other scientists don’t agree with Mirowsky, but the professor doesn’t want to argue with them. He says that this study just shows that women shouldn’t be afraid to get pregnant after the age of 30.

ideal age for pregnancy


Should a woman be in a hurry to get pregnant till 25?

Undoubtedly, it is easier for a young woman to become a mother and to give birth to a healthy child. It’s true, but a woman doesn’t always succeed to get pregnant before the age of 30 for various reasons. Is it a risk factor? Yes, but don’t be afraid to get pregnant just because your age is «not ideal». A healthy lifestyle, compliance with the doctor’s recommendations, and a positive spirit will definitely allow you to become a wonderful mother of a healthy and happy child. Regardless of the age when you’ve decided to give birth to a baby, it will become the best for you and your child!

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