C-Section Scar: Types, Care & Revision

C-section scar

Cesarean section is a type of surgery to which obstetricians, gynecologists, and surgeons resort only in extreme situations when it is necessary to save mother and baby’s lives.

After a cesarean section, there is a small scar left on the stomach of a young mother. This scar gradually heals within 3-4 weeks. You can start treating it within 1-2 months after birth. 1 year later after the operation, it is almost impossible to make the scar completely invisible.

Types of the scar

We should mention that not every scar needs cosmetic surgery or other methods of removal. In fact, when the operation goes as planned, i.e. on the 38th week of gestation, the incision is made just above the pubis, and after a complete healing it becomes less noticeable, and can be easily covered even with the smallest bikini.

If it comes to an emergency surgical intervention, the incision will be done from the pubis to the navel. It looks really intimidating, but when it comes to life and death, doctors do not think about female beauty. Longitudinal scars often burst and it is more difficult to cosmetically correct them.

Whether a scar will be terrible or not after the surgery depends on many factors: the woman’s age and the state of health, the doctors’ experience and postoperative care.

Postoperative care

Immediately after the incision is sutured, it is treated with an antiseptic solution. The wound is bandaged to prevent infections. Also, broad-spectrum antibiotics are assigned.

Also at this time, you can use the post-operative bandage or tie belly diapers. You don’t need to lie in bed all the time because early get ups and moderate activity (baby care, promenades) not only improve intestinal peristalsis but also contribute to a faster healing of the wound.Post-operative bandage

Sutures are removed from the skin in 7 – 9 days after the operation, usually by this time the scar has already formed. You can already take a shower and not be afraid that the stitch gets wet and bursts, but you mustn’t use a washcloth. The scar can be very itchy, it is connected with the healing process, and you just have to deal with it.

How to get rid of c-section scar

In the first week after the surgery, the scar looks unattractive and many women are sad and even depressed. The scar has a bright color, there are traces of threads. Do not worry: within 1.5-2 months it will become less noticeable and turn white. At this time, the skin is connected by means of a tender collagen and it is the best time to hide the scar and make it almost imperceptible. If no action is taken in time, the connective tissue becomes rougher, and then it will be difficult to solve the problem.

The scar heals differently. Women should carefully monitor this process. As soon as the top epithelial layer begins to grow, you should try all possible methods of getting rid of the scar.

Here are the following methods:

The most effective option is to use a plastic scar revision. It is quite expensive, but the result is excellent. A surgeon removes the connective tissue, blood vessels and small strips of the skin to achieve a smooth contour and make the scar very thin and almost imperceptible. Do not think that after such an operation the scar will disappear: it is impossible to completely get rid of it, but it will not be noticeable to you and others.

Another option is to have laser resurfacing. Thin layers of the connective tissue are removed from the scar, making it almost invisible. However, in order to achieve the desired result, you will have to undergo the procedure for about 5-10 times.Tatto in the place of a scar

Alumina resurfacing is considered to be gentler than the laser one. It involves 8 sessions, during which the stitch is polished with microscopic particles of aluminum oxide.

Tattoos make it possible to hide any scar, no matter how many centimeters it occupies in length or in width. You will need to take care, it’s about your own security measures. It is important to choose a clinic with a good reputation, and experienced professionals who are familiar with all the subtleties of disinfection.

How to remove c-section scar: Cheap methods

When the scar is healed and there is no pain, you can try to get rid of your scar by yourself using special peeling, based on fruit acids. Massaging the skin with the use of this tool, you can slowly remove the top layer of the scar. As a result, after a long and frequent repetition of this procedure, the scar will not be too noticeable, and abdominal contours will become smoother.

You can also apply Vitamin E directly to the scar – it accelerates the healing process and nourishes the skin. There is also a large number of special products that help to reduce post-surgical scars.

One more option is the use of special cosmetics for the scar treatment. Gels, creams and masks will help you lighten the scar, remove nasty red or cherry color, make the scar less noticeable. Choose qualitative, already proven tools that help other people, but if you notice that there is no effect, change them.

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