Best Mattress Sleeping Posture for Muscle Recovery

best sleeping positions for muscle recovery

The most time-consuming thing we do in life is sleeping. We spend between seven and nine hours a day doing it, or at least that is what we should be doing to stay healthy and alert. So, it comes as no surprise that finding the right posture for muscle recovery while in bed is one of the most critical parts of the remedial phase. Not only does sleep reboot our brain but it also is the only time when the muscles are at rest and in recovery mode.

A person not getting enough shuteye is not giving their muscles, particularly the back muscles, enough time to revivify themselves for the following day’s events. Insufficient rest affects melatonin levels, the human growth hormone, which is a crucial component of tissue recuperation and an active and well-functioning immune system.

The perfect place to start when seeking out the ideal position for muscle recovery is in the choice of mattress; information is key when purchasing a big-ticket item such as this. Never skimp on the amount of research you are going to do. It is time well spent because as the opening phrases of this article suggest, we spend one-third of our lives in bed. There are a plethora of sites catering to people in search of the ideal mattress and is an excellent place to start.Best Mattress Sleeping Posture

A next question might be – which one is better, soft or firm? Looking at it from a physiological perspective, the more supportive the mattress, the better, notwithstanding the sleep position you favor. However, in fact, it is up to personal preference. Whatever mattress lets you get quality sleep, resulting in a smooth, revitalized wake up with no muscle or back pain whatsoever is the right one for you.

What’s important?

We all know that there are good standing and proper sitting postures. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of Dollars making sure their offices have ergonomically sound chairs and desks so that their employees sit and work right. In dance, for example, the right standing position makes all the difference, and the same goes for the sleeping posture.

When a person is in a state of muscle recovery, and they need to minimize strain, they want the spine to be straight when viewed from behind and S-shaped when seen from the side – this is both valid when awake and asleep.

Body Shape

The mattress must be suitable for your figure. For example, if you have an hourglass body shape and you prefer to sleep on your side, it is imperative your mattress keeps the spine in alignment and does not sag in all the wrong places, hampering muscle recovery.comfy mattress for muscle recovery of the pregnant

Different types of positions:

  • Side – If done correctly this is the ideal posture for muscle recovery for those of us who prefer to sleep this way. The important thing to remember is that the S-shape of the spine must be supported at all times. This can be done with a cushion between bent knees to support the hips and a suitable pillow for the head to support the neck so that the shoulders are well placed.
  • Back – the physiotherapist’s recommendation for muscle recuperation, but it’s not ideal for snorers. For the optimal muscle, recovery effect, place a pillow under the knees to uphold the natural S-curve of the spine and more cushions to support the head and neck.
  • Tummy – This one is the least preferred option. If you are a tummy sleeper, it is best to step out of your comfort zone if you are in the market for better muscle recovery.

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