You’ll Be Shocked by What You’ll See in The Dogs’ Jaws – Viral!

The ginger dog has violated a quiet and normal day in Campinas when it suddenly appeared from behind the garbage cans. You will be shocked to know what was it carrying in its jaws.

Passers-by were speechless when they saw the terrible discovery of this dog. A newborn baby was in the dog’s mouth. It was clear that the child was a newborn, the umbilical cord hasn’t even been cut off.

The dog has brought the child to the nearest house. A housewife, who has seen this awful scene, was shocked. But, she has overcome fear and quickly tried to help the baby. It’s unbelievable, but the girl was still alive. The dog held the baby very gently in its mouth and didn’t hurt the girl.

The child was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where all necessary help was performed. According to the doctors, the girl is healthy, nothing threatens her life and health.

The police of the Campinas city made every effort to find the biological mother of the girl who committed such a dreadful thing.

Meanwhile, the dog, that saved the child, became a real celebrity. Locals say that a real angel descended to the earth in its image.

All the inhabitants of the city love the dog-savior and honor its heroic deed.

* This news is wandering around the globe for the second or the third time: it’s not the only case when a human-friendly animal saves a child. The dog is a friend and people tend to believe the good stories with a happy ending. How comes that the most believable part of this story – is where the human mother would throw away the own child. Get your baby a dog – maybe someday your dog will save somebody’s life.