Pregnancy Support Belt: Is it Indeed Such a Useful Device?


From the 21st week of pregnancy, in addition to affection, the belly of a pregnant woman begins to bring discomfort. The correct choice of a pregnancy support belt will help a future mother eliminate the problem of back and muscles pain, will prevent the occurrence of stretch marks. With the onset of pregnancy, every woman is looking forward … Read more

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy: Normal or Dangerous?


Pregnancy is one of the happiest and most exciting periods in every woman’s life. However, waiting for the baby to come is often clouded with discomfort and lower back pain during pregnancy. As a rule, more than 75% of expectant mothers complain about lower back pain; sometimes it is there during the full pregnancy term. The lower … Read more

What Should a Future Mother Know About Anemia During Pregnancy?


During the whole course of pregnancy, doctors are monitoring the amount of hemoglobin in the expectant mother’s blood. Low iron indicates that the woman has anemia during pregnancy, which is a widespread but still an undesirable condition. This article will help you to learn more about the reasons for such health impairment, its symptoms, and ways … Read more

9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Swimming While Pregnant


Swimming is good for your health at any age. During pregnancy, when it’s not allowed for women to physically overexert themselves they still can keep fit and healthy via swimming while pregnant. In the third trimester future mothers usually feel huge and clumsy on dry land. With the help of swimming, they are able to move easily and … Read more

Antibiotics During Pregnancy: Are They Safe or Dangerous?


Taking medicines during pregnancy still remains a controversial and poorly studied sphere of medical science. And it especially concerns antibiotics. But still, what prevails: risk or benefit? Actually, it’s better to refuse to take any medicines while pregnant: all the chemicals are harmful to a future mum. But different studies conducted in the last 30 … Read more