How to Educate Children in Creativity

children creativity

Creativity is a faculty that not only serves us, as some think, to develop artistic activities such as painting or writing. Educating in creativity is educating for change and forming people rich in originality, flexibility, future vision, initiative, confidence, willing to take risks, without fear of being wrong and ready to face the obstacles and problems that are presented to them in the lifetime.

And is not this precisely what is needed at this time? Individuals will be able to adapt to changes and even to provoke them, who find different solutions to problems, with an open mind, leaving aside conventionalisms.

In the world of the company, managers have already realized this. According to a study carried out by the multinational IBM among 1,500 CEOs, for 60% of them creativity is the most important quality to succeed in business, even above the integrity (52%) or global thinking (35%).children creativity - in class

This shows how important it is to start promoting this creativity as children. Everyone, when we are born, we have that capacity very developed, but in many occasions, because of the designs of the educational system and even of our own trajectory, we give more importance to memory or logical reasoning to the detriment of it. In fact, in any educational system in the world today, what they are trying to do is “kill” that creativity. Creativity can run on many things, for example, you are dealing with an economic-themed essay while you do not have the ability to do that. With your creativity, you should seek online help: Assignment.EssayShark will help you with such a subject as economics.

The dimensions of creativity

A few years ago, some UK scientists (on education field) proposed a definition of creativity based on five dimensions. The presented model focuses on the following aspects of the creative mind:

  • “inquisitive” (asking and asking, exploring and investigating, challenging assumptions),
  • “persistent” (facing difficulty, daring to be different, tolerating uncertainty),
  • “imaginative” (play with possibilities, establish relationships, use intuition),
  • “collaborative” (share the product, give and receive feedback, cooperate properly),
  • discipline” (develop techniques or skills, reflect critically, work paying attention to the details and in the search for continuous improvement).

How to encourage children creativity?

But beyond what happens at school, how can parents help children preserve their natural creativity and even encourage it? Here are some guidelines that can help us:children creativity - two small kids drawing

  • Respect the children’s game. Bringing children to extracurricular activities and filling their agenda of obligations and activities are not the most appropriate ways to enhance their creativity. The little ones need to enjoy a long time of free play, in which their imagination is the one that guides their performances and boosts their ability to be creative.
  • Provide an inspiring environment. Why not create a space for children to unleash their creativity in a corner of your room? Some ideas are to put murals where they can paint freely, have boxes in which to store the treasures they found and collect all the games and toys that inspire their creativity.
  • Do not direct your games. The children like to skip the rules and devise new ways to play, such as building a tower instead of the predesigned figure with the blocks of a puzzle. That is their natural creativity. You have to let them try new things. Adults should not intervene if the child wants to use their toys in a different way (as long as there is no danger of hurting or breaking them). On the contrary, it is important to value and encourage you to devise and create other ways to have fun.

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    Probably, any parent would like to raise his child a creative person. What is creativity? A person can be called creative if he has a free flight of imagination, fantasy, intuition, which can lead to invention, finding non-standard solutions in various situations

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