How to Change Stressful Lunches and Dinners With Kids Into Precious Family Time

dinners with kids

Are lunches and dinners an ordeal because your son refuses to eat foods that are fundamental to his development? Do not worry, here we give you tips how to act in front of capricious children with food.

Are you one of those mothers who have to fight during every lunch and dinner against capricious children with food? Do not know what to do to get out of that bounded and un-nutritious children’s menu ideal based on sausages, pizzas, ice cream, cookies, and chocolate?

Then this article about capricious children with food will be very useful for you because in it you will find the reasons why your son refuses to eat other types of food and how you can end this culinary torture that has you so worried.

Is it normal?

It is absolutely normal that children between 2 and 5 years have this behavior when it comes to eating certain products, for which they refuse to eat fruits, vegetables, and fish, leaning towards pasta, processed meats, and sweets.dinners with kids - capricious child

Many experts in nutrition say that children of pre-school age are often capricious and delicate at the time of eating. In order for the children to grow up healthy, specialists recommend offering a variety of foods in order to guarantee a better choice of foods in adulthood. If we provide the children with a diet with a high content of sugar, fat or salt, as an adult, they will continue to eat in the same way.

Why are children capricious with food?

This situation is really stressful, not only for mothers who experience great frustration and impotence but also for the whole family environment. But it is important to determine the reasons why this happens in order to know the proper way to act in these situations:

  • High sensitivity. Some children are extremely sensitive to the odors of some foods-coming to experience nausea and vomiting-many are sensitive to bitter tastes while others are sensitive to the textures of some foods. In this case, do not despair or worry, because, fortunately, the sense of taste evolves according to the baby’s age.
  • Fear of the new or unknown. This cause represents the great majority of capricious children with food, a group called “neophobic” in that they are children who fear new foods, so they refuse to eat what they have not tried before.

The challenge of every mother is to change the eating habits of whimsical children with food so that they can develop healthily. For this, it is essential that – gradually – begin to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diet.dinners with kids - a girl with broccoli

Allow them to participate in the prelude to each meal. A first step is to let the children choose the fruit and vegetables to be consumed since, when buying, they will be more interested and will feel part of the preparation of the lunch or dinner. The second step is to involve them in the washing of the same, and the third is to invite them to prepare food, where your child will be encouraged to try what he is doing.

Give them options to choose

According to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, children feel more comfortable eating fruits and vegetables when they can choose among other options. According to this research, children prefer fruits before vegetables. In addition, the experts point out that it is better to ask “Do you want broccoli, cauliflower or carrot?” Then “Do I serve your broccoli?”, Because you offer a variety of colors, flavors, and textures. You may need to read some essays related to this topic but it’s better if you can share your experiences with other mothers using your own essay. And for your quality essay, you need the help of WriteMyEssayOnline.dinners with kids - family at the dinner table

Make food fun. Have you tried infant molds and cuts or presentations of fruits and vegetables in an entertaining way? Implement it, you might be surprised at the results! Also, you can prepare gelatin or desserts with milk inside removable molds.

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