What If the Child Refuses to Study?

child refuses to study

When the baby is still very small, parents do not even have doubts that he will become a successful and intelligent pupil at school! However, from the beginning of school life, most children have difficulties with the motivation to learn. In different school periods, parents are puzzled why their inquisitive and capable child is almost the last in the class for academic achievement.

If the child does not want to study, the advice of a psychologist and getting knowledge “from under the cane” will not help without a detailed analysis of the problem.

All students are conditionally divided into several categories:

  • Some are willing to learn.
  • Others treat their studies calmly, but without enthusiasm.
  • The third study does not like, but they suffer.
  • And the latter – categorically refuse to study.

At the same time, one and the same student may be in one of the listed categories. And the reason for such metamorphosis lies in external factors and gaps in education.child refuses to study - little boy contemplating

Errors of parents

Some mothers and fathers unknowingly invest in the child’s reluctance to learn at an early age. The desire of parents to boast of a child prodigy leads to the fact that the child begins to learn too early to write and read, depriving him of ordinary children’s games.

Often the interests of crumbs are not taken into account at all. As a result, all the works of the parents turn out in the future to additional tutors, who will also pull the child to the desired indicators, and not to the desire to learn.

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It is important that a child of 6 years old simply was curious and wanted to learn something new, then the desire to learn will not keep you waiting. The educational process for the baby should be a fun adventure and entertaining game, and the requirements and restrictions should be present less often than the reward and praise.

The reasons for poor schooling and recommendations for their elimination

It’s easier to blame your own child, a careless teacher, or a weak institution than to see the true cause of poor performance. The most common reason for not wanting to learn is the lack of interest in the subject. In this case, you need to interest the child, turning into an exciting process of doing homework. Scandals are canceled, and they are replaced by encouragement and proper stimulation. It will be necessary to work hard if the ability to learn did not take root before the school, and the baby toys replaced by more complex games.

The lack of a specific goal in training can become a problem after the initial classes, for example, at 9 years. At this age, new items are added, which are perceived by the student as an additional and useless load.child refuses to study - little girl bored in class

How to influence the behavior of your children?

The child starts not only to protest but also to ask why it is necessary to study at all. For a rich life? It’s great if parents have a two-storey villa and a couple of cars attached to a scientific degree. In reality, there are more successful successors and beggars. For the benefit of the country? This formulation is absolutely incomprehensible to the child. For new knowledge? Also not an argument, because the child is not taught to receive real pleasure from learning.

Help your children

In case your child is required to make an essay as one of the requirements for graduation, providing real assistance is very much appreciated. Providing assistance is not limited to just one aspect but may also include providing any necessary advice. For example (in the case of essays), you can just find out here now any information about the cheap price for essays. Essay help is one example of real solutions for children in their education.

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