Does Music During Pregnancy Affect Childhood Development?

Does Music During Pregnancy Affect Childhood Development? pregnant woman listening to the music

Music is a powerful tool, able to communicate across cultures and languages to reach across a variety of populations. Music is a unifying tool, shown to make deep psychological impacts on listeners long after the song ends. Most adults can describe how music has impacted their lives, but what about children?

Does listening to music while pregnant have an effect on childhood development? For decades, people have wondered about this question, and scientists have proven that it does! Recent studies have proven that babies exposed to music in the womb had longer attention spans and were able to mimic adult sounds better.

Music and a Baby’s Brain

There has been a great deal of research done on the impact of voices and sounds for an unborn baby, particularly their mother’s voice.  When mom reads aloud to her unborn child, the sound of her voice produces a calming effect, lowering both hers, and the baby’s heart rates.

A small study in “Pre- & Peri-Natal Psychology Journal” looked at babies enrolled in a program called FirstStart, which exposed unborn babies to musical stimulation. These babies showed better motor skills, language development and cognitive skills from birth to six months than the babies who did not listen to music in utero.

Does Music During Pregnancy Affect Childhood Development? Pregnant woman playing music to her baby through headphones

Another study showed that babies who heard music in the womb responded with more alertness and physical movements at six weeks after birth,seeming to recognize the music they heard while in the womb. According to the BBC, this recognition of prenatal music experiences might actually last 12 months or more after birth.

Powerful Results

The results are staggering. While playing classical music for your baby in utero may not result in birthing a genius, music was shown to play a large role in healthy child development. Children who were exposed to music regularly before birth experienced reduced stress levels and were more well-adjusted than their non music listening peers. Does it mean baby will have better taste in music than other kids? The jury is still out on that one, though many parents might say yes!

If you are currently pregnant, congratulations. Go ahead and play that music for baby like you normally would–just don’t play it too loud!

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