Postpartum Depression Treatment: Steps to Take to Help Yourself


The problem of postpartum depression and postpartum depression treatment is known to many mothers. Many women in the first days after the birth of a child experience a feeling of anxiety, irritability, depression, and apathy. Sudden changes in mood, causeless tearfulness, increased vulnerability, fear of inability to take care of the baby – all these are signs of the … Read more

The Efficiency of Rhythm Method of Birth Control: How Does it Work?


The rhythm method of birth control (also known as the Ogino-Knaus method) refers to biological methods of contraception. It does not require the use of any mechanical or chemical means. It is absolutely safe and has no side effects. Unwanted pregnancy can be avoided by abstinence during the “dangerous” (fertile days) when there is a maximum likelihood of … Read more

Can You Take Advil While Pregnant? Is There Any Danger?


During pregnancy, there arise many questions, especially concerning medicine. Thus, many women wonder – can you take Advil while pregnant? This drug belongs to the class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The therapeutic component is a derivative of propionic acid. Its activity is manifested in the suppression of the synthesis of prostaglandins, which are mediators of pain … Read more

Abortion Facts Both Partners Should Know


The deliberate termination of pregnancy, leading to temporary infertility is called induced abortion. But there is also unintended abortion. This miscarriage occurs without any interference from the outside. It may occur in some diseases, such as disorders of the endocrine glands, heart disease, kidney disease, toxemia of pregnancy, brucellosis, listeriosis, sometimes in the flu, syphilis, … Read more

Scheduled C-Section: Indications, Process, and Possible Risks


It happens that sometimes pregnancy proceeds with some violations, because of which it is contraindicated for a woman to give birth by herself. In such situations, the doctor may prescribe a scheduled C-section. There is no definite answer on when a planned cesarean section is done since each pregnancy is individual. Therefore, the time of the operative … Read more

The Importance and The Use of Pregnancy Blood Test: What Can It Show?


Pregnancy blood test is a procedure that is necessary to identify existing pathologies. It also allows you to determine the very presence of pregnancy, because it reveals the presence of a hormone called “chorionic gonadotropin” (hCG) in the woman’s blood. In a situation where conception has not occurred, this substance is not produced in the human’s … Read more

How Safe is Tylenol During Pregnancy? What are the Risks?


It’s clear that if you are pregnant, anything you eat, do or take is for two (or 3, etc. if you’re having multiples). That’s why many future mothers pay attention to balanced nutrition, prenatal vitamins and try to avoid unsafe medications. But the truth is that pregnancy is often accompanied by a lot of normal, but annoying, … Read more