Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test: What Are the Benefits?

clear blue digital pregnancy test

Every woman faces a moment when it is necessary to find out whether she is pregnant or not. And the easiest way to do it is by using a pregnancy test. Currently, there are a lot of them on the market. But the one that is gaining popularity nowadays is clear blue digital pregnancy test. What’s so special about this test?

The Clear blue Digital Pregnancy Test

The clear blue digital pregnancy test with a time indicator in weeks is the first and the only test that is as accurate in determining the gestation period in weeks as the ultrasound. Its intelligent dual sensor not only notifies you whether you are pregnant or not: “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant”, but can also determine your pregnancy period in weeks.

The test is so accurate that it determines the number of weeks from the moment of conception.

Clear blue digital pregnancy test combines two tests in one. The first one determines the presence of a pregnancy hormone with an accuracy of over 99% (when used from the day of the expected onset of menstruation). What’s more, if you are pregnant, it even indicates the period in weeks from the moment of conception (1- 2, 2 – 3 weeks or more 3 weeks (3+)). The accuracy in determining the number of weeks from conception is 92%.

clear blue digital pregnancy test

Clear blue digital pregnancy test is so sensitive that it can be used 5 days before the day of menstruation.

Functional Features

  • Clearblue products are the leader in this field, approved by the world community;
  • high sensitivity – 25-30 mIU/ml, while other types of tests provide only – 10-20 mIU /ml;
  • the use of the test is possible on the earliest dates, namely, from the first day of the delay of menstruation; if your period is stable, you can use the test 4 days before supposed menstruation;
  • quick result. 5 seconds of contact of the test with the urine is enough for the testing. The result is ready in 3 minutes;
  • the highest accuracy. Clear blue digital pregnancy test provides 99% accuracy or higher (in the case of a post-delay test), which is equivalent to the results of laboratory tests;
  • ease of use; complete absence of any dependence on the time of the day;
  • the presence of a digital model that determines not only whether you are pregnant or not, but also the term of your pregnancy.

How to Use Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test?

 Before the test

Before you start using the clear blue digital pregnancy test with the time indicator in weeks, carefully read the instruction leaflet.

From the day of the expected onset of menstruation, a pregnancy test can be done at any time of the day. For early testing, use the first morning urine of the day to get the exact result of the time indicator in weeks. Avoid excessive fluid intake before doing the pregnancy test.

When you start testing, open the foil bag, remove the test from it and remove the blue cap. Make the test immediately.

 Doing the test

Hold the absorbent tip pointing downwards the urine stream for 5 seconds. Make sure you don’t get the rest of the test stick wet.

You can also collect your urine sample in a clean, dry container. Dip the absorbent tip into the urine for 20 seconds.

You may need to put a cap on and put the test on a horizontal surface.

clear blue digital pregnancy test. a woman waiting for the result of the test

While waiting for the result, hold the tip pointing downwards or place the test on a horizontal surface.

An important moment: during testing, never hold the test by directing the absorbent tip upward.

 Wait for 3 minutes

After doing the clear blue digital pregnancy test, a flashing waiting symbol – an hourglass – will appear on the screen to indicate that the test is working. When the wait symbol stops blinking, the result will be displayed.

 Reading the results

  • The final result will be displayed on the screen after 3 minutes.
  • The result “Pregnant” can be displayed before the result of the indicator of the period in weeks. Wait until the hourglass symbol stops flashing and the result of the time indicator in weeks appears on the display.
  • The result will remain on the screen for about 24 hours.

clear blue digital pregnancy test

Frequently asked Questions

 How accurate is the clear blue digital test when determining pregnancy?

The accuracy of the determination of pregnancy is over 99% when used from the day the expected onset of menstruation. Nevertheless, in the case of testing before the day of the expected onset of menstruation and getting the result “Not pregnant,” there is still a chance that you are pregnant.

 When can you test?

To calculate the expected day of the onset of menstruation, use your usual cycle time, counting the number of days from the first day of menstruation to the day after which the next menstrual period should begin.

If your cycle is irregular, you should consider the longest cycle in the last few months when testing.

If you do not know when the menstruation should start, it is recommended to do the test not earlier than 19 days after the last unprotected intercourse.

 How accurate is the time indicator in weeks?

The accuracy of determining the period in weeks is 93%.

It was confirmed that the results of a certain period in weeks in 97% of cases coincide with the data of a standard ultrasound study (11-13 weeks). The information is based on a comparison of the results of testing, 187 women (1 – 2, 2 – 3 and 3+ weeks from conception) and ultrasound results.

clear blue digital pregnancy test

 The test shows the result “Pregnant”, but I believe that the conception could not occur on the day that is determined by the conception indicator. Is it possible?

The accuracy of the indicator of the period in weeks is 93% when testing with the first morning urine of that day. Keep in mind that some medications or health conditions may affect the result.

5 Can any medications or health condition affect the result?

Before doing the test, be sure to read the instructions of the manufacturers of all medications you take.

  • Infertility medications containing the hCG hormone can cause erroneous results (Such drugs for infertility are usually injected. Thus, testing in a short period of time after the injection can lead to a false “Pregnant” result).
  • Other infertility medications (e.g., clomiphene citrate), pain medications and hormonal contraceptives (e.g., birth control pills) should not influence the result of the test.
  • If you have recently stopped using hormonal contraception or are taking such medicines to treat infertility, like clomiphene citrate, your menstrual cycle may be irregular, which can make you do the test too early.
  • Ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, menopause and some very rare diseases can lead to erroneous results as well.

If you get an unexpected result, you should consult your doctor.

6 My first test showed the result “Pregnant”, and the second one – “Not pregnant”, or menstruation began. What does this mean?

Although the accuracy of determining the pregnancy hormone is over 99% from the day you expect the onset of menstruation, it may happen that you get the result “Pregnant”, and then find that the pregnancy has not occurred (for example, the second test will result in “Not pregnant”, or menstruation started). This can happen due to a natural loss of pregnancy in the early stages, which, unfortunately, is very common. 1 out of 4 pregnancies ends in early loss. If you get an unexpected result, contact your doctor.

clear blue digital pregnancy test. a woman talking to a doctor

7 The result of my test is “Not pregnant.” What should I do?

You may not be pregnant, or the level of the pregnancy hormone is still not high enough for detection. You could also incorrectly calculate the day of the expected onset of menstruation.

If an early test was performed, a repeat test should be done after the day of the expected onset of menstruation.

In case of delay in menstruation, retest in 3 days. If the result is “Not pregnant” when the test is repeated, but there is still no menstruation, consult a doctor.

8 The result of my test is “Pregnant.” What should I do?

If your result is “Pregnant”, you should consult a doctor for advice on further actions.

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    I took 10 clear blue tests. 9/10 tests were positive and one being a negative.
    It caused so much grief for me I’m traumatised over it. I genuinely believed I was.
    I had an early scan as I wasnt sure whether to keep it and they couldnt find anything, I then had a blood test which confirmed I wasnt pregnant level of 10 hcg. It was quite the ordeal. I still havent come on my period since the scan last week so its 3 weeks now. I would never trust digital tests again though. Always have it confirmed by a blood test

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