How Does Breastfeeding Help You Lose Weight?

does breastfeeding help you lose weight

How to lose weight while breastfeeding without harm to the mother and her baby? How to do it quickly, effectively, and painlessly? Does breastfeeding help you lose weight or not? Almost all women worry about these issues in the postpartum period. Excess pounds inevitably appear during pregnancy, as they are necessary for the childbearing process. But as soon as the child is born the woman starts to worry about the weight she has gained during pregnancy. She wants to get rid of excess weight as quickly as possible and get into the clothes she was wearing before pregnancy.

The Most Common Mistakes That Prevent You from Losing Weight After Giving Birth

Inexperienced mothers, by virtue of some prejudice, refuse to give birth by themselves and breastfeed their children from the first days of their life. Or vice versa, they breastfeed for too long which can also turn into a problem of weight.

Inexperienced moms follow strict diets which change the quality and quantity of milk. Also, it deprives the child of the pleasure of getting the right food.does breastfeeding help you lose weight? on a diet

Inexperienced young mothers suffer from obsessive fears that they won’t be able to reach their former weight. For moms, all this is fraught with an abnormal hormonal background, and for children – with a violation of psycho-emotional development.

Every Mother Needs to Know the Following:

The extra (in your opinion) weight which the body stores during pregnancy is a natural guarantee that you will have enough internal resources and energy to breastfeed your child for a long time without much strain on your health. Therefore, after six months of breastfeeding, the body “understands” that it successfully copes with its task number 1, and begins to gradually use the internal reserves and fat reserves in order to produce breast milk. Therefore, without any diets and sports activities, you continue to breastfeed and gradually start to lose weight and lose your extra pounds at a rate of approximately 1 lb. per month.

If you want to lose weight during breastfeeding, just feed your baby and do not overeat. A strict diet, as well as intensive exercises, are very undesirable for nursing mothers. The fact is that serious physical stress and lack of nutrients can lead to a sharp decrease in the production of hormones which are responsible for lactation – prolactin and oxytocin. In addition, as a result of this lifestyle, water-salt metabolism is violated, which also has a negative effect on the production of milk. A mom can limit her menu only when the child is not less than 9 months old. The 9-month-old baby already eats complementary feeding well and can compensate a certain lack of vitamins or milk itself. But before you decide to follow any diet, think twice. Does your baby need it?

How to Lose Weight During Lactation?

A universal way to lose weight during lactation doesn’t really exist. All women are very different. But still, there are some points in respect of which doctors are unanimous.

Due to breastfeeding, a woman’s body spends more than 500 calories every day. If you consume 1500-1800 calories a day, you can lose 2 lb. per month without any special diets. Specialists also say that hips become slimmer when the child turns 3 months old. Since that time and up to 6 months, extra pounds are burned more intensively. These facts answer our question “Does breastfeeding help you lose weight?”

does breastfeeding help you lose weight? hips size

Studies have shown that fat cells are formed in the body not only in infancy and adolescence but also during pregnancy. They are formed during the third trimester and prevent quick loss of weight after childbirth. This explains the remaining after pregnancy several excess pounds. Thus, nature tries to protect the mother and her child from hunger.

You cannot refuse to breastfeed only in order to lose weight. Many women decide to transfer the child to artificial nutrition in order to achieve their dream body. But this is not an option. In addition, studies have shown that losing weight is much easier for a nursing mother than for a woman who gives preference to artificial feeding.

Breast milk is very useful for a baby because thanks to it the child’s immunity develops as well as the endocrine, nervous, digestive, and other systems. Currently, manufacturers of complementary feeding cannot surpass breastmilk, although they make formulas as nutritious and healthy as possible. All doctors and psychologists are unanimous in the opinion that breastfeeding not only saturates the body with nutrients and the necessary substances but also makes a huge contribution to its physical and psycho-emotional development.

Does Breastfeeding Really Help You Lose Weight?

In addition, breastfeeding helps remove not only the fat gained during pregnancy but also the extra pounds that were before the conception of the child. It is proved that the woman begins to lose weight actively in the ninth month of breastfeeding and becomes especially slim and feminine in the second and third year of feeding. During this period, subcutaneous fat on the hips, arms, chest, and abdomen vanishes. And it happens in a natural way.

does breastfeeding help you lose weight? a woman on a diet

Therefore, it is not at all difficult to lose weight during lactation, even without putting a lot of effort. And it is not necessary to severely limit yourself in food because it is also harmful. The child takes all the nutrients through the milk from their mother, and if you do not make up for them you can get sick or run out of breast milk. Moreover, with severe food restriction, you will have to forget about healthy hair, beautiful skin, and good complexion for a long time.

Things to Remember in the Process of Losing Weight While Breastfeeding

  • Do not go on exotic and mono-diets (like eating only raw carrot or apples). You can provoke an allergy in a child or even food poisoning.
  • If you’ve decided to lose weight while breastfeeding and go on a diet, drink more water! At least 8 glasses a day. The lack of water leads to an increase in the concentration of toxins and toxic substances in the body as a whole and in breast milk in particular.
  • Keep in mind that diuretics usually increase lactation at first, but then the amount of milk drastically decreases. It is better not to use such methods of losing weight while breastfeeding.
  • Do not eat food additives that reduce appetite. They get into the breast milk and can have an unpredictable effect on the baby’s still developing organism.

healthy diet. does breastfeeding help you lose weight?

In general, it is better to walk with the stroller at a quick pace and for long distances. Wear a baby in a sling or take them more often into your arms, and the excess weight will soon disappear. You will easily get in shape after giving birth.

Does Breastfeeding Help You Lose Weight Faster? Yes, It Does!

Some young mothers lose weight after giving birth without any effort. Experts have tried to determine how this happens for a long time. In the end, it was proved that women lose weight due to breastfeeding.

Researchers have revealed several features of this process:

  • Mother’s body burns more than 500 calories a day because of the production of milk
  • The size of the hips reduces the most when the child is 3 months old
  • Extra pounds are going away more intensively when the baby is 3-6 months old.

The specialists have also proved that the majority of nursing mothers can consume 1,500-1,800 calories per day and lose 2 pounds per month.






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