Can A Pessary Help Control My Bladder Leakage?

Can A Pessary Help Control My Bladder Leakage?

Do you leak urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze, bend over, lift something, run or exercise?  If so, you may be suffering from stress urinary incontinence caused by pelvic organ prolapse (POP).  Lucikily, there a number of treatment options available, both surgical and non-surgical that can reduce or completely stop your bladder leakage.  Surgical options such as mesh surgery as best used as a last resort when non-invasive treatments like pelvic floor exercises or pessaries don’t work.  Speaking with your physician is imperative in making the correct decision about your treatment plan so you’re successful in mitigating your symptoms.

How to know if a pessary is right for you

There are several indications which will point to a pessary device being the correct solution to your SUI issue over opting for immediate surgery.

Pessaries are preferred if:

  • You have significant comorbid risks for surgery
  • You prefer a non-surgical alternative
  • You want to avoid the risk of needing reoperation (mesh erosion)
  • Pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence may be temporary due to pregnancy
  • You do not want to affect your future fertility
  • You would like to delay surgery or attempt to do without entirely

Pessaries may not be an option if:

  • You are currently experiencing, or at risk of an active genital infection
  • You have a latex allergy or sensitivity
  • Factors that may lead to pessary neglect (cleaning) or improper use
  • You have previously had vaginal mesh surgery and are experiencing mesh erosion

If through consultation with your doctor you have determined that a pessary may be the correct treatment option for you, then you will be faced with the task of finding one that fits you properly.  There are several types available, including support pessaries (rings) and space filling pessaries (Gellhorn, donuts and more).  There are also new modern variations available, such as the revolutionary Uresta® pessary which inserts similarly to a tampon.

Many women find that they must try out many different types, sizes or brands until they find a product that fits correctly and works to control bladder leakage.

Pessaries versus disposable options like absorbing pads

Many women are unsure of their options or are unwilling to undergo surgery, so they end up treating their bladder leaks with disposable pads.  However, there are other, much better, non-surgical options out there, like Uresta®, and this is why:

Can A Pessary Help Control My Bladder Leakage?

Women say Uresta® brand pessaries work for them

In clinical studies, 75% of women surveyed found that Uresta® either completely halted or reduced leakage to a significant degree.  84% of those surveyed felt more comfortable in public while using Uresta® to control their bladder leaks and 72% said they would recommend Uresta® to a friend.

The weight of living with stress urinary incontinence and bladder leaks can be an immense burden.  When even the little things, like laughing with friends or family can cause a leak, quality of life can begin to suffer.  Especially with seniors, losing control over their bladders is often seen as a sign of weakness which can negatively affect self confidence and willingness to seek help from family or friends.  Luckily, a pessary device often provides a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment option so that bladder leak sufferers can gain back control.

If you or someone you love suffers from urine leakage due to stress urinary incontinence, speak with your physician about Uresta® and other available treatment options.

The content and opinions included in this article are intended for informational purposes only and have been sponsored by Uresta®.

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