Breastfeeding in Public Tips: 4 Rules for Nursing Mothers

Any mother on the go knows, how essential it is to be prepared for a situation when your baby needs to eat immediately. Sometimes you get caught with the baby crying in the middle of the mall, on the street, in a restaurant.

Breastfeeding in public is a hot topic nowadays since the act of public breastfeeding has become a controversial issue. Considering all the points, you might need some breastfeeding tips.


Clothes for Nursing Mothers: Simple and Very Comfortable

Are you going to visit the store or any other public place with your baby? Always wear clothes for nursing. It can be any blouse or dress that is loosened easily.

Wear clothes with buttons, hooks, and outsets. It will help you to avoid extra actions. By the way, the clothes for nursing mothers are in vogue now. Even those women, who are far from motherhood and care for infants, don’t want to burden themselves and prefer simple and easy-to-take-off clothes. So, you don’t have to search for them long in a clothing store.

Useful Things have to be Always at Hand

In any case, you can bring a shawl or a small blanket to cover yourself when a child wants to “eat mother’s milk in private.” Not breastfeeding in public or pumping for convenience? Then put a small bottle with breast milk into your baby’s bag together with a pillow and towels (for the belching). These little things can help to out of any difficult situation with dignity.

Invaluable help for Nursing Mothers and Consultants

Get breastfeeding in Public tips from those, who have experience. Life experience is precious. If you have even been in an awkward situation, involving breastfeeding – don’t hesitate to ask for the advice of a more experienced mother. Any such will find a few useful comments that will be helpful in practice.

Remember, there is the so-called psychological barrier to breastfeeding in public. In this case, you need to be configured. It will be very difficult for the first time. But you will succeed.

Breastfeeding consultants offer special exercises, the purpose of those – is to overcome psychological difficulties.

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The Barrier in the form of Public Opinion

But what if one can’t overcome the barrier. The opinion of others – is not always favorable, it hangs over like a heavy sword of Damocles. Only time and practice will help.

The experienced public breastfeeders insist that it is scary only for the first time, but gradually you get used to and learn to ignore the baseless remarks passing by and onlookers with each new public feeding.

However, mind that the reaction of others doesn’t affect your psychological state! In order to avoid unpleasant situations, driving attention to your baby – breastfeeding in public places should be as quick and quiet as possible – thus your baby will not be interrupted as eating. Find the best area for both of you to feed your baby.

Mind your nerves, avoid harsh debates, and do not react to verbal aggression: you are here to feed the baby, the less you react – the lower your will interest be. Following the general recommendations on breastfeeding and public breastfeeding will be as easy, as breastfeeding at home.