Children Safety on the Road: What Should Parents Know?

Children Safety on the Road: What Should Parents Know? mom with kids crossing the road

It’s not a secret that road traffic is a difficult process, but safety on the road depends on the actions of each person. Children are under the highest risk. That’s why it is so important to teach your kids strictly follow all the traffic rules. It’s clear that it is really important to know how to behave on the street, cross the road and know the rules for pedestrians.

Keep in mind that a child in a big city is a child near the road. Whatever one may say, a kid has to face crosswalks, racing cars, buses and other “joys” of civilization.

Main Causes of Child Road Traffic Injuries

  • children’s ignorance of the rules of the road (traffic rules);
  • lack of skills and habits of observance of the rules for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle drivers, and passengers;
  • lack of discipline or attention of children on the street;
  • a negative example of violation of traffic rules by adults;
  • insufficient supervision of children’s behavior on the street;
  • transportation of children without special devices.

It’s Never Too Early To Start Learning

As soon as children begin to walk, they must be taught to behave on the road. Even at the time when a child moves, still holding the mother’s hand, parents should begin explaining safety rules to the baby. Firstly, because these rules must become automatic, unconditional and undoubtable in their correctness. And secondly, a child holding a parent’s hand, can at any moment go on his own and even run. And, possibly, towards the car.

Children Safety on the Road: What Should Parents Know? crossing the road

Try the following tips while teaching your children how to stay safe on the road:

  • protect children until they are old enough to master special skills;
  • prepare children by providing them with necessary safety information;
  • train children in mastering the skills under your supervision;
  • encourage your children to use the knowledge they have gained;
  • try to prevent situations in which children will need modified or new knowledge and skills.

A Reminder for Parents About the Road Rules

 It is necessary to teach children not only to observe the road rules, but also to teach them to observe and orient from an early age. Keep in mind that the main way to form behavioral skills is observation, and imitation of adults, first of all parents. Many parents who do not understand this, by personal example, teach children how to behave incorrectly on the road. As a result, it can lead to car accidents.

 Being with your child on the roadway, do not rush. Cross the road in measured steps. Do not run! Otherwise, you will teach your child to hurry when it is needed to be patient and attentive.

 Do not send the child to cross the road in front of you. By doing this you can teach your child to cross the road without looking around. Always hold your child by the hand, as the child might want to break free. And this is the typical cause of accidents.

Children Safety on the Road: What Should Parents Know? Two mother friends with two daughters crossing the road

 Teach the child to watch! The child must develop a solid skill: before taking the first step from the sidewalk, it is necessary to turn the head and inspect the road in all directions. This should be brought to automatism.

5 Start moving through the roadway to the green signal of the traffic light only after making sure that all the cars stopped.

6 Teach your child to evaluate the speed and direction of the future movement of the machine. It’s also important to teach your child to determine which car is going straight and which one is preparing for a turn.

7 Teach the child to notice the car. Sometimes kids do not notice a car or a motorcycle in the distance. Teach him to peer into the distance.

8 Teach the child that one can enter any type of transport and get out of it only when it is standing. Explain that it is forbidden to jump on the go.

Children Safety on the Road: What Should Parents Know? A group of young children getting on the schoolbus

9 It is forbidden to go on the road from behind of standing vehicles!

 Make a good way for the child from home to school. Remember, you must choose not the shortest, but the safest way. Walk this road with your child several times. Make sure that the child firmly learned this route.

Staying Safe while Riding

In recent years, the largest number of road accidents includes young skaters and cyclists. Every summer, the traumatological departments of hospitals are filled with children who flew onto the road, without calculating distances or speed.

Rules for Riding a Bicycle

Meanwhile, the purchase of a bicycle or roller skates must necessarily be accompanied by a “school of safety for children“. No matter how tempting it is to simply give a bike to a happy baby (with a word of “be careful there!”) – this is a very risky way. A teenager, astonished by new wheels, can forget all that he/she was taught – and rush to the road.

It is necessary to remember that a bicycle is the same vehicle as all others, and, therefore, in order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to follow certain rules and precautions.

Children Safety on the Road: What Should Parents Know? kids riding bikes

  • Before taking a bike ride, make sure that the steering and brakes are in good condition. Make sure that your child’s bicycle is equipped with headlamp in front and a red light or a rear reflector on the back.
  • It is important to provide your child with clothes that have retroreflective elements.
  • It is forbidden to ride a bike, not holding the wheel with at least one hand.
  • If you are riding a bicycle yourself with your child, equip your bike with a special seat for children.
  • You cannot move along the road if there is a bicycle lane nearby.
  • It is forbidden to tow bicycles, as well as learning to ride bicycles through the streets and roads.
  • Clothes for riding a bicycle should be comfortable, not constraining movements. Use a special bicycle helmet – a fairly effective means of protection from injury in the fall.

What Should You Teach Your Children About Safe Skating and Rollerblading?

  • Only one person can use a skateboard at a time.
  • Children under 10 years old should ride under parents’ supervision.
  • While riding, use a helmet and protection sets (for knees, elbows and wrists) and wear appropriate and comfortable clothing.
  • Ride in places strictly designated for this, but never on the traffic way and in crowded places.
  • Watch out for speed, remember that it is very easy to lose the balance, and, therefore, fall and get injured.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the defects of the road, do not move down the stairs, do not perform dangerous maneuvers and stunts.
  • If you are still learning to ride, do not hesitate to ask more experienced people to help you.
  • In no case can you cling to moving vehicles (bicycles, cars, public transport, etc.), even if they are moving at a low speed!
  • Do not ride in the rain, snow and in the dark.

Always be careful and stay safe!

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