Birthday Gifts Your Little Ones Will Actually Love!

Birthday Gifts Your Little Ones Will Actually Love! gifts

We all love spoiling our children – it’s one of the perks of being a parent! And who doesn’t want to give them everything that they wish for? But there comes a time in every household where there just isn’t any more room for any more toys…From overflowing drawers to beds covered with cuddly toys, toyboxes that no longer close and wasn’t there are carpet underneath all those toys on the floor? If your little one is the child that officially has everything, then don’t worry. Here you’ll find a list of birthday gifts that your little ones will actually love, and certainly won’t be expecting!

Read on for a little inspiration or click here for some birthday investment ideas.

A Dressing Up Box

Who doesn’t love dressing up? It allows little ones to be anyone and anything that their imagination will allow. But instead of filling their wardrobe with plastic, princess and character themed fancy dress outfits, why not opt for more traditional pieces. From old dresses and shirts, to necklaces and bracelets, hats, scarves, old shoes, aprons, wigs, handbags, feather boas and sunglasses. Have a rummage through your old wardrobe and see if there’s anything suitable or go straight to a charity shop and pick amongst the donations. You’ll be amazed at what people donate! And don’t forget a gorgeous trunk or box to store everything in!

Birthday Gifts Your Little Ones Will Actually Love! dressing up

Repurposed Kitchen Items

Again, this is feeding their imagination! If your little one has a toy kitchen, or you’re planning on getting them one for their birthday, avoid the big plastic kitchen accessory sets and instead, opt for real items from your kitchen. Mixing bowls, wooden spoons, spatulas, small pans and old mugs and plastic cups. Obviously keep things safe and avoid anything heavy, sharp or could cause harm. But not only will it save you money, it’ll also add a touch of realism to their play!

A Magazine Subscription

This is a lovely way to get them reading, whether it’s a magazine about their favourite hobby, or something related to a favourite TV show, there’s nothing more exciting than getting a magazine that’s just for them through the post every month! You can usually purchase subscriptions for 6-12 months.

Birthday Gifts Your Little Ones Will Actually Love! a girl reading a magazine

Event Tickets

Perhaps their favourite TV or film characters are doing a magic ice skating show, or there’s a pop group or act that they’re desperate to see. Getting them tickets to a show is something to look forward to and it’s a wonderful first experience to have together. If you have more of a budget then you could consider whisking them off to London to see a West End show!


We forget that it’s not just adults who love photos – you’ll be surprised at how much kids enjoy looking at them too. There are plenty of ways you could go about this – from having a special photo of them and their friends in a traditional photo frame, to a picture of them and the family printed on a large canvas!

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