Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi? How to Avoid Possible Danger?

can pregnant women eat sushi. woman eating sushi

Traditional Japanese cuisine, such as sushi and rolls, has long and deservedly become one of the most favorite foods of many women. That’s why even during pregnancy women don’t want to give up eating sushi. At the same time, there immediately appear a lot of questions. Can pregnant women eat sushi? And what about the rolls? Are ginger and wasabi dangerous? Will it harm the baby? The fact that you are asking such questions speaks about your responsible attitude to your pregnancy. Let’s see if the fears of pregnant women about sushi and rolls are justified.

Why Does Sushi Considered Useful?

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food, which became very popular around the whole world. The dish is so firmly embedded in our lives that even during pregnancy many women don’t want to give the favorite meal up.

Products that are part of almost all types of sushi are really useful for our body. Most of all it concerns rice and seafood – the main ingredients of Japanese cuisine. These products contain useful vitamins and trace elements, which must be present in everyone’s diet.

Fish is a really valuable product for women during pregnancy. It contains a huge amount of useful substances that are necessary for the normal development and growth of a future child. However, it is worth remembering that not all fish is equally useful.

can pregnant women eat sushi. sushi set

As for rice, groats are an indispensable product for every person. Useful vitamins and trace elements contained in it have a beneficial effect on all systems of the human body. Thus, there is no doubt that rice is very useful during pregnancy.

The ingredients of sushi are usually wrapped in nori. This food product is produced from red algae. It is known that nori is very rich in iodine. This element is very important for the normal synthesis of thyroid hormones. Therefore, the algal component of Japanese dishes is also useful to everyone, including future mothers, and their babies.

Dietary Food

The advantage of an exotic cuisine is also that all cooked meals are dietary. And for pregnant women this is an important factor as well. It’s not a secret that future moms are worried about their body and extra kilograms gained during nine months. The energy value of one serving, which usually includes 8 rolls, is an average of 500 calories. If you take into account the feeling of satiety that provides this dish, then the figure is quite acceptable. Probably, that’s why many women fell in love with Japanese cuisine. Though everything seems so right, the question still remains open- Can pregnant women eat sushi? Let’s see what doctors think.

The Danger of Sushi for Pregnant Women

Most doctors talk about the dangers of sushi and rolls during pregnancy.

First of all, the reason for the strict ban on this delicacy is the presence of raw fish in most types of sushi. What is its danger?

The absence of heat treatment is fraught with the presence in the fish of carriers of toxoplasmosis and listeriosis. There is also a possibility of infection with hepatitis A through sushi and rolls.

can pregnant women eat sushi. sushi

What’s more, parasites-nematodes or worms can live in fresh or cooled fish. And treatment of parasitic infection in a pregnant woman is very problematic.

Some species of fish can contain an increased amount of mercury and other heavy metals that are dangerous not only for pregnant women.

Sushi quickly deteriorates and can cause poisoning in the future mother. Especially dangerous are purchased or ordered sushi and rolls, the exact time of manufacture and storage of which you are unlikely to know.

What’s more, the sanitary and hygienic norms in cafes and restaurants are not always in order. This is a direct way to an infectious disease.

Surely such a risk will keep you from wanting to eat sushi or rolls with fresh fish. Unlike the ban on citrus and chocolate, about meals with raw fish doctors are almost unanimous – pregnant women should not eat sushi. At the same time, there are a lot of types of sushi and rolls. You can choose a safe alternative, such as vegetarian sushi or sushi with thermally processed fish.

Ginger, Wasabi and Soy Sauce

Apart from fish, ginger, wasabi and soy sauce are also very doubtful ingredients of all favorite Japanese dishes.

Ginger can provoke an allergic reaction precisely against the background of pregnancy.

can pregnant women eat sushi. Ginger and wasabi

Wasabi during pregnancy, like other hot spices, can aggravate the problems with the gastrointestinal tract, typical for pregnant women such as heartburn and nausea. It can also cause increased gas formation. In addition, some doctors do not recommend using hot spices during pregnancy in general. Such dishes lead to dehydration of the body. Therefore, pregnant women should not add wasabi to the rolls and sushi.

Soy sauce, cooked according to the classic recipe, is useful to pregnant women. But the product that is offered in Japanese restaurants and cafes hardly has any value. It cannot be called a dangerous sauce, but it is not useful either.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Sushi? What Kinds of Sushi are Safe?

Do not forget that today sushi rolls are made from different products, therefore for pregnant women the safest will be vegetarian or those containing thermally processed fish products. But still, before eating sushi it is worth consulting your doctor and make sure that such dishes will not harm you.

Today there is a huge variety of sushi. So try to choose the ones that will only benefit you and your kid. Of course, the best option will be sushi and rolls, prepared personally by you. Only in this way you will be absolutely sure of the freshness and quality of the used products.

can pregnant women eat sushi. vegan sushi

If you decide to visit a Japanese restaurant, then choose hot or vegetable rolls, preferably without spicy sauces and seasonings. Thus, you can satisfy your desire and treat yourself with your favorite dish without any harm. In addition, such dietary types of sushi rolls are less caloric, which increases their usefulness.

Of course, vegetable rolls will not replace real Japanese sushi rolls with fish. But only you decide: to succumb to the temptation or wait until the child is born. Do not forget that you are responsible not only for your health and, but also for the well-being of your future baby.

Pregnancy is not a disease, and, of course, you absolutely do not need to follow a special strict diet, deprive yourself of the usual dishes and get upset because of this. However, it makes sense to include or exclude some food products from the diet during pregnancy. If you are fond of rolls and sushi, you can eat them, but be careful. Sushi cooked in your own kitchen without the addition of raw fish but with fresh ingredients will bring nothing but use and pleasure.

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