Best Type of Mattress to Sleep

Best Type of Mattress to Sleep

Sleep is a natural healer. It is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. The recommended amount is between seven and nine hours per night. Hitting that number is vital for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, hopefully ensuring a long and happy life. And enough quality nighttime rest is even more important during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers crave sleep. It is an integral part of the pregnancy voyage. The female body goes through some significant changes that at times may seem daunting. Hormones, estrogen, and progesterone being the main culprits, act differently, affecting a woman’s mental disposition, her breast size, her sense of taste and smell and the skin and hair. This does not have to be negative – it is the reason why a woman’s skin glows during pregnancy, making her look radiant.

A pregnant woman’s body is always busy, and despite the fact that she may feel tired, she might not be able to get enough sleep. This twist is one of the harsh realities of pregnancy. It is a time when the body needs to recalibrate and remain balanced and healthy for the wellbeing of mother and child, but sleep remains elusive.

Investing in a new mattress can be the solution to this problem. A shift in weight as the fetus grows puts more pressure on the back, which is why between 50 and 70 percent of pregnant women suffer from lower back pain. When under pressure, the back remains taut. The right surface support when sleeping will help counter sourness, ensuring quality type of mattress to sleep - pregnant woman slumbering on her back

Getting the right information

Being informed of your needs is the first step. Second, based on your newly acquired knowledge, a prospective mother needs to scour for information and product sites to make an educated purchase. Sleeping Guide is one such information website that weighs up the pros and cons, providing some useful insights as to what might be the right mattress for you.

Types of mattresses on the market

There are quite a few different kinds of mattress. Each one has their benefits. For our purposes, we shall focus on the four main types: pocket spring, latex, open spring and memory foam.

header 1 Pocket spring mattress

As the name suggests, small springs in individual fabric pockets move independently, allowing for more support than say the open spring mattress. Also known as the most luxurious mattress, they are available in soft, medium and hard versions. Due to their composition of natural materials such as lambswool, the pocket spring mattress is more breathable (less heat retention) and ideal for couples because the springs cater to different weights. A negative aspect could be that you might find yourself rolling to your partner in the middle of the night.

header 2 Latex mattress

The name says it all. Latex foam is the predominant material inside of this mattress. Latex is exceptionally breathable, which is ideal for mothers to be because elevated body heat is a constant problem during pregnancy. Another plus is that these mattresses are suitable for people with allergic tendencies. However, price plays a significant role, as the cheaper models are bulky and type of mattress to sleep - sleeping future mom

header 3 Open spring mattress

This lighter type, also called open coil mattress, is made up of a lengthy piece of metal connected with numerous wire-coiled springs. Lighter and lower in price than other options, they are less supportive, making them better suited as children’s beds or in the guest room because of quicker replacement times and lower use.

header 4 Memory foam mattress

This is the most modern mattress out there. One could also call it a smart mattress because the material (foam) is moldable and acts in response to temperature, adjusting to the shape of your body. This hypoallergenic model will ease pressure on joints and back by aligning it horizontally – one of the major complaints amongst pregnant women. The one major downside is that it can get hot because the viscoelastic foam absorbs body heat.

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