Do Women with Bigger Hips Have Smarter Babies?

women with bigger hips have smarter babies

Believe it or not, your curves are making you and your baby smarter. According to the latest research, fetal brain development depends on how much fat the mother is carrying on her bottom and thighs. Furthermore, women with wider hips are more intelligent than their leaner counterparts.

How Your Curves Affect Your Baby

Several studies conducted over the years suggest that curvier women are smarter and also give birth to babies with a higher IQ. The adipose tissues located on their buttocks and thighs are a depot for building a newborn’s brain. It makes perfect sense considering that the human is nearly 60 percent fat.

Women are genetically prone to store fat on their hips and thighs. These fat deposits are rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a fatty acid that supports brain growth and development. That’s why you’re having such a hard time losing fat from these areas; your body has an innate tendency to store it so you can later give birth to healthy babies.

The fat cells on your hips are routed directly toward the infant’s brain. Basically, they fuel the development of his nervous system via breastfeeding. For this reason, women typically lose around one pound fat when nursing.

A healthy male body is made of just five to 10 percent body fat. By comparison, women of normal weight carry 25 percent to 34 percent body fat. Those who are fit and play sports have about 21 percent to 24 percent fat. These numbers drop to 15 percent to 20 percent for female athletes. That means even that even those with a lean figure still carry more fat than men do.women with bigger hips have smarter babies - a new mom kissing her little one

Wider Hips Equal Higher IQs

Curvy women not only have smarter babies but are more intelligent themselves. According to researchers, the bigger the difference between your waist and hip ratio, the higher your IQ. A study conducted on 16,000 girls and women has found that those with curvier bodies got better results in cognitive tests.

But what if you’re not genetically blessed with a big bottom? How to get wider hips and make sure that your child will be healthy and smart? From regular exercise to dietary changes, there are a couple of ways to increase hip size. Plus, your hips and thighs will naturally become larger during pregnancy.

The first thing you should do is to add more calories to your diet. Include an extra 200-300 calories per day into your daily menu. Eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods, such as walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, pistachios, coconut oil, avocado, and cocoa butter. These are rich in good fats that support heart function and keep your cholesterol levels within normal limits.

Junk food, potato chips, processed meats, and refined oils are high in calories too. However, they contain trans fats that clog your arteries and contribute to heart disease. Your daily calories should come from natural and minimally processed foods.women with bigger hips have smarter babies - sports

Still wonder how to get wider hips? Make exercise a habit. Squats, side lunges, hip abductions, leg extensions, and straight leg deadlifts should come first on your list. These movements add size to your hips and thighs by increasing lean mass.

As you see, there’s nothing wrong with having a big butt and wide hips. On the contrary – it could be the key to a higher IQ and better health. Plus, it benefits your baby too. He’s going to be smarter, healthier, and more creative.

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