Dating After Divorce: How to Date As a Single Parent

Dating After Divorce: How to Date As a Single Parent. Dating

According to recent statistics, over 40-50% of marriages in Britain end in divorce, with similar figures applying to the USA. In other words, a sizeable portion of the population can suddenly feel as if they’ve returned to ‘square one’ where relationships are concerned. Although many will be reluctant to embrace the world of dating, after varying periods of time spent licking emotional wounds others won’t feel like wallowing in their newfound divorcee status for too long. Eventually, they’ll want to find a new partner.

When there are children involved, the situation becomes more complicated. But there are ways around this, especially if you are prepared to sign up to a date site when it comes to seeking love again. So how do you get into dating as a single parent?

Tips About Starting Over Again

It would be worth taking things at a slower pace, at least until you meet someone new and really connect. So when it comes to posting profile photos on social media or dating sites, stick to portraits of yourself, as opposed to shots of you with offspring. When people are flicking through any number of these personals on a site, they can be fickle. Consciously or subconsciously, they might swipe past that picture with kids in favour of a similar one with none.

Dating After Divorce: How to Date As a Single Parent. couple enjoying date

Get Over the Stigma

If there’s any sense that potential partners are going to be less inclined to form a relationship with someone who has ‘baggage,’ this is exactly the type of preconception which is plainly absurd. That stereotypical notion of nuclear families, married with 2- 4 children and living in suburbia, only exists in sitcoms from a couple of generations ago. Modern life is so much more complicated, and that’s such an improvement from the days of repressed marriages. Nowadays, people looking for dates come in all shapes and sizes, and this is catered for by the ever-expanding availability of online dating resources.

These sites expect their clients to be completely above-board when describing their personal situations to potential dates, so divulging the fact you are not only divorced but a divorced single parent, is just another aspect of your character to list on your profile description. If anyone happens to find this some sort of turn-off, then the only person they are denying happiness is themselves.

Dating After Divorce: How to Date As a Single Parent. online-relationships

Ready-made Families

You can imagine a young twentysomething guy getting cold feet upon discovering his new flame is a ravishing cougar but one who also has teenage children. Fortunately, the majority of people who sign up to dating sites are much more grown-up than that. The whole point of finding yourself attracted to another individual is accepting them for what they are, regardless of whether or not you might be assuming the role of a step-parent.

It is that sense of being comfortable with someone which transforms the so-called ‘baggage’ aspect into a positive. Entering a new relationship is a time of hope, excitement, and optimism at the way things could develop. Having to adapt aspects of your routine to accommodate your new family is something which shouldn’t really be a barrier, as long as you’ve decided you feel comfortable with taking this bold new turning on your life journey. No self-respecting single parent is going to expect you to automatically start behaving like their child’s new father/mother from the get-go. This is a role you can assume over time.

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