Can a Man Get Pregnant? Is It an Absurd Myth or Reality?

can a man get pregnant. pregnant belly vs male stomach

Can a man get pregnant? Obviously, this question seems silly and ridiculous. After all, this holy duty lies precisely on women. Thus, a man who could become pregnant is something from the realm of fantasy or, at least, from comedy movies.

Structure of the Genital Organs

A woman by nature is endowed with organs that are necessary for the conception and bearing of the fetus. Female genital organs begin to work even before the onset of conception. This process would not have been possible if the egg had not been formed. It is produced by the ovaries, and maturation continues in the fallopian tubes. In the male body, there are no such organs. Respectively the only answer to the question – Can a man get pregnant? – is no, it’s impossible. In addition, in a male body there is also no uterus, where the embryo develops. In the womb there are ideal conditions for the development of the fetus. The baby receives all the components necessary for life. Thus, men will not be able to provide such a comfortable environment for the child.

Anatomical Features

If we consider the male reproductive system in the light of its differences from a female one, then one can say unequivocally: there is no potential for a man to become a “mother”.

There are understandable and logical explanations for this:

  • In order for fertilization to occur, it is necessary to merge two sex cells: the male – sperm cell, – and the female – the oocyte. The eggs are produced in the ovaries, and mature in the mother’s fallopian tubes. Proceeding from this, fertilization in the body of a man simply cannot take place due to the unconventional device of his sexual organs and the anatomical inability of a woman to “send” her germ cell to another organism, as men do.
  • For the bearing of the fetus, providing the baby with comfortable conditions for the development and nutrition during the entire period of pregnancy, the uterus is needed. But as everyone knows, men do not have one.

can a man get pregnant. female reproductive system

A normal ordinary man cannot become pregnant and bear a child, even with the help of methods of reproductive technologies.

So, the question “can a man get pregnant?” has only one unambiguous answer: a healthy man cannot become pregnant under any circumstances – neither after having sex with a woman, nor after having sex with a man. Even homosexual intercourse between two men does not lead to pregnancy in any way. The reason is the lack of both the eggs necessary for the conception, and the organ necessary for bearing the baby.

Can a Man Get Pregnant? Myths and Reality

The only possible answer is – no, an ordinary man cannot get pregnant. All articles, and even photos about the fact that a man has become pregnant, is nothing more than insinuations. At the moment, none of men has been pregnant, or there is no official confirmation about it.

But there is confirmation of the fact that a man cannot bear a fetus. Mother Nature has made the internal structure of the body of a woman and men different. There are no conditions for this in the body of a man. He does not have necessary organs for the development of the fetus. Whatever hormones a man is taking, they will not replace female reproductive organs.

Pregnancy Syndrome in Men

We are now talking about the case of a so-called sympathetic pregnancy. In other words, if a man cannot get pregnant physically, he can successfully become pregnant psychologically. Have you ever heard of the Couvade syndrome? This is a pregnancy syndrome in men. Meanwhile, doctors say that this syndrome occurs in men quite often.

Can a man get pregnant. Man holding watermelon next to pregnant woman

Symptoms of Couvade Syndrome in Men

With this syndrome, the father of the unborn child begins to experience the same symptoms and signs of pregnancy as his wife.

A man begins to suffer from nausea in the morning, he is awakened by a gargantuan appetite, he does not sleep well, etc.

“Pregnant” man suffers from emotional instability, and sometimes his chest glands swell and he can gain weight during the period of pregnancy.

Of course, a man cannot get pregnant, but when his wife comes up with the time of labor and birth begins, a man with Couvade syndrome begins to experience exactly the same birth pains. Sometimes the pains are even stronger.

Statistics say that the percentage of fathers who “get pregnant” sympathetically is quite high all over the world. It reaches almost 23%. That is, more than one-fifth of all future fathers actually suffer all the burdens of pregnancy, together with their spouses.

Couvade Syndrome or Male Pregnancy

Scientists have found that even if the Couvade syndrome in men is not fully observed, some of its signs are observed in more than 65% of men intending to become fathers. It’s not just that a man genuinely worries about his spouse, sympathizes with her and subconsciously tries to share with her all the difficulties of this period.

Can a man get pregnant. sympathetic pregnancy

A special hormone prolactin helps a man to “get pregnant”. It turns out that this hormone is responsible for the desire to take care of your child. And the development of this hormone is accompanied by all those signs, which we listed above. A man with a high level of prolactin in the blood is more likely to be willing to take on the burden of caring for a newborn baby than those men who didn’t face the Couvade syndrome.

Can a Man Get Pregnant after Genital Reconstruction?

Here the answer is clear – no. Even after genital reconstruction a man cannot get pregnant and give birth to a child. The whole point is that this requires something more. Usually, gender reassignment surgery involves a surgical change in the genitals, but does not give such a man the reproductive system that women have. Vaginoplasty does not give either the uterus or the ovaries. What’s more, even and if all the organs were transplanted to a man, they would not function normally.

The fact is that in the brain of a woman there are separate sites that are responsible for the maturation of eggs – ovulation. But there are no these sites in a man. Consequently, even with transplanted ovaries he will not have ovulation. In order for it to happen, he would need to transplant all the corresponding parts of the brain. But nowadays science hasn’t reached such heights yet. Therefore, even after a genital reconstruction a man can’t get pregnant.

An Unusual Case

In 2008, the whole world was stunned by an unusual and seemingly almost unreal story. The main character of this story was a man who turned out to be able not only to get pregnant, but also to fully endure and give birth to three children. The man was a 40-year-old resident of Hawaii – Thomas Beatie. His wife could not give birth to a child, and Thomas, as it turned out, was able to do this. Thomas was born a girl, but at the age of ten, he started to self-identify with the male gender. At 23 years old, he began testosterone hormone treatment to transition to living life as a man. Also, Thomas had chest reconstruction. Thus, externally Thomas looks like a man, but at the same time his genitals remained feminine.

can a man get pregnant? Thomas Beatie

He became pregnant and gave birth to children after the IVF procedure. In order for fertilization to become possible, he only had to stop taking male hormones and allow his body to re-activate his own, female ones. The sex organs necessary for the conception and bearing of the fetus were preserved, so the pregnancy proceeded naturally and without any problems.

Can a Man Get Pregnant? Science Expectations

Science does not yet know even the theoretical possibilities of how an individual born a male could bear a child.

The story of Thomas Beatie does not in any way refute the earlier scientific facts and arguments about the impossibility of pregnancy in men. It is only an atypical example of the fact of “motherhood” in a person who looks like a man only by appearance. If Thomas went to the end in his desire to change the sex and become a man, removing not only the breast, but also the sexual organs, pregnancy would become impossible for him. However, life does not stand still. Scientific experiments are becoming more and more courageous. The achievements of scientists are increasingly unbelievable, and who knows what discoveries await science ahead.

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