Can You Get Pregnant From Precum? Evaluate Your Chances

Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-cum? Evaluate Your Chances
Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-cum? Evaluate Your Chances

So can you get pregnant from precum? The short answer is: Yes, you can get pregnant from precum. Though the chances are quite low.

Pre-cum (Pre-ejaculate or Cowper’s fluid) is the transparent, viscous fluid, coming out of penis at the moment of erection or sexual arousal. Almost like the semen, but contains quite a few spermatozoa (sperm cells, delivering the nucleus with the genetic information of the male to the ovum of the female). The concentration of the active sperm in the pre-ejaculate is variable and individual. Presumably, the pre-cum works like a lubricant and acid neutralizer. Not only the concentration of sperm in pre-cum is individual, but also the presence of pre-cum at all. Some men don’t produce this type of liquid at all.

Pregnancy is (lat. Graviditas) is a special state of the woman’s body, in which her reproductive organs are incubating and developing an embryo or fetus. Pregnancy is the result of a merger of female and male sex cells as a result of fertilization of the ovum by the sperm, which is an active carrier of the man cells.

The matter: pregnant from precum

safe sex: pregnant from precumYou can easily get pregnant from precum under the following conditions:

  • You have so-called “dangerous days” – ovulation
  • You are not using any other method of contraception, but the coitus interruptus (aka the pull out method or withdrawal)
  • Your partner has already ejaculated previously and this is your second or more intercourse per day.

In the case the above-written conditions coincide, the chances of getting a girl pregnant with pre-cum are quite high.

Before having unprotected sex with a partner you are not going to have children with in the nearest future, choose the best method of contraception for you. However, if the intercourse took place and you’re not sure, if that would lead to pregnancy – there’s a low risk. I personally know only two women, who got pregnant that way.

In order not to cram yourself with hormonal pills, exclude the most important risk factors. Make an ovulation test, check your period calendar, if you have one. If you don’t  – get yourself one.

pregnant from precum: ovulation test

Knowing the date of your ovulation may help you to predict the days of the higher risk of letting birth out of control. And only after that, if you are afraid that there was a risk of penetration of the active spermatozoids on your territory – study the emergency contraception means.

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So why there’s a certain risk of pregnancy without the fact of the ejaculation?

header 1 A certain quantity of capable of fertilization sperm is released during your sexual intercourse with a natural lubricant together with penis erection. That’s why getting pregnant by the male secretions is, of course, possible, but the probability is low.

header 2 A certain percentage of the sperm can remain in the urethra after the previous ejaculation, and may present in secretions or on the penis.

The next time you have sex, they can easily fall into the vagina if the man has not observed certain hygiene rules after the previous coitus. The possibility to conceive is higher for the second and subsequent sexual acts that are not accompanied by shower before each of them.

header 3 Coitus interruptus can be more dangerous not only because of the risk to get pregnant from precum.

pregnant from precum: safe sexEach man experiences difficulty in this delicate matter: do not think that it’s so easy – to catch the right moment before the onset of ejaculation. Unfortunately, this also disturbs a man to relax completely and experience the full range of sexual pleasure. And even with an excellent ability to capture the right moment, there is a risk of pregnancy as the sperm can easily get into the vagina from the hands or even bed linen. We must not forget that sperm lives for about 3 to 7 days in a friendly environment, which is the vagina.

Unfortunately, due to the absence of the possibility to obtain a certain data on the way a woman actually got pregnant, it is hard to get any true statistics of precum pregnancies. We may rely only on the mentioned above facts to state that there’s a chance of getting pregnant that particular way. Many men are not even aware that they discharge precum during intercourse, moreover, they can’t control it.

Accepting the risks of pre-cum pregnancy

Preventing an unwanted pregnancy is far better, than aborting it for many reasons. There’s no chance of getting pregnant from precum while taking birth control pills (if taking them right) or combining the contraception methods with one another. But in case there’s no trust between partners or pregnancy is not an option for any of the partners and you consider a probable pregnancy as a risk – this feeling will definitely affect the quality of sex itself. It is better if you choose a partner, with whom you are not afraid to get pregnant of pre-cum or secure the intercourse with the additional means. One must also remember, that precum, just like semen itself can transport many sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, that “sticks” to semen. The research cases show, that some viruses (like hepatitis) can be contained in a spermatozoon itself, thus causing vertical transmission of the disease (directly to the cells of the fetus).

The easiest way to secure the contraception effect of coitus interruptus and avoid a pre-cum pregnancy, however, is to use a contraceptive gel, suppository or cream, which are plenty in the market and safe for your health.pregnant from precum Contragel


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    Hi, me and my boyfriend are using the pull-out method for 5 years now and it has worked fine! This article has made question everything. Now I think I might be pregnant. Thank you for the anxiety LOL

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    I got pregnant from precum the second time m boyfriend and I tried coitus interruptus. I’m 17. I was amonth along and the stress and anxiety from being pregnant caused me to miscarry.

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    Hello, Danielle! First of all, you should try to relax. Then, I recommend you to do a pregnancy test. It is the easiest and right way to determine whether you’re pregnant or not. If the result is positive, visit a doctor. He’ll do a blood test to confirm your state.
    What concerns your period…You say that it is not regular and now you’re on your period. I’d rather say, that you are not pregnant (but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do a test). Sometimes it happens. Whether changes, stress, infection, diet, physical exercises could lead to some problems. In this case you also should consult a specialist. He may prescribe pills or drops to improve the flora of your body. And often it is enough.
    About your boyfriend and precum. No, you can’t get pregnant if you slowed it. But using a pull-out method can be quite risky, because some experts think that precum may contain sperm. However, large-scale studies on the subject haven’t been conducted. My advise: use condoms. He will be satisfied in any case and you protect yourself from unplanned pregnancy and infections that can lead to serious problems. If your boyfriend refuse it – he don’t deserve to be with you. Trust and be close only with a reliable (and tested) person.
    Take care of yourself! I hope you will be fine and healthy! You can handle with everything!

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      Thank you so Victoria I will get a test and take it and I’m scared if he has something and I can catch it from him

      • 19
        • 20

          Danielle, of course risks to get infection when you don’t use condoms always exist. That is way you better sign up for an appointment with the gynecologist. So you may learn about your health and how to cope with the problems, if there is any.

          I’m sure no matter what your mother will understand and help you. Good luck!

  10. 21

    I didnt had sex with my boyfriend but he ejaculated on my navel… i am pretty scared that i might get pregnant, also i had my periods n it happenned on 5th day of my periods. Also he was fingering me after touching himself
    ..I dont know what to do??

    • 22

      Hi, Tisha! You can’t get pregnant by ejaculation on your navel. It is impossible. He needs to be into you. What concerns fingering… There is a very-very little chance, as I know, to get pregnant. And it is only possible if sperm remained in his fingers and he put them into your vagina. But I must repeat the risk is small.
      If you are so afraid – do a pregnancy test. And to be more informed I suggest you to read about all possible ways to get pregnant. Good luck!

      • 23

        Hi victoria! I am 25 years old, no kids. I usually have 3 to 4 day periods. For the past couple months ive been having unprotected sex with my male friend (actually on and off for 4 years lol) the last times we had sex was nov. 5th (i was fertile) the 11 and 12th ( 3 times each boths nights) and the 20th ( which was the lasy day of a 3 day period that came 3 days early) we have not seen each other since due to him getting back with his ex. I recently was 2 days late on my period, i then started on the 15th of dec. For 2 days and then barely spotted for the next 5 days after. Ive been feeling nauseas to certain smells, when i dont eat for a period of time. Im veryvtired all the time. On edge. Constantly cramping like im constipated. I dont want to accept the symptoms but i very worried. Whats your intake?! You seem very smart! I plan on taking a test soon just dont want to test too early and miss something because i do drink quite often:/

  11. 24

    I was messing around with a guy on 7th August we never hand sex nor did he penis go inside me but we was rubbing really close naked .

    And I am not sure if his Precum went up me or not on the 13th August I had full sex with a guy and he did injaculated inside me and on the 2nd September found out I was expecting my 1st child

    My period was from 1st August ended the 5th August .

    Who is the father ? Should I be worried

    • 25

      Hi, Sam! Your second partner, with whom you had sex, is the father. Make an appointment with a doctor and follow his advices! Don’t worry! Take care of yourself and your baby!

  12. 26

    I had sex with my partner on 25 oct. initially he didn’t use condom, but later on he put it on. I am not sure whether his precum entered into my vagina, but I feel it did. I am having some serious irregular period issues, like the last period I had was almost after a gap of 5-6 months. It was on 10 Sept. Since then, my period has already been delayed by 15 days and meanwhile I didn’t have any intercourse except on 25 Oct. So should I go for a contraceptive pill to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Out of my irregular period problem I am fearing to take a pill but definitely dont want a pregnancy now.
    Please reply asap, as it is more than 48 hrs since I had sex.

  13. 27
    • 28

      Nalini, unfortunately, I can’t reply to you with all confidence. I don’t think that you may be pregnant, and, yes, a pregnancy test won’t show anything on such an early stage. Probably, you can secure yourself and use a pill. But be very cautious and pick up the pills that won’t harm you or affect your reproductive capacity. Consult with a doctor or at least with a pharmacist.

      Also, I recommend you to visit a gynecologist. Urgently! Because such gaps between your period are not normal. Don’t postpone it and take care of yourself!

  14. 29

    hello,please I am quite confused,i and my boyfriend had dry sex,and that week I was supposed to have my period because I was already feeling pains before then,we had the dry sex on the 4th of November and this is

  15. 30

    I had sex with a friend the week after my period had finished and have recently had sex again days before my period was due, silly mistake we did not have protection, I had recently re started my pill to skip my period because of my cramps not knowing that I would end up sleeping with him again, we did not use protection but he didn’t cum inside of me, still very silly and not thoughtful but I was just wondering my chances and should I now stop my pill to make sure my period will come without the stress of not knowing if it is late or not, thanks

  16. 31

    Me n my bf use pull out an I am few days late now n also i have paragard utd had it for abt 6 months now n been using pull out method as well what likely hood of me being pregnant

  17. 32

    I had sex with 2 guys, one on the 13th of Nov and the other on the 17th. Both did not ejaculate inside of me. My last period was on the 6th of Nov. I only found out last month (Dec) that I was pregnant. I have been freaking out as I am not sure for the baby daddy is. My cycle is usually a 24 days cycle although it has been a bit irregular of late (coming in quite early like 2 days early).
    Please which one of them could be my baby daddy?

    • 33

      Hi, Leslie!
      I can’t be completely sure who your baby’s daddy is. To me, it’s more likely the second guy (Nov 17), but if you want to know for sure I believe you’d better wait and then ask for a DNA test. If you know exactly when your ovulation comes it can be of some help.

  18. 34

    Hi, my bf and I had sex on Wednesday the 28th, and when I put the condom on him I accidentally put it on backwards but I did not unroll it. I quickly realized and flipped it over and unrolled it. We then continued, and he never came in me or anything we checked the condom for holes and it was clear. I’m only scared because of the pre come that may have gotten on the condom when it was on him backwards. My period was the 20th through the 26th(this all happened the 28th) thank you.

    • 35

      Hello, Jaime!
      I don’t think you’re pregnant. Even if some of the precum got onto the condom it’s too early in your period. But you can use a test after a couple of weeks just to be sure. (:

      • 36

        Hello Natalie,
        I had sex using the pull out method, but that was two days after my period ended and I have a 28 day cycle. Are my chances high on getting pregnant?

    • 37
  19. 38

    I’m a 42 year old mother of 3 girls. My last one is 2 years old and we decided not to have any more kids. My husband uses a condom whenever we have sex. But we do a lot of foreplay and he enters me without the condom. When it’s time to ejaculate then he wears it. My last period was on Nov 27th and now I’m 12 days late. I’ve never been late as my cycle is always regular. Could I be pregnant? I’m afraid to take the test. Will it show results this early? Would appreciate your replies. Thanks

  20. 39

    my boyfriend had precum on his fingers, he dried them and touched my vagina. Is it possible to get pregnant, if it is how big is the chance of getting pregnant?

  21. 41

    I’m on the pill I’ve been taking it for 2 years every day I take it an hour later I’m sick and I missed 2 pills and a week later i had sex but it was precum can I still get pregnant?

  22. 42

    Stop having sex. Stop drop and roll. If you want to feel good, go to a supervised party where you can roll around groaning, try dry humping, or buy a dildo and just experiment for it.

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  25. 45

    hii am a virgin and my bf rubbed his penis around my vagina alot and he precummed is there a chance i could be pregnant?

  26. 46
  27. 47

    My boyfriend and I just tried grinding nude for the first time. After the fact, I automatically thought I was pregnant. I’m expecting my period soon, it should come in a little less than a week, and im feeling the symptoms of my period, but in can’t get in my out of my head that somehow his precum managed to make its way into my vagina and got me pregnant. Is this possible?? Of course my panicking has led to to the conclusion that condoms and birth control are my best friend. I just can’t stop worrying about this one little situation. Thank you for the help!!

    • 48

      I’m virgin and no broken hymen.
      But I touched my Boyfriend’s pre-ejaculate fluids and a minutes later, I incidentally rubed my virgina (it might be the very near part of vagina) to remove the female fluids.
      Could you tell me if it caused the pregnancy.

      • 49


        The chances of pregnancy in such a case are very low. If you have any doubts, make a pregnancy test or consult a doctor.

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    Hello I need some help. On the 23rd of march my boyfriend and I had sex. We used a condom but in the middle of it apparently the condom split all the way down the middle. It had to be a maximum of five minutes of unprotection. He did not come, however I have been told it is possible to become pregnant with pre cum. I have researched multiple articles and keep getting different information. Some say yes pre cum contains sperm, some say it doesn’t. Last month I got my period on the 26th however in January I got my period the 29th. I’m fairly sure i was not ovulating the day we had sex. I’m reallyreally driving myself crazy about this because I am convinced I’m pregnant and I’m really scared. It’s now the 29th of march and I still haven’t gotten my period. I need some straight forward answers. Please help me.

  30. 52

    I’m only 17. I had a one night stand on 8th of march, unprotected. He came twice but not inside me. My period is 3 weeks late and I’ve taken a test but it was negative? Is it possible the rest was wrong?

  31. 53

    Im 17 and hadd unprotected sex w my girlfriend 4 days in a row. I never nutted inside of her but i did one time later jack off. I washed my self after and before all the times we had sex and she also has nexplanon. She is now feeling nauseous, feeling bloated, having headaches, and feeling tired. this was 2 weeks ago but now she is feeling this way all the while trying to get thicker and lately has been eating more than most a lot of borritos. But has been feeling tired since before we ever had sex. Im really worried and I need to know Im not about to be a father. Tmr april 20 shes getting tested. But im so scared.

  32. 54

    I had unprotected sex and my boyfriend precummed before but i sucked him would that get the precum away? And i had just lost my virginity that day. Im really stressed out if i actually am pregnant or not. We only did it for 2 minutes at least because it hurt. Then he touched himself to finish it off and ejaculated but he didnt do it in me. He precummed before. Is there a possibility i could be pregnant. I was five days late and im on my third day of my period. I dont think it’s implantation bleeding because the bleeding isnt very light definitely not spottings. Im not sure please reply

  33. 55

    Hi im very stressed out about this pregnancy i hope and pray! So i got pregnant feb had a abortion may 12ish got on depo, got off of it august 12. My baby dad was nutting in me all of august and some of September. I made a mistake of having sex with like a 50 something man he pulled out but then later said he got a little inside me i cant remember if i slept with him around the 17 or in the 20s , doc said i got pregnant around october 3rd. Pls tell me my babydad is the father??? he and i would be so hurt and i havent had a period since feb and when i do they are not regular.

  34. 56

    I’m worried that I’m pregnant I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend more than once although he pulled out and I didn’t get my period on time what do I do ? Im only 15 I’m worried and scared please someone help

  35. 58

    Hi, i had sex with same guy alot but we are not together and he precum alot but when its time for him pull out.
    i wana know is it possible for a little bit of cum can get into the vagina?
    I’m also on Birth control the shot can i still get pregnant?

  36. 60

    What if you have an irregular cycle? Like I’ve only had my cycle twice before and they were one year apart from each other, it’s been about a year since I’ve had my last and I’m kind of concerned. I’m just worried of the possibility, but this only happened 3 days ago.

  37. 62

    I’m worried that I’m pregnant even though I didn’t have full on sex and my boyfriend didn’t ejaculate near/in me. We both lost our virginities to each other just about 3 weeks ago. Im taking the pill but I missed one because I threw it up (food poisoning). I took the pill assigned for the next day because I threw up the pill 30 minutes after I took it. The first time we tried it was a day before my period and he had a condom on. He didn’t go inside of my fully- he could only get the head in and it really hurt me so we just stopped. The day after the first incident I got my period but it was irregular with me bleeding hard for 2 days and spotting to nothing on other days. I thought that this was normal because I started crossfit the day of my period and I did it Tuesday through Thursday. Maybe the stress from working out a lot made my period irregular? I don’t know. We tried to have sex again on Thursday because my period basically last for 3 days (that’s normal btw). We put the condom on wrong (or so we thought) and we kept flipping it back/ forward, rolling and unrolling for just about 5 minutes. He went inside of me once with that condom on (it was the only one that we had) and we stopped after a few seconds because it hurt. Maybe precum could have gotten on the condom? He kept losing his erection in the process of flipping and stuff so he wasn’t fully aroused. Im only worried about the second time because that could result in pregnancy even though it’s almost impossible. It’s been 3 weeks now and all of a sudden I’m peeing frequently, and I think I’m constipated. Im also a little bloated and I’m having small cramps in my lower abdomen. These are pregnancy symptoms but maybe it’s PMS? My period is coming up next week so maybe that’s it? What are my chances of being pregnant?

    • 63

      It’s not likely you’re pregnant. Wait for your next period, and if it’s not on time, do a pregnancy test.

  38. 64

    I had sex 5 days ago he had a condom on but it ripped during sex he didn’t ejaculate or nothing. You think pre cum got me pregnant?

    • 65

      Yes, you might actually be pregnant. But the chances are really low. Wait for a missed period and do a test to find out for sure.

  39. 66

    So I’m on birth control but I messed up last months because of time differences when traveling. Now I’m back on track, but it’s the first seven days of my pills and I had unprotected sex until my boyfriend felt he was going to finish, then he put on the condom and finished. I’m not sure if there was pre-cum or not. Is there a chance I could get pregnant since I messed up last months birth control and was still in the first seven days of this months?

  40. 68
  41. 69

    Hi im boyfriend and i had sex on the 27th sep.he didnt come insde me .my period was on the 18th sep to 23rd .because of the precum im afraid i might be pregnant

  42. 71

    I’m young and quite nervous because I have never had a boy friend before and as far as my parents are concerned they don’t think I mess with boys. But I have been having a “relationship” with this guy for the past year. And we have sex quite often we usually use protection but being the dumb kids we are we notice that without one it feels a lot better so for the past couple of months we have been doing it without the one. I know for a fact that he hasn’t came in because he pulls out extra early and I finish him off. But I read some where that if you have sex muitlpe times in a day without protection that the chances of getting pregnant from pre-cum is higher. This week I was suppose to start but I’m late four days. But my period has never been regular. I would sometimes go 3 months without a period and then only been on it for 3 days. However last 3 months I have gotten one, but each month they started later later. So is it possible I’m pregnant?

    • 72

      Hi, Pat!
      Yes, it’s possible you are pregnant. But you can use emergency contraception to make sure you won’t have a baby.

  43. 73

    I had sex with a girl with a condom I took the condom off and she gave me blowjob, I never had time to shower and 12 hours later we had sex with no condom is there any chance she could be pregnant as there could be sperm on my penisfrom previous sexual inter course???

    • 74

      The chance of such an outcome is very small but it’s still there. If you really don’t want to have a baby and this small risk is too much for you, tell your girlfriend to use emergency contraception just in case.

  44. 75

    I had protected sex on 15th of September. But after 2 or 3 strokes the condom broke at the lower part (i.e. far away from the tip) and we stopped right then. There wasn’t much precum and he didn’t ejaculate at all. I took a plan B(contraceptive) pill for safety.
    In August I had my period on 8th and in September I had my period on 21th.
    I have had a delay of 14 days earlier 2 times this year (February and September) but it is 9th of November already, 20 days. And I still didn’t get my period and no PMS either.
    Please Help Me
    I am not pregnant, right ?
    And this there anything wrong with my body (irregular periods) ?

  45. 76

    Hi there, I had sex with my boyfriend on Saturday night and then took my pill ( Yasmin) as usual. Then on Sunday night I forgot to take my pill. I double up the pills on Monday.

    He didn’t cum in me, but I’m not sure about pre cum

    What are the chances that I’m pregnant

  46. 78

    I’ve been on birth control pills for 4 days . My doctor told me to use protection for about 2 weeks and for some reason I forgot to ask her why? My boyfriend and I needed up having unprotected sex on the 3rd day I was taking the pill . He said he didn’t ejaculate in me but I searched it up and it says it doesn’t matter whether he ejaculated or not you are still pregnant . I searched it up on google to see if you can get pregnant by pre-cum and it says the most usual answer is no but only if sperm gets to the pre-cum that’s the only how you can get pregnant because pre-cum is only dead sperm cells . Idk what it could be .

  47. 79
    • 80

      Hi, Kayla!
      Your chances to get pregnant from precum are very small, so you don’t have to worry until you have a missed period.

  48. 81

    sorry for this long story. Last November 10th friday me and my girlfriend messed around or the thing you called dry humping but no underwears we just did that for a minute or minute i guess and we stopped. the i fingered her after few moments and oh i accidentally touched the tip of my penis but i didn’t felt any pre cum im not sure and my fingers are dry. and after 2 days she’s having cramps and later that day she feel nauseous only 2 days after our dry humping. On november 14th tuesday She had her period lasted for 4 days and on sunday She said that there’s still a drops of blood from her period and we think that’s totally normal after having period and on monday after that day she saw brown discharges that made us worried then searched it in the internet that brown discharges after a period is typically normal. and the next month 1 week and a half she experienced soreness of breats and sometimes she feels nauseous but we didn’t think she’s pregnant because she’s not eating properly that’s why she experiencing nauseous and a little bit stomach ache, we did a home pregnancy test jusr to make sure and came out negative. And on December 12 she had her period that lasted for 5 days like a normal period. We had another dry humping on December 26 and this time i used condoms cause we’re so sick of being worried all the time. but we quickly alarmed on december 31 because she’s peeing more often than she usually does and having stomach pain and feel nauseous sometimes. And now january 5 she’s experiencing a slightly fever for a few days and she already felt soreness on her breast but she’s not peeing more often anymore. but when she’s pushing down the area on the lower abdomen she feel slightly pain. We’re so worried again and her period is expected next week!! Is there any chance of getting pregnant in this situation? please Reply ASAP!!!

  49. 83

    Me and my man have been trying to track ovulation and get pregnant i ovulated on the 6th of January and we had sex the 3 and 4th of January what are the chances of pregnancy if I’m not pregnant what can I do to get pregnant faster

  50. 85
  51. 87

    I had sex with my bf 5 times in one day but he did not cum in me. Is it possible im pregnant from precum? We used pull out method

  52. 89

    Hi me and my partner have had unprotected sex for 3 years, using the pull out method, I was 3 days late for my period but it came on the 27th of march and only lasted 3 days where usually it lasts full 6-7 days, we had sex 12, 13 and 15th day after period, my partner pulled out but said it felt weird, a little moist on my belly but he then began to finish him self off on me, is there a possibility I could be pregnant? I have 10 days till my next period but it’s driving me mad because of what he said, I took a few tests and they came back negitive, but I feel cramping, tired and a little constipated, what is the chance

  53. 91

    Hi, so on May 30th,my boyfriend and I had an intense makeout session, I felt the precum while giving him a hand job, continued that and later he used his penis to rub outside my vagina. I have had my periods since then but they are light, done a lot of urine pregnancy tests which came out negative. But I was supposed to get my period yesterday but it never came even today. Am I pregnant

    • 92

      Hi Rose,
      The delay in menstruation is a common thing. It can occur due to a lot of reasons. Still, it is better to make a pregnancy test.

  54. 93

    I’m 20. My boyfriend rubbed his penis against my pussy on the 12th of October, (note: he didn’t break me, as I’m still a virgin with my hymen intact). I kinda remember wiping his penis tip of precum several times before he started rubbing (he never ejaculated through out the whole time tho), and I think the rubbing didn’t take up to a minute; he claims his penis was dry before he started rubbing I took postpill a day after. My period is kinda irregular and I’ve been having cramps since 14th. And I’ve calculated my ovulation about a thousand times and none of the results have pointed to me being fertile around and on the 12th. Could I be pregnant please???? I’ve been going through pregnancy scares and panicking ever since the 13th. My last period started on the 13th or 14th of September, my last cycle was around 40 days and my average cycle is 30 days. Please I need an answer ASAP, as I’m going crazy here

    • 94

      Hi Tee,
      An emergency contraception can change a female cycle. If you took a pill, this can be the reason of cramps and a longer cycle.
      But in any way, it is better to make a pregnancy test or visit a doctor.
      Good luck.

  55. 95
  56. 96

    me and my boyfriend had sex many times this month, he did not cum inside but I think his his precum went inside. then I searched about precum and it says there’s a chance that I might get pregnant. now I’m 4 days delayed on my period, am I pregnant?

    • 97

      Hi Celine,
      It is indeed possible to get pregnant from precum.
      Period delay may be caused by many reasons, but to find the reason out it is necessary to consult a doctor. Before the appointment it makes sense to use a pregnancy test.

  57. 98

    Hi , i am 20 , my boyfriend rubbed his penis on my vulva not in my vagina , precum was in the tip of his penis , i also was very wet so his penis on my vulva was very wet also , i am scared if i could get pregnant from it , although i am a virgin , he did not penetrate in me , i have missed my period for almost a month , i did the urine test twice at 1 week interval , i am still scared , can i get pregnant from pre cum rubbing my vagina even after taking a urine pregnancy test twice ? please reply ASAP , i am going crazy

    • 99

      Hi Lynn,

      It is indeed possible to get pregnant from precum. But in order for the conception to occur, a woman should have ovulation at this period of time. Menstruation delay does not necessarily means pregnancy. It may happen due to a lot of reasons. Thus, it is better to consult a doctor to find out what is going on.

  58. 100

    Is it possible to get pregnant even if the guy pulls out then masturbate outside the vagina so that semen will be outside and not in the vagina?

    • 101


      If you haven’t used any contraception means during intercourse, it is possible to get pregnant, because precum can also lead to conception. The probability might not be high, but it still is.

  59. 102

    Hi, my boyfriend and I were just messing around and he stuck it in for about 3 minutes. He had precum but I’m on the pill. I used to not take it at the same time everyday, just took it at night. Now I take it everyday at the same time. I am ovulating like a normal period. I haven’t gotten my period yet because it hasn’t been time yet. I’m just worried. Is there a good chance I could be pregnant?

    • 103


      It’s really hard to tell, because conception depends on many things. If you haven’t had ovulation at that time, then the chances are low.
      Still, wait for your period. If it doesn’t start, take a pregnancy test or consult a doctor.

  60. 104

    My boyfriend and I had humping session without our clothes on last december 17. I think it lasted about 1 to 2 minutes maximum and I am pretty sure that he didn’t ejaculate near my vagina, however, that thing that worries me is that maybe there is a pre-cum on his penis that went inside me while he was grinding. I read online that precum can contain sperm and make a lady pregnant. Also engaging in the kind of sexual play has a risk for pregnancy. How high is the chance of me getting pregnant by this?

    Also, Last december 31 around 10:30pm I noticed that there’s a brown discharge coming out of me and when I wiped it with tissue there is a pink blood in it so I thought that my period was coming and I put a pad just to be sure. By the way I am 23 years old and virgin my menstruation cycle is irregular that’s why I used a tracker to checked when was my last period and when is my new supposed period based on my cycle pattern. As per the tracker my period should arrived on december 25 however it did not happened but I did not mind it as it is usual to me. After that spotting happened on december 31 it continues until January 1 the blood is still color brown and very minimal. The next day January 2 when I woke up i saw a fresh red blood in my underwear and I thought that that was my real period so I put a pad but all throughout the day I only changed 2 pads and its not even fill at all. I have this light bleeding until January 3 and it stopped today January 4. I don’t bleed heavy even on my previous period but this is the first time I experience this kind of bleeding, also I did not feel any period pains like breast soreness or dysmenorrhea which is very normal for me everytime I had my period. I plan to take pregnancy test once the bleeding completely stop.

    Now I am so stressed and scared to the point that I can’t even sleep or eat properly thinking that I might be pregnant and the bleeding might be caused by implantation bleeding as what I read online. I need your opinion on other possibilities of causing light period aside from being pregnant. I really want to have a peace of mind during this time. Thank you!!

  61. 106

    hello! my gf last period was on jan 8 or 9 we have an intercourse on her day 10 of cycle wich is dec 17 (if 9 it is cycle 9) We did used a condom did not break but even though I pre cum without knowing it is impossible right? because I have a condom inserted at my penis. but now its been 3 weeks after our intercourse she is 6 days late in her period we have used pregnancy test but came out negative. She is experiencing bloating, abdominal cramps, pelvic cramps, yellow discharge, lower back pain. is this the cause of period is coming or will she be pregnant because of the pre cum but I have a condom or it is just delayed? please answer Asap

  62. 108

    Me and my boyfriend had sex last nights And I’m afraid of getting pregnant from the precum what can I do to make sure I don’t?

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