When is The Best Time to Get Pregnant?

The question of planning a baby often makes future parents take into consideration lots of nuances before, during, and after conceiving. Recent results of static research of middle-aged people who become parents for the first time have shown that many do not have time for it. That’s why in some cases couples wonder when to get pregnant easier and best of all. So what is the best time to get pregnant?

The Best Time for Conception


The most appropriate age for conceiving is 20-35 years when metabolic processes are quite active and the probability of mutations and genetic material breakage is minimal. It is very important for the carriage of healthy offspring.

Most doctors recommend autumn to get pregnant if we are talking about a season. It is considered that the human body is full of vitamins at this time, thus, it will have a positive impact on the conceiving and carrying of pregnancy. In fact, this advice can’t be multipurpose. Some women catch viruses in winter, which may be harmful to the prenatal development of a baby.

f a future mother has traced such tendency, then, to protect a fetus from infections during the autumn-winter period, it is better to plan to conceive at the beginning of spring. In this case, you should be aware that the body is weak at this time, thus you should take a complex of vitamins to strengthen the immune system before and after conception.

When Can You Get Pregnant?

The best time to get pregnant is determined by the specifics of the menstrual cycle of each woman. There are days in such a cycle when the uterus releases an egg through the Fallopian tubes, i.e. ovulation occurs.

This period is often called a “fertile window“. It falls into the middle of the cycle of chronic diseases of the genital organs are excluded (if the cycle is 28 days it is the 14th day if there are 26 days it is the 13th day approximately).

It is known that the egg lives 24 hours, it is the time of the highest probability to get pregnant. However, early appearance or little delay (1-2 days) is normal, the period when you can get pregnant is increasing and is about 5-6 days (3 days before the expected ovulation and 3 days after). Other days are the time when you have very low chances of getting pregnant unless you have cycle issues.

In order to enhance the chances of getting pregnant, the partners should have sex more often during the period when the woman is ovulating.

The day for getting pregnant depends not only on the stability and regularity of your cycle. Serious emotional shock and health problems can cause a failure of the female body’s biorhythms provoking an unexpected release of an egg, or, vice versa, ovulation does not occur. So at determining the best time to get pregnant, you have to consider your latest emotional state.

Not only calendar helps to calculate the days of getting pregnant, but also an ovulation test which determines the appearance of ovulation as well as regular measurement of rectal temperature where the indices’ increase during the day will show the release of the egg. So now you know, when is the best time to get pregnant.

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How to Get Pregnant Easily?

Going back to the questions of technique: how easy it is to get pregnant? Using special sex positions for deep penetration can increase the chances of conception. Particularly missionary position is the most suitable in this case when a woman is on her back and a partner is on top. A pillow under the buttocks of a woman can promote better sperm penetration into the uterus. A woman is recommended to stay lying after intercourse for some minutes after the ejaculation.

The probability of conceiving a baby is higher when partners are healthy and not tired. During the pregnancy planning, the doctors advise to have a break from work and to go on vacation, to have some rest. Something like the honeymoon. The change of the landscape may improve the quality of sex. And the studies have shown, that the most sexual pleasure both partners get – the better conception chances they have.

During the orgasm the muscles of the vagina contract in order to deliver the sperm closer to the uterus. The semen is more active if there has been a period of abstinence between the attempts. Those, who are trying to conceive for a long period of time may be advised to be some time on their own – the will of the partners to meet and end up in bed will grow significantly. When is the best time to get pregnant? When you both have a strong desire for sex!

Psychologists say that nature has provided people with the romance period when the partners evaluate the genetic material of each other and the special “love” chemistry is triggered, which leads to more attempts to conceive.


Tips on How to Get Pregnant

Eat healthily and enough, mind that you have enough nutrients to provide fertility

Don’t worry – your body understands any type of anxiety as a signal that the situation is out of control and it’s better not to conceive

This may sound cruel, but make sure you’ve chosen the right partner. The better the emotional bond between the partners is, the better the chemistry works.

Listen to your heart and body! Your ovulation calendar may be wrong and constant basal temperature testing kills the romance – you are naturally more interested in sex at the peak of ovulation

Do sports! The healthier and more prepared your body feels the better hormones it produces to increase your fertility. But don’t overwork: too much load may lead to the opposite result.

Give your ovaries a rest – your gynecologist may prescribe a course of oral contraceptives and you can easily get pregnant in a month after the withdrawal.

Get fit, if you have obesity. Obesity is not healthy and your body will not respond with great fertility rates.

Go on a trip! As mentioned above – it gives good results.

Good luck! May all your efforts be crowned with success!