Tips for Camping While Pregnant

camping while pregnant

Going camping while pregnant may not be everyone’s ideal way to spend their summer. However, if you are one who loves the outdoors and you don’t want to sit at home while it’s so warm and beautiful outside, there’s no reason you should cancel your plans to sleep underneath the stars, as long as you and baby are safe and healthy.

Here are some helpful tips if you are planning to carry on with the family camping trip before your latest bundle of joy arrives.

Important Tips to Help You Stay Safe and Healthy when Camping while Pregnant

While it’s perfectly safe to go camping when you’re pregnant, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. If possible, it’s best to go during your first few months of pregnancy so that you’re not too uncomfortable or put yourself (and baby) at risk of complications. If you’re having any issues where your OB told you to take it easy, it may be best to skip out on roughing it for now.

However, if everything is going well and you’re both completely healthy, you can still have fun with the family as you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature by following these tips.a family camping while pregnant

Stay Hydrated and Choose a Location Near the Restrooms

You are going to spend a lot of time out in the sun and may be walking more than usual. Keep a bottle of fresh, clean water on hand always to ensure that you stay hydrated. Doing so can also help to prevent your feet and ankles from swelling up too badly.

Since you will be drinking so much water, you will also need to stay in an area that has easy access to a bathroom to help make those multiple pee breaks (especially at night!) much easier.

Stay Comfortable

Just because you’re camping it doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice comfort. Invest in a good quality air mattress or cot and bring along plenty of pillows. You should make sure the ground is level and if you’re not taking an air mattress or cot, then try to look for an area that has plenty of fallen leaves to provide you with a soft spot to make your bed (just be careful of any creepy crawlies!). Be sure to sit down and prop your feet up often and don’t overdo it. This camping trip should focus more on relaxation and less on hiking the rugged terrain.

Remember All Your Medication

Be sure to add your current medication and prenatal vitamins to your first aid kit so that you don’t forget them. You will also want to pack some bug spray to prevent mosquitos and other pests from biting you. If you don’t want to use a product that contains DEET, (although it is safe to use according to WebMD you can also use a chemical-free citronella spray.

camping while pregnant - a tent in the woods

Bring Along Plenty of Healthy Snacks

You’ll be using up most of your energy so be sure to pack healthy snacks that contain plenty of protein, vitamins, and nutrients such as granola bars, crackers and cheese, and fresh fruit. Eat snacks in between meals so that you don’t end up hungry while you are away from your campsite. Bring along snacks that are portable and easy to carry along while you are out walking so that you always have something with you to keep you and baby satisfied.

Camping while pregnant can be safe and fun if you feel that you have the energy for it. Don’t feel discouraged if you must tap out and head back home before you intended because you start to feel exhausted or are in too much pain. You can always make plans after the baby is born to go on an exciting family outing!






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