Breastfeeding Pillow: Is It a Necessity or a Waste of Money?

For many mothers, a breastfeeding pillow is just a pleasant accessory. For others, it is a prime necessity which is bought even during pregnancy and is used for many years. Let’s make it clear, do nursing mothers really need a breastfeeding pillow? What should it be like?

What Is a Breastfeeding Pillow?

A breastfeeding pillow is a simple device that greatly facilitates the life of a nursing mother, helps to avoid back pain, and allows you to relax and rest.

You can sew a pillow yourself or simply buy it. The assortment of children’s goods stores provides a wide variety of different forms of such products. They can be in the form of horseshoes (U-shaped), pipes (I-shaped), or C-shaped in the form of a boomerang.

The period of using the pillow is not limited. A breastfeeding pillow is helpful during pregnancy, breastfeeding time, and can be actively used in the future for the development of the child.

What Is Breastfeeding Pillow for?

Breastfeeding takes a considerable part of the time in the first months of the baby’s life. That’s why it is very important to learn how to properly apply the baby to the breast. It is necessary to raise the baby to the breast level. Raising the child to the desired height can be done with the help of a pair of cushions, a folded blanket or with your own knees. Using a special pillow gives mom an opportunity to stay mobile and eliminates a headache of finding additional devices of the desired shape, size, and softness. What’s more, your back and breast skin will tell you many thanks for the absence of pain in the spine and stretch marks on the skin.

breastfeeding pillow mom and baby

On average, one feeding takes 15-30 minutes. Mom can spend about 4 and even more hours a day breastfeeding. Naturally, a mom would like to spend some of these 4 hours with a benefit not only for the baby but for the mother herself.

In order to raise the child to the breast level and leave the hands free during the application, there is a breastfeeding pillow.

Nursing Pillow Basics

The special shape of the pillow (for example, in the form of a crescent) allows you to lift the child and apply the baby to the breast at different angles. This prevents milk stagnation in the breast and allows the baby to eat in a comfortable pose.

Since the baby lies on the pillow, the mother can take a more comfortable pose and align her back.

Breastfeeding pillow allows you to hold the baby with only one hand.

With such a pillow it is possible to feed the baby anywhere – on the couch, in an armchair, etc.

yellow breastfeeding pillow

A breastfeeding pillow is universal. During pregnancy, it can serve as a support for the abdomen. When the baby is born and grows up it will be useful in training sitting and during games.

Useful Functions of Breastfeeding Pillow

  • Reliably fixes the body of the baby;
  • Relieves the muscles of the arms, neck, and back of a nursing mother;
  • Preserves a correct posture of a woman;
  • Creates comfortable conditions for the mother and her baby when feeding;
  • Allows you to correctly apply the baby to the breast;
  • Breastfeeding pillow releases the mother’s hands, so she can simultaneously feed the baby and do other things (read a book, eat an apple, etc.);
  • Allows a woman to change the position of the body with prolonged feeding;
  • A special pillow for breastfeeding twins allows feeding two babies at the same time;
  • It is convenient to use when traveling;
  • Suitable for short games and easy gymnastic exercises;
  • The pillow is placed on the edge of the bed, so the baby does not fall during sleep;
  • Breastfeeding pillow helps babies to learn how to sit.

The Main Characteristics of a Breastfeeding Pillow

  • It is multifunctional because facilitates the care of the child and the process of breastfeeding.
  • Environmentally friendly because it is made of absolutely safe fillers and fabrics.
  • It is light and can take the desired shape of the body while breastfeeding the baby, gently enveloping and supporting the back of the mother.

breastfeeding pillow

  • Comfortable for use when taking care of a child. The baby can be placed in such a way that it will be comfortable in any position.
  • A variety of breastfeeding pillows shapes is available.

Shapes of Breastfeeding Pillows

header 1 U-form allows wrapping a pillow around the entire body of the mother and therefore creates a maximum sense of comfort, both during pregnancy and during the process of feeding the baby.

U shape breastfeeding pillow

header 2 C-form is located in such a way that the mother’s abdomen is supported and at the same time the baby can be comfortably placed on the pillow for breastfeeding.

C shape breastfeeding pillow

header 3 I-form pillow has such a length, which coincides with the height of a person.

I shape breastfeeding pillow

Due to such a diversity of breastfeeding pillows, it is possible to choose between a wide variety of sizes.

Convenience is created due to the fact that the pillow has sufficient internal softness and, at the same time, has some stiffness which maintains and retains the shape, helps to achieve a certain effect.

How to Choose the Right Breastfeeding Pillow?

You can buy a breastfeeding pillow in specialized shops and children’s departments. Choose only the certificated product! The surface of breastfeeding pillow should be smooth but not slippery so that the baby does not roll down.

Before you buy a pillow, carefully examine the product, check what it’s made of. The label should include information about the filler, washing conditions, date of expiry, and the manufacturer. Choose only natural hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly filler. It should be elastic and antistatic, preferably with orthopedic and water-repellent properties.

dad feeding the baby on a breasfeeding pillow

Take pillows with removable covers that are easy to take off and wash. Choose covers from cotton, satin or other natural material.

Before buying, touch and try on different models. And after the purchase, do not forget about the proper care! Regularly wash covers and check the products for integrity. There should be no holes and protruding filler on the surface.

Is Breastfeeding Pillow a Real Necessity?

The first acquaintance with a breastfeeding pillow begins with the choice of form and appearance. An important advantage of any breastfeeding pillow is the ability to keep the shape and not deform with time.

Due to the fact that the pillow can also be used during pregnancy for comfortable sleep, it is necessary to choose the filler very carefully. Strength, shape, and convenience of a breastfeeding pillow depend on the filler.

Breastfeeding pillow facilitates the process of feeding an infant. Newborn children in the first months of life require feeding very often and therefore the mother’s arms are very tired. In addition, the process of breastfeeding is laborious, long-term, and tiring. But with the right approach, it will bring pleasure to both the mother and her baby.

breastfeeding pillow

Correct application of the baby to the breast is the guarantee of the health of the mother and the child. For the full value of this action, it is necessary to ensure complete rest to the child and convenience for the mother concerning her back and the child. Breastfeeding pillow gently and, at the same time, firmly surrounds the back, supporting and creating a comfortable position for the mother. The child also feels comfortable and can relax, which contributes to the proper process of breastfeeding. As a result, the baby has no problems with digestion.





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