Is It Possible to Keep Boobs After Breastfeeding in Shape? 10 Tips for Every Mom

boobs after breastfeeding. mom is breastfeeding her baby

Young mothers are worried not only about how to take care of the baby but also about how to lose weight and to restore the boobs after breastfeeding. Unfortunately, the shape of the breast during the period of pregnancy and childbirth changes significantly. Saggy or flat breasts are a common problem. So, is it possible to keep beautiful breasts while bearing a child and quickly restore their appearance after the end of breastfeeding?

Why Do the Breasts Sag?

In medicine, the sagging of the breast is called mastoptosis. As a result of this process, the upper part of the mammary gland becomes flat. A fold becomes prominent, and the nipple and areola change their initial position.

The Main Causes of Sagging Breasts

Aging. This is a physiological process which you cannot avoid. By 40-50 years there is an involution of the mammary gland. Muscle tissue is no longer able to hold the organ. A pronounced crease forms under the gland. The size of the breast does not matter. Even if a woman did not breastfeed, glands would sag and deform anyway.

Pregnancy and lactation. It is worth noting that it is possible to prevent sagging after feeding if you regularly take care of your breast. In the process of breastfeeding, the mammary glands are poured. As a result, they increase in size. B-sized breasts can increase up to a D or E size. After the lactation, the milk disappears. Respectively, the lobules and ducts remain stretched. The skin stretches, and the muscles become flabby.

boobs after breastfeeding. stretches

Large breast size. Even young women who have not yet become mothers may have saggy boobs. This is due to the breasts’ heaviness. The ligament apparatus simply cannot hold the heavy organ in its previous position.

Muscle weakness due to improper position of the body. Due to a long time in the static position, the organ stretches out. Permanent work at the computer or in the office at the table promotes rapid sagging of the breast.

Why Did the Boobs After Breastfeeding Become Saggy?

The boobs become saggy mostly after breastfeeding. Many women believe that it is the feeding that causes the sagging. In fact, the mammary gland is preparing for feeding even during pregnancy. The amount of muscle tissue decreases, the percentage of fat increases. Milk lobes and ducts increase in size. But to a large extent, a woman herself is to be blamed for the sagging of the breast.

The Reasons of Saggy Boobs After Breastfeeding:

Incorrect organization of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding consultants work in many maternity hospitals. Ask them in detail about the correct application of the baby to the breast. Most women feed the baby sitting, using a special pillow. In this position, the mammary gland, after removing the milk from it, decreases and, under the action of gravity, stretches out. If you have small boobs, feed the baby lying down.

Rare attachments of the baby to the breast. Many women adhere to the old rules in the process of feeding. They make a 3-hour interval between feedings. This should not be done. At first, while the lactation is not established, the breast can become heavily poured and hard. The woman has to constantly pump out which leads to even more milk. Feed the baby every 1.5-2 hours. Doctors recommend doing this on the baby’s demand. Your body will very quickly understand how much milk the baby needs for one feeding. Accordingly, portions will be smaller, and the breast will retain its shape.

Boobs after breastfeeding. Breastfeeding-Mom

One-sided applications. Change the breast with each feeding. Otherwise, there will be more milk in one breast than in the other one. After the end of lactation, you risk getting breast glands of different sizes.

Expressing by hand. During pumping, you yourself pull your breast. To prevent the formation of large amounts of milk, do not express the last drops after feeding. The breast is the organ that responds to stimulation. The more it is emptied, the more it is poured. If at the beginning of lactation there is a lot of milk, express the milk with a breast pump.

How to Keep the Boobs After Breastfeeding?

If you want to have firm boobs after breastfeeding you need to start caring about the breast since the beginning of pregnancy. The breast swells and grows in size even in the first weeks of pregnancy. Often this is on one of the first signs that tell a woman that she will soon become a mother. The breast reaches its largest size at the moment of the arrival of milk. This is the point when the skin is stretched and deformed especially strongly. Sometimes stretch marks appear on the skin as well.

You Need to Start Taking Care of Your Breasts During Pregnancy

header 1 Wear a supporting bra so that the skin does not stretch. Pay attention to the choice of a bra. It is advisable to purchase non-wired models that fit exactly in size. Do not wear small in size underwear. The bra straps should be wide enough so as not to crash into the shoulders. The clasp should be multi-level, with the expectation of gaining weight and increasing the size of the chest as a whole.

boobs after breastfeeding. bra

header 2 Care about the skin. Both special cosmetics and strengthening procedures are suitable for this. You can also take contrast showers: alternately massage the breast for a few seconds with a warm water spray and then with cool water. Arrange air baths for the breast several times a day – leave the breast completely naked for 10-15 minutes.

Use special creams and massage with essential oils. Rub them with massaging movements in the places where stretch marks may appear.

Remember that it is forbidden to massage and rub the areola and nipples. As a result of the impact on these areas, a hormone that causes contractions in the muscles of the uterus is produced. This can lead to unpleasant consequences, including miscarriage.

header 3 Do physical exercises after consulting with a doctor and finding out that there are no contraindications to this.

sport for mom. boobs after breastfeeding

header 4 Moisturize and nourish the skin of the breast. To avoid stretch marks, the skin of the breast needs to be intensively moistened. For this purpose, both special cream for the breast with the high maintenance of vitamin E and self-made creams and masks will suit.

Boobs After Breastfeeding

Working on the shape of the breast after giving birth, you can apply almost all the methods that were used during pregnancy but with the amendment that the breast now produces milk.

The two main factors that affect the shape of the breast after childbirth are the milk tides (when the breast is filled to the limit) and pumping. As you can see, it turns out to be an endless circle. The only way out of this situation is pumping if necessary to a state of relief, trying to stretch the skin as little as possible.

It is possible to keep the shape of the boobs after breastfeeding if you follow some certain rules.

header 1 Wear a bra

Breastfeeding consultants advise to wear it all the time, without taking it off even while sleeping at night. Take care of buying a bra in advance. It should be non-wired, with wide straps, with a minimum of internal seams, and even better without them.

It will be convenient to use a special bra for breastfeeding. Firstly, it does not need to be taken off in order to feed the baby. Secondly, you will be able to feed the baby in the places where it is not appropriate to show the naked breast.

boobs after breastfeeding. breastfeeding bra

header 2 Creams

During breastfeeding, it is better not to use creams for the breast. Give the pride of place to contrast showers. Massage of the breast after childbirth should also be performed with caution because it can stimulate a rush of milk.

header 3 Masks for the Breast

You can easily find such masks in pharmacies and shops. They are quite effective but they have an important drawback – high cost. If you cannot afford them, prepare a mask at home. Both purchased and home formulas are used twice a week.

header 4 Breast Massage

  • Do it yourself or let your spouse help you.
  • Slightly stroke the breast in a direction from the bottom to the top (one minute each breast).
  • Carry out circular movements from the center of the breast to the armpit (no more than two minutes).
  • Rub the breast – from the middle of the collarbone to the nipples (two minutes).
  • Again, perform the initial stroking movements (one minute).

boobs after breastfeeding. breast-massage

header 5 Water Procedures

Pamper your skin with a daily massage shower or contrasting water procedures. They perfectly improve the tone of the skin and muscles and increase blood circulation. They are helpful not only for the boobs after breastfeeding but also for the whole body and skin in general.

header 6 Proper Pumping

The more milk you express, the more it arrives and the more stretched the skin of the breast is. Therefore, breastfeeding consultants do not recommend to express milk after the baby’s feeding, so as not to stimulate hyperlactation. If you feel that the breast is full, it is enough to express a little milk before the onset of relief. You need to do this carefully, without stretching or deforming the skin.

boobs after breastfeeding. breast pump

header 7 Proper Nutrition

To maintain a beautiful breast, a salt-free diet is important. It helps to remove excess liquid from the body, as well as foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E (dried apricots, bananas, citrus fruits, greens), and protein foods (lean meat, milk, and nuts).

header 8 Exercises for the Boobs After Breastfeeding

Moderate physical activity will help to restore the breast after childbirth and breastfeeding. Video lessons with gymnastics for women can be downloaded from the web and performed while the baby is sleeping. Do not overstrain, give preference to exercises with yoga elements, as well as simple but effective push-ups on the floor or, if your hands get tired, against the wall.

boobs after breastfeeding. mom and baby doing sport

header 9 No Bad Habits

You need to give up all your bad habits.

header 10 Breast Surgery

If your boobs after breastfeeding are saggy and exercises and creams don’t help, a radical correction of the boobs after breastfeeding is possible. This method is not cheap and is not suitable for all women. You need to have a preliminary consultation of a plastic surgeon beforehand.

boobs after breastfeeding. surgery

Do not worry about how to get the breast back in a good shape after giving birth. When breastfeeding is finished the boobs will gradually begin to recover. The main thing is not to force events and not to stop the feeding process abruptly and too early.

It is possible to restore the elasticity of the boobs after breastfeeding if you preoccupy yourself with this issue in advance. Combine moderate physical activity with strengthening the skin of the breast during pregnancy and breastfeeding.








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