Cough Drops while Pregnant: What’s the Use of the Medicine?

Cough drops while pregnant. Pregnant young woman sitting on bed and feeling sick

The long-awaited moment of pregnancy is directly connected to the complex processes of hormonal adjustment and physiological changes in the body of a woman. During this period, it is objectively necessary to change habits and to approach the work and daily actions in a new way. The treatment of diseases becomes absolutely different as well, even such common illnesses as cough or cold. The fact is that aggressive drugs may be dangerous for the baby. The fetus is especially vulnerable in the first trimester. Therefore, cough drops while pregnant remain a priority drug.

What Should One Know about Cough during Pregnancy?

Cough is the body’s reaction to the stimulus. Coughing can be a sign of mechanical irritation of the breathing passages, an allergy or a viral illness. Coughing is not a disease. It is a symptom of a disease. If you have a cough during pregnancy, then you should immediately go to the doctor for diagnosis and choose the right treatment for you which will also be safe for the fetus.

One should know that not only the disease that caused the cough, but also the cough itself poses the danger for pregnant women. Cough during pregnancy should be treated with particular care, because cough can harm the fetus.

What’s the Danger of Coughing during Pregnancy?

1 – 14 weeks of pregnancy

In the first trimester, any cough is dangerous. A dry, paroxysmal, convulsive cough leads to tension in the muscles of the abdomen. In pregnant women in the early stages, this can lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus, which in turn can cause a threat of spontaneous abortion.

Secondly, what you need to know: a strong, prolonged cough causes oxygen starvation. Lack of oxygen during pregnancy can lead to impaired blood circulation in the placenta, improper supply of the fetus with oxygen and nutrients. In extreme cases, the result of an inadequate intake of oxygen by a pregnant woman may be fetal hypoxia.

Cough drops while pregnant. sore throat

Wet cough during early pregnancy can cause vomiting. If vomiting becomes a habitual reaction of the pregnant woman’s body to a cough, dehydration and washing out of vitamins and minerals from the body becomes possible.

Particular attention should be paid to barking cough with wheezing, which can be a sign of whooping cough – a dangerous viral disease. Whooping cough can provoke severe pathologies in the development of the fetus. If it is identified and confirmed in the first trimester of pregnancy, then most likely, the doctor will recommend abortion. So if you notice barking cough with wheezing, immediately go to the doctor. Self-medication here is not just dangerous – it’s unacceptable!

15 – 26 weeks of pregnancy

In the second trimester of pregnancy dry cough with prolonged attacks is especially dangerous. Such cough in the middle of pregnancy can cause phytoplacental insufficiency and can lead to the birth of a baby with insufficient weight. In addition, a cough at the 15-26th week of pregnancy can lead to disturbances in the development of the nervous system of the unborn child, the active formation of which occurs precisely during this period.

27 – 40 weeks of pregnancy

Cough in late pregnancy is the least dangerous. And yet, one should know that cough in the third trimester of pregnancy can disrupt the production of breast milk, provoke placental abruption, the passage of amniotic fluid or cause premature birth.

Cough drops while pregnant. pregnant woman with sore throat

If you are pregnant and you have a cough, you need to take all measures to cure the cough as soon as possible.

Preventing Cough during Pregnancy

To avoid a cold and cough, the main thing is to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you eat right, sleep enough, exercise, etc. It is important to take vitamins, but only under supervision and according to your doctor’s recommendations. Uncontrolled consumption of vitamins during pregnancy can cause harm.

Regularly wash your hands: after contact with people, other people’s objects, public places, etc. Use only personal utensils and hygiene products.

What Are the Advantages of Cough Drops while Pregnant?

Keep in mind that it is necessary to treat cough during pregnancy. Because during the gestation period, it can be a great danger. The most dangerous is dry cough, which is not accompanied by the sputum discharge. It causes severe discomfort, and can also provoke serious complications that will affect the development of the fetus.

Cough drops while pregnant are prescribed much more often than other medical forms of drugs, such as pills, syrup, etc. Because the active substances of these drugs have systemic effects. They are absorbed into the circulatory system of a pregnant woman and affect the future child.

At the same time, cough drops can be used during pregnancy, because they act locally, penetrating into the blood of the mother to a small extent.

Cough drops while pregnant. cough drops

Today, pharmacies offer a wide range of imported and domestic therapeutic sweets that help to cope with dry cough and with more neglected forms of the disease in pregnant women.

The obvious advantages of cough drops while pregnant are the following:

  • There are no special contraindications, so they will not cause harm to the fetus.
  • Wide choice of taste
  • Democratic price.
  • Sold without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Convenience of use, you can take them, regardless of food intake time;
  • Compact and convenient packaging.

Cough drops are sold with a wide variety of tastes. But it is better to choose the ones containing honey, menthol, mint, chamomile, sage, and eucalyptus. These ingredients make an analgesic and soothing effect on the mucous throat, reducing the appearance of cough.

Cough drops contribute to permanent salivation, due to which the area of ​​the pharynx and larynx is moistened. As a result, the urge to cough is suppressed. The pain in the throat is reduced and the throat irritation is reduced as well. Cough drops contain a low concentration of herbs, so they are completely harmless to the body.

Still, cough drops to future mothers should be prescribed by a doctor. Because some of them cannot be used in the first months of pregnancy. Before buying these sweets, it is advisable to read the instructions to make sure you don’t have an allergy to the ingredients that are included in them.

To achieve the desired therapeutic effect, a pregnant woman is not recommended to eat and drinks for 30 minutes after the resorption of the cough drops.

What Cough Drops Are Prescribed to Pregnant Women?

Cough drops are one of the least harmless drugs for the treatment of respiratory diseases in pregnant women. However, their use brings a noticeable benefit only at the beginning or the end of the disease.

Such a remedy is most often made from natural components that are unable to combat severe manifestations of the disease. Therefore, it can only relieve the symptoms. But it cannot eliminate the pathogenic bacteria that provoke the disease.

Cough drops while pregnant. cough drops on a wooden scoop

Cough drops do not allow bacteria and virus from the throat to pass into the lower respiratory tract. However, if cough is treated with these sweets only, serious complications can arise.

Keep in mind that cough drops while pregnant should be prescribed by a doctor. There are no special contraindications for these drugs. You only need to carefully study their composition in order to avoid the occurrence of allergies to the components.


Are cough drops while pregnant safe? Future mothers should carefully read the instructions for use, especially items: “composition”, “intake norm” and “contraindications.” Keep in mind that many cough drops, effectively fighting with a cough, absolutely cannot be taken by pregnant women.

Future mothers with diabetes should consider the amount of sugar in the cough drops. Keep in mind that many of them contain an increased amount of sugar and are high-calorie.

During treatment with cough drops while pregnant one should strictly follow to the norms of use. Side effects of cough drops are rarely diagnosed, but in pregnancy the risk of such effects increases:

Take cough drops while pregnant immediately when the first symptomatology of colds appear. All cough drops are allowed to be taken regardless of the time of meal. It is necessary to observe only one rule: do not eat or drink within 30-60 minutes after taking the drops. This time is enough for the full therapeutic effect on the body.

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