Critical Life Skills A Puppy Can Teach Your Child

Critical Life Skills A Puppy Can Teach Your Child. little-girl-with-golden-retriever-puppy

Children who feel close to their dogs are more securely attached to their mother and father, a research article by Kent State University found. The study was performed on a group of 99 children between the ages of 9 and 11 and also found that these children had more positive qualities and fewer bad encounters with their friends. The relationship that a child has with a dog is far-reaching and can assist the child in developing various life skills that will help them overcome some of life’s challenges.

Learning That Caring And Responsibility Go Hand-In-Hand

For children, one of the best skills to learn is that of being responsible for another life. This can start slowly with a plant or a goldfish, but nothing is quite as rewarding as the wagging tail of a happy puppy. The relationship they form with the puppy will help them care for it more easily and the benefits of learning responsibility are enormous. According to studies, children who learn responsibilities early on in life have a better chance of finishing tasks in the future. They also learn to work with others, which is invaluable in school, college, at home, and the workplace.

Critical Life Skills A Puppy Can Teach Your Child. a girl feeding the dog

Understanding The Importance Of Nutrition and Exercise

It’s tempting to give a puppy what is considered a treat, such as bones or even raw meat. Studies have found, however, that dogs should only eat specially formulated foods that are approved by veterinarians. Not only do dogs have different digestive systems, they are also susceptible to diseases, ailments, and severe discomfort if given the wrong food. Some of these foods may even lead to death. Children will be more engaged in their puppy’s nutrition by helping out when you’re looking for an affordable puppy food. Not only will they learn about nutrition, but also value for money.

The overall health of a puppy is also directly linked to the amount of activity they get. One of the best ways to encourage activity is through play. Both children and puppies seem to have endless energy when it comes to playing, but it’s also important that neither exert themselves. Another great way to encourage is by taking the puppy for a walk or to a dog-friendly park. When they are concerned about the level of physical activity their puppy is getting, it can spill over into their own lives.

Critical Life Skills A Puppy Can Teach Your Child. beautiful asian girl playing with siberian husky puppy in the park

Obedience Training Works Well With Discipline

One of the hardest things for both parents and pet owners to do is to practice discipline. Discipline is an integral part of the learning process for a puppy and when a child is involved in their training, it allows them to understand why their puppy reacts in a certain way. Part of the training should include speaking in soft and calm voices, as erratic screaming could distract the puppy from the task. While training a puppy, a child should have the help of an adult nearby in order to assist when they’re unsure about something. It’s not advisable to let the child go through the entire training process by themselves.

While there are many things to consider when bringing a puppy home, the safety of both the child and the puppy should top the list. Allowing the child to be involved in raising the puppy will have a remarkable effect on some notable life skills.

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