Changes Your Breasts Go Through During Pregnancy

Changes Your Breasts Go Through During Pregnancy. a pregnant woman

Pregnancy is such an exciting time in every woman’s life because it is an experience like none other! Although this is one of the most special times a woman will experience in her life, there are many changes that are happening in which she should try to be prepared for. From the very moment you find out you are pregnant, to the last day of giving birth, your body is going to undergo many exciting yet confusing changes. You may never be able to fully prepare for these adjustments, you should still be aware.

Let’s begin with the most common area of change, your breasts. Pregnancy almost assures that changes will come about with your breasts. Whether you are experiencing uneven breasts, sagging breasts, heavy boobs and or even firm breasts one or more of these may happen. Most women assume that during pregnancy their breasts are going to only get larger and although this is the most common change it may come with some other unpleasant changes as well.

Are Heavy Boobs Normal During Pregnancy?

During your early stages of pregnancy, the first few signs your breasts are growing will be caused by tenderness and soreness. At this time, your breasts are preparing for pregnancy and they do this best by forming milk which creates larger fuller breasts. This may even include the uncomfortable feeling of itchy nipples. As your breasts are getting larger, so are your nipples and areolas. In other words, the sensation of itchy nipples is not uncommon. These changes are caused by the excessive amounts of progesterone and estrogen being produced in your body. Most women will feel that they are pregnant by the first sign of breast growth. Most would compare this to the pain that they feel before their period arrives. This tends to come about 4-7 weeks and can last as long up until your first trimester which is the 12th week. This is the time when most women will experience heavy boobs that may cause a bit of pain.

Changes Your Breasts Go Through During Pregnancy. Young woman in bra on white background, closeup

To reduce the pain you may be feeling due to your growing boobs during pregnancy, you will want to wear a supportive bra. Don’t worry about trying to wear your sexiest bra right now, the most important part is being sure you are taking care of yourself and your body. This means choosing comfort over appealing. Although, who’s to say you can’t do both? Today’s Parent has put together a list of some of the best bras during pregnancy that are not only comfy, but cute.

Why Are My Breasts Sagging?

Most of the time women who just went through pregnancy will experience saggy breasts after pregnancy. Although in some cases they may even experience sagging breasts during pregnancy. Many women have asked how to fix sagging breasts caused by pregnancy and luckily there are a few solutions to this. There are creams and breast enhancement pills on the market that you may want to look into, only if you are willing to wait until after pregnancy. Breast enhancement pills work wonders on giving women the fullness and firmness they once had prior to being pregnant, but due to the increase in estrogen caused by these supplements, it should only be taken after you are completed with breastfeeding your baby.

Although there are ways to treat sagging breasts, there is no way to fully prevent it from happening. As a new mom, you must accept that these changes come with being pregnant. Depending on your skin elasticity and genetics, it may be less noticeable than another woman’s breasts. Most of the time after pregnancy women are in a rush to lose the baby weight, but you may want to rethink the speed at which you are trying to lose weight. The more weight you drop, the loser your skin may become. The age at which you get pregnant also plays a huge factor in how your body will adapt. The younger you are, the chances of having stronger skin elasticity you have. There are lots of ways that you can how to prevent breast sagging before, after and during pregnancy naturally.

Changes Your Breasts Go Through During Pregnancy. a pregnant woman

  1. Stay hydrated 24/7.
  2. Stay away from caffeine as this may dry out your skin, creating breast sagging.
  3. Stick to a good nutrition plan that caters to pregnant women.
  4. Apply a breast mask 1-2 times per week.
  5. Exercise moderately – Stick to light weights and more reps (discuss with your doctor).

Why Are My Breasts Uneven?

Among the various changes you are going through, uneven breasts may be at the top of your list. Whether it’s from breastfeeding, the growth of your breasts and or your hormones these are all causes of asymmetrical breasts or in other terms “uneven boobs”. As your body is getting prepared for breastfeeding your hormones are fluctuating leaving your breast lopsided and uneven. This is nothing to worry about as the majority of pregnant women experience such changes. In most cases, women will see their breasts go back to normal after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but depending on your hormones and genetics they may stay the same. If you are experiencing uneven breasts while you are pregnant, unfortunately, there is not much you can do at that moment. Now if you are experiencing uneven breasts due to breastfeeding, you may want to change the side that your child is lactating on to the smaller breast. This may allow your breasts to catch up to the same size.

Changes Your Breasts Go Through During Pregnancy. a pregnant woman

Having different boob sizes is completely normal during pregnancy, so there is no need to feel different than any other mom’s out there. Also, aside from being pregnant, the majority of women suffer from asymmetrical breasts with or without being pregnant. Luckily, there are remedies for what we like to call a natural breast lift. Sticking to natural herbs and a high fiber diet can help promote improved skin elasticity which aids in fuller, firmer and perkier breasts. Take a look at the list of some of the best foods and herbs to add to your diet to get fuller and firm breasts after the loss of breast tissue from pregnancy.

  • Cherries
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Tomatoes
  • Fenugreek
  • Wild Yam
  • Flaxseed

Changes Your Breasts Go Through During Pregnancy. a pregnant belly

All of these foods and herbs are rich in fiber and contain high levels of estrogen which is what your breasts need to produce healthy breast tissue.

In conclusion, there are many changes that you are going to go through on this journey. Don’t worry too much about the physical changes as your body will have time to recover and snap back after you’ve enjoyed your time breastfeeding. It is most important to stay stress-free and enjoy the time you have to nurture your newborn. There are plenty of solutions to temporarily take the pain away from your breasts increasing and in due time your body will adapt and become immune to these new changes.

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