Can You Get a Tattoo While Pregnant? Evaluating the Risks

can you get a tattoo while pregnant. tattooed woman

Modern women want to look perfect under any circumstances. Including the period during pregnancy. A future mother may suddenly have a desire to get a tattoo or permanent make-up. However, many doctors are against these procedures during pregnancy. Are the fears justified? Can you get a tattoo while pregnant? And what about permanent make-up during pregnancy? Let’s figure it out.

Permanent Make-up and Pregnancy

Permanent make-up is one type of tattooing. The essence of the procedure is that the dyeing components are introduced into the surface tissues of the skin. Thus, the applied image remains permanently resistant to various factors. Permanent make-up is applied to the eyebrows, eyelids and lips to give them expressiveness and brightness.

It is a mistake to assume that permanent make-up stays forever, because it’s still not a tattoo. However, permanent makeup will for sure stay on your skin for several months.

It should be noted that pregnant women mistakenly underestimate the risks of tattooing. First of all, it is a huge stress for the body. Of course, the needle with the coloring substance is not injected deeply – literally a few millimeters under the skin. However, for a pregnant woman this will seem a real torture because of increased sensitivity. Consider the following.

Disadvantages of Permanent Make-up for a Pregnant Woman:

  • The woman’s skin in the period of gestation becomes especially tender, and even a slight prick provokes pain.
  • Usually, tattooing is carried out without local anesthesia, so the pain from the procedure will not get easier. And if anesthesia is still used, it is not known how the pregnant woman will perceive it.
  • Because of hormonal changes, the pigment on the skin may appear poor. Instead of a beautiful smooth line you’ll get the lack of color, a completely different color or spots.

Tattooing at the Early Stages of Pregnancy

Many ladies mistakenly believe that the first trimester of pregnancy is favorable for maintaining a habitual way of life. In fact, for the period from the 1st to 17th week, the most important processes occur. The fetus forms internal organs, and the organism of the future mother is reconstructed hormonally as it gets used to a new condition.

can you get a tattoo while pregnant. a woman getting a tattoo

Any stresses and extraordinary situations at this time are absolutely not desirable, as they can provoke a miscarriage.

Therefore, doctors unanimously repeat – at the early stages of pregnancy any tattooing is not recommended. The procedure can trigger a pain shock, which in turn leads to rejection of the fetus.

What Is a Tattoo?

A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, into the dermis layer of the skin. Tattooing is called grooves on the skin, filled with special colorants. At the beginning, a certain pattern is scratched out on the surface of the skin with a needle, and then the scratched place is filled with colors.

Tattoos are held for a long time, because the paint is introduced not into the epidermis itself (the outer skin that recovers throughout life), but into the dermis – a deeper cutaneous layer. The cells of the dermis are very persistent. Thus, the image stays under the skin for the whole life.

Until recently, tattoos were applied manually: the master pierced the skin and then applied the paint.

This method is still used in some countries, but the majority of tattoo studios prefer to use a special machine for making tattoos on a human body.

can you get a tattoo while pregnant. tattoo machine

Such a machine is hand-held electrical equipment that includes a tube with paint and a small needle. At one end of the device a sterilized needle is attached. It is connected to a tube with paint. The foot switch activates the device, the needle pierces the skin, simultaneously injecting the paint under the skin.

A tattoo master must know how deeply to pierce the skin, because if you do not pierce deeply enough, the tattoo will turn out uneven, and if very deep, it can lead to bleeding and the appearance of severe pain. The process of making a tattoo usually takes several hours, depending on the complexity of the tattoo, as well as its size.

Tattoos and Pregnancy

Sometimes pregnant women have an irresistible desire to make a tattoo. This procedure is much more complicated than permanent make-up. Substances are introduced into the dermis – a deep layer of skin. Thus, the drawing will stay almost forever.

What about pregnancy period? Can you get a tattoo while pregnant? It’s clear that pregnant women should think twice before getting tattoos. In the first trimester it is definitely better to stay away from such ideas. In the second and third trimester, before making a final decision about tattoos during pregnancy you need to consult your gynecologist.

Can You Get A Tattoo While Pregnant?

The process of tattooing during pregnancy is usually accompanied by severe pain and quite unpleasant sensations. What’s more, it is a huge stress for the body.

Therefore, experts recommend future mothers who decide to color their body with patterns and various drawings, forget about this idea at least until the birth of the child.

can you get a tattoo while pregnant. making a tattoo

If you want to decorate any part of the body with a tattoo, you should definitely take into account some of the following nuances:

  • The pain that occurs in the process of making a tattoo, often causes a shock, which sometimes leads to a miscarriage.
  • The introduction of ink under the skin can lead to an allergic reaction.
  • If the master has little experience, then there is a danger of infection with a variety of diseases of the viral etiology: HIV, herpes, hepatitis A, B and C. And it is commonly known that hepatitis leads to irreparable consequences.
  • Tattooing is always a stress, because any change in the body is considered stress, especially for a pregnant woman.
  • If a pregnant woman is still confident in the skills of the master, then she needs to know that no highly qualified tattoo artist with a good reputation will ever agree to make a pregnant woman a tattoo.

Tattoo Removal

Also you should ask yourself: is this tattoo really necessary at this stage of life? After all, it is almost for life. At the same time, getting rid of a tattoo is a rather unpleasant procedure. In addition, part of the ink enters the skin layer itself, which negatively affects the body.

What’s more, studies about the impact of laser tattoo removal procedures on the course of pregnancy have not yet been conducted. So, it is difficult to say how this procedure affects the development of the fetus.

can you get a tattoo while pregnant. laser tattoo removal

If you are pregnant and want to remove the tattoo, remember that only professional doctors should deal with the removal. The procedure should be as safe as possible and without complications. A doctor specializing in the removal of tattoos, necessarily takes into account all possible contraindications and performs the entire process as much careful as possible (without the risk of scars).

Tattoos and Permanent Make-up: Is It Dangerous?

Despite the demand for tattoos and permanent make-up, many doctors strongly recommend to abandon this idea during pregnancy. If the desire is still stronger than warnings, you need to take into account the following dangers.

Harmful Consequenses:

  • The risk of miscarriage increases. Any pain, other than the birth pain, is perceived by the body as a mortal danger. It experiences shock, and tries to push the fetus out in order to protect it. And during pregnancy, the pain threshold significantly reduces. While making a tattoo, a woman can experience terrible pain.
  • Loss of consciousness. Because of the painful perception, a pregnant woman can faint, which is also very dangerous for a baby in the womb.
  • Inks that are injected under the skin can trigger allergies. It is not known how they generally affect the body of a future mother and her child.
  • If a tattoo master is not experienced enough, there is a risk of picking up various viruses – hepatitis, HIV, herpes. These diseases negatively affect the fetus.
  • In the composition of modern substances there are chemical dyes, which can cause an allergic reaction in a pregnant woman. There may be redness and swelling. To remove them, you have to drink antihistamines. But after all, all doctors say that taking medication should be minimized during pregnancy.
  • If the tattoo is on the back, and applied shortly before delivery, the doctor may prohibit the use of a special painkiller to ease the contractions. The procedure is called epidural injection of anesthetic – it is injected into the point near the spinal cord.
  • And most importantly – no specialist cosmetologist will ever make the procedure, if the client is a pregnant woman. Professional masters will not expose the client and the future child to possible risks.

As can be seen, there are many risks. Therefore, it is better to wait with a tattoo until the delivery and the lactation period is over.

Safe Alternative

If you are serious about decorating your body with drawings, use henna. This eco-friendly hypoallergenic dye is an excellent substitute for tattoos.

can you get a tattoo while pregnant. henna tattoo

Its advantages are obvious:

  • safety for a mother and her child;
  • possibility to apply the drawing by yourself at home;
  • it does not injure the skin;
  • it is easy to get rid of henna tattoo.

And if you still want a tattoo, it’s better to fulfil your desire after pregnancy. It’s much more convenient, because the body will already come to the final shape and the pattern will not deform. But leave the thought of the tattoo procedure before the end of lactation. Thus, you will definitely be sure that chemical reactions in the body will not cause the child any harm.

In the meantime, what makes any future mother beautiful is a smile and a happy look directed at her pregnant belly.

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