Can Pregnant Women Eat Shrimp? Useful and Harmful Properties

can pregnant women eat shrimp. enjoying seafood in a restaurant

When a woman is expecting a child, it is very important for her to follow a healthy and proper diet. All products must be under control. Different product groups contain a different set of useful nutrients. For example, you cannot replace seafood with anything, only with synthetic vitamins. But it is much easier to get these vitamins in a natural way. For example, shrimp during pregnancy will saturate the body with the necessary amount of proteins. But certain questions immediately arise: Can pregnant women eat shrimp? Can it be harmful?

General Information about Shrimp

These inhabitants of the sea are crustaceans. The standard length of mature individuals is from 2 to 27 centimeters. The usual shades of shrimp are pink and coral.

Most often they can be purchased in a frozen form. It is highly not recommended to store them at low temperatures for a long time.

Shrimps have low fat content. They are low-calorie. In a hundred grams of the product, there is about the same number of calories.

Shrimps contain:

  • useful substances (potassium, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, copper, calcium, zinc, fluorine, iron, sodium, molybdenum);
  • provitamins (B-carotene and A);
  • vitamins, dissolving fats (K, D, E and A);
  • vitamins, intensely acting in different directions (B9, E, PP, B1, C and B2).

There is a huge amount of copper and iodine in shrimps. Their content in shrimps is bigger than in many other foods of animal origin. At the same time, unfortunately, they have a lot of cholesterol.

Shrimp during Pregnancy

Shrimps have become very popular lately. Now it is the usual food for many regions.

Fears of harming a baby often contribute to the fact that pregnant women refuse eating many types of food. Shrimps are not an exception. Despite the very high nutritional value and unconditional use of shrimps, during pregnancy it is worth limiting their amount, especially at the end of pregnancy.

can pregnant women eat shrimp. shrimps

The reason is not horror stories from newspapers about the high content of mercury in shrimps. The main reason is a very high risk of allergies.

Are Shrimps Useful during Pregnancy?

Before the conception, you probably ate shrimps and other seafood and didn’t worry about any consequences. But with the onset of pregnancy everything changes. And before you put any food into your mouth, you will think ten times: is it worth it, will it hurt the baby?

So, can pregnant women eat shrimp? If earlier you did not have any negative reactions to shrimps, then you don’t have to worry, there should be nothing supernatural during pregnancy. Feel free to eat shrimps, but, of course, in small portions. Listen to your body and sensations. Any doctor will tell you the same thing – the nutrition of the future mother should be healthy, varied, and saturated.

The Benefit of Shrimps

  • Shrimps are rich in proteins, iron, and various acids, and also contain many useful microelements;
  • Their use positively influences the formation of the bones of the future baby, makes them strong and flexible. It also positively influences the formation of the nervous system and the brain;
  • Shrimps are quickly digested. This is light but rich in iodine food;
  • Seafood is especially useful in the urban environment where there is always a shortage of oxygen and a large negative impact of the industrial environment.

The Use of Shrimps during Pregnancy

Shrimp during pregnancy is definitely very useful.

The purified meat of these marine inhabitants is transparent, slightly rubbery, and contains a huge amount of protein. Only 100 grams of shrimps can cover the daily need for protein by 47%. At the same time, shrimps are a low-calorie product. There are only 100-106 calories per 100 grams.

You will not get extra fat and carbohydrates from shrimps.

The benefit of shrimps during pregnancy is that they are a great source of iron. The content of iron in shrimps is superior in value to such common sources of food iron as pomegranate. Copper and zinc are also present in shrimps.

can pregnant women eat shrimp. shrimps

There is a lot of phosphorus in the easily digestible form, which is necessary for keeping your bones and teeth healthy during pregnancy. This is also very helpful for the development of the child’s skeleton.

Selenium in shrimps is kept in high quantities, and this is the immunity of the future mother.

Magnesium, vitamins B, A and C, and in fact one third of the daily dose of vitamin D is also necessary for fetal development. They are all found in shrimps.

The only obstacle to using shrimp during pregnancy is the existing allergy (at the early stages). At a later date, limit the amount of shrimp, even if you have no problems with eating any seafood. Shrimps can create a risk of allergy in the fetus.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Shrimp?

If you used to eat shrimps before the conception, most likely, nothing terrible will happen to you if from time to time you continue eating them during pregnancy. But if you didn’t try them before – adhere to the following principle: during pregnancy, it is better not to change your diet very sharply, and avoid new delicacies.

Sometimes the reaction of the body to certain foods can be unpredictable. That’s why you should be very careful with your diet during pregnancy.

can pregnant women eat shrimp. pregnant woman cooking lunch

After 22 weeks the immune system of the baby starts working on its own. And then the products with a high risk of allergy formation will need to be avoided. Shrimps are in the list of such products.  Although they are a wonderful source of valuable substances necessary for the development of the fetus, during pregnancy you need to be careful.

There are several cases when it is worth eating shrimps during pregnancy:

  • Craving for the product. If you really want shrimps, you can pamper yourself.
  • Appetite provoking weight gain. Since shrimps are low-calorie, they can sometimes replace fatty nourishing food.
  • Visible problems in the body that appeared after pregnancy. The forming body of the baby will “pull” out of you all sorts of useful substances. Because of this, nails, hair, skin, bones, teeth, and other organs can suffer. With the help of shrimps, it is easy to make up a supply of vitamins.

There is also a number of contraindications, which should be taken into account:

  • an allergic reaction to shrimps;
  • vascular problems due to high cholesterol;
  • intolerance to taste or smell of shrimps.

Can Shrimps Cause Damage during Pregnancy?

The place where you buy shrimps is very important. Be sure to check the quality of the product, its freshness, and proper storage conditions. In general, the answer to the question – can pregnant women eat shrimp? – is yes, they can. But if shrimps are not fresh or of bad quality, then you won’t avoid unpleasant feelings.

Do not buy seafood at markets where sellers do not have any certificates from sanitary epidemiological station, certificates of quality, and any information about the terms and conditions of storage of the food;

can pregnant women eat shrimp. the market

If you take already prepared dish, then carefully read the composition which is written on the label. Vinegar, an abundance of spices and preservatives can lead to irritation of the gastric mucosa, and cause heartburn. Buy seafood in large supermarkets and cook it at home;

Separately about the potential harm of the product. Lobsters, squid, and shrimps themselves can have an elevated level of such a dangerous substance as mercury. Mercury is very harmful to an adult person, and for a newborn it is deadly dangerous!

In small quantities, it can cause disturbances in the formation of the nervous system of the unborn child. And this is a serious argument in favor of buying products in the store where they are carefully checked and analyzed for compliance with the declared parameters.

In addition, another danger of shrimps is the fact that they quite easily accumulate heavy metals.

Precautionary Measures

Despite the benefits of shrimps, it is better not to eat them often. It is recommended not to eat them more than three times a week. The optimal daily rate is about one hundred and fifty grams.

In the last months of pregnancy (3rd trimester), it is necessary to reduce portions as much as possible. Although shrimps are not a strong allergen, they can still develop an allergy in a baby in the womb.

can pregnant women eat shrimp. pregnant woman with belly itchings

If you have never tried shrimps before pregnancy, it’s better not to experiment. If they provoke an allergic reaction which you could not identify earlier the consequences will be bad.

So, Can Pregnant Women Eat Shrimp?

You can eat shrimp during pregnancy, but in small quantities. Before you prepare a tasty dish with shrimps, make sure they do not cause you an allergy. To do this, eat 1-2 boiled shrimps 3 hours before lunch (dinner), and if during this time there are no signs of allergy, you can safely eat a dish with overseas ingredients.

We remind you that the main signs of an allergy are: a rash on the skin, itching, swelling of the hands, feet, face, runny nose, shortness of breath, redness of the eyes.

If you observe at least one of these signs, immediately call an ambulance, so that you could be provided with qualified and quick help.

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