Can you Get Pregnancy Insurance in your Existing Insurance Policy?

Pregnancy insurances are very important to ensure adequate medical coverage for the mother and the child. A proficient pregnancy insurance policy will cover starting right from the pregnancy check-up costs to neonatal health care. If you are deciding to start a family very soon, you must definitely opt for this health insurance plan. If you already have the best Mediclaim policy for your family and want to add your pregnancy insurance to your existing policy, then here is all about it.

Here are all the details regarding whether you can get a pregnancy insurance policy added to your existing policy, and if not, what are the other ways. Keep reading to know more.

Know Whether you can get a Pregnancy Insurance Policy

You can Continue with the Health Insurance Policy you Own

If you have the best Mediclaim policy for a family covering your medical needs, you cannot drop the idea of buying a pregnancy insurance policy at all. However, getting proper pregnancy insurance is recommended as many complications pertaining to your expectant condition are not covered by the existing policy.

Moreover, the child is nowhere included in the plan, and you will have to take care of any kind of expenses that will be related to him/her. Therefore, while continuing with the best Mediclaim policy for the family that you own, you are recommended to purchase maternity insurance too. This will be a safer option for the mother and the baby.

They are Two Separate Insurance Policies

The pregnancy insurance policy and health insurance policy are two different types of policies with some major differences between them. The pregnancy insurance policy is for a pregnant woman, whereas health insurance can be for anyone. Moreover, the best Mediclaim policy for families deals with the coverage of all sorts of medical treatments that you choose as inclusions. Whereas the pregnancy insurance policy is strictly about the treatment of things related to conception, and the health of the mother and the newborn baby.

You can Increase your Coverage

If you are not interested in buying a separate pregnancy insurance policy, you can increase the coverage of your medical insurance. This can be done by contacting your insurance provider and asking for larger and better coverage. Also, you can make use of different add-ons that are available. These can help you protect the mother and the child against many critical circumstances and medical expenses.


Taking Extra Coverage for the Child Through a Pregnancy Insurance Policy

Since the child is mentioned nowhere in the best Mediclaim policy for family, you can be stuck in situations where the child directly needs medical assistance, and not through the mother. In situations such as this, you must always prefer purchasing a maternity insurance policy. This will cover the medical expenses for the child, providing better coverage and protection. Some of the policies also cover the expenses if the child is diagnosed with some life-threatening disease and needs immediate medical attention. Made particularly for the mother and the child, the pregnancy insurance policy provides the best coverage and protection.

You can Name Your Child as the Beneficiary

Some health insurance coverages allow the freedom of the mother to name her child as the beneficiary. By doing this, the medical expenses are taken care of even if the mother expires in the process of birthing, and financial assistance is given to the child.


This is an excellent method that you can opt for, but you must make sure that your insurance provider offers you that. Moreover, not taking chances and buying a separate pregnancy insurance policy is the most protective way. You can contact your health insurance provider for more details.