Ergo Baby Carrier: The Main Advantages and Disadvantages

mom carrying a baby in an ergo baby carrier

Ergo baby carrier is, first of all, a special backpack for carrying children. And the most important thing is the correct carrying, which provides the baby with a physiologically correct position and does not harm his health.

In the ergo-backpack, the child sits in the “frog” pose, legs spread wide apart. This situation is physiological and it is not only convenient for the baby, but also very useful, since it is a prevention of hip dysplasia.

Let’s discuss other advantages and disadvantages of ergo baby carriers.

What Does the Word Ergo Mean?

Ergo is short for ergonomic.

Ergonomic means conforming to the requirements of ergonomics; adapted for the most convenient and safe work with something.

Therefore, ergo-backpack, first of all, is convenient and safe for the baby and for mom’s back.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, the baby’s weight is distributed evenly throughout the back. The fabric holds the baby under the knees, the entire back of the baby is tightly pressed to the mother with a backpack cloth, due to this the baby is in the same position as on the mother’s arms.

Such a posture in which the baby “merges with the mother” makes the weight of the child almost imperceptible for the mother and she can easily and comfortably carry the baby.

mom wearing a baby carrier. ergo baby carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier Is a Choice of Experienced Parents

In terms of convenience and practicality, ergo baby carrier occupies an intermediate place between slings and kangaroo backpacks and is indicated for carrying children from 4 months of age.

To understand why an ergo baby carrier can become the best choice, it is necessary to consider its key features that are of great importance when carrying a child:

  • The correct position of the legs. If the baby carrier was chosen correctly, then the baby will be provided with the M-position, in which his butt is located below the knees, and the legs are pulled apart and do not create problems for the mother while walking. Naturally, all this can be achieved only if the width of the back of the backpack corresponds to the distance between the popliteal fossae of the child.
  • Physiological curvature of the spine. Due to the fact that the ergo baby carrier has the most tight fit to the mother’s body, the spine remains S-shaped all the time. For older children, manufacturers offer models with adjustments that allow the handles and upper back of the baby to be released.
  • Careful distribution of the load on the child. If we compare these two carriers, it can be noted that in the case of a backpack, the weight of the child’s body falls on the lower surface of his thighs and partly on the buttocks. Therefore, the use of this carrier will not lead to the appearance of damage on the delicate skin of the child.
  • Easy to put on. An ergo baby carrier is a fairly easy-to-use product that any adult can handle. It is especially relevant if grandmothers, grandfathers or fathers are also walking with a child.

young mom with a baby in a carrier

Other Features

  • Easy to wear. In an ergo baby carrier, the width of the straps can vary from 10 to 30 cm, and the load is distributed over a much larger area. As a result, the shoulders and upper back are not under serious pressure. The weight mainly falls on a wide belt, which puts it on the hips. This allows using backpacks for carrying even those children who have already turned one year old.
  • Natural landing. Another important feature of ergo baby carrier is that it is just as convenient for a child as if he is in the hands of parents. After all, such a carrying provides the baby with the most natural position for him. Another advantage is that the hands of an adult do not get tired, because they remain free all the time. Thanks to this, the mother can stay with her baby and do the cleaning or cooking at the same time.

However, in order to take full advantage of the above features of ergo baby carrier, you need to choose the right size. If the selected model does not have the ability to change the height and width of the back, then it only makes sense to use it at a certain age. Thus, the most suitable model for the mother will be the model in which the possibility of adjustment is provided. Or, as an option, you can purchase several backpacks.

At What Age Can You Carry a Child in an Ergo Baby Carrier?

If the manufacturer includes a special insert for the newborn, or some special devices to reduce the volume of the backpack, it is possible to use such a backpack, starting with the certain child’s weight or age, stated by the manufacturer.

If a special insert or devices that reduce the volume of the backpack are not provided, then it is recommended to start carrying a child in an ergo-backpack from 4 months.

ergo baby carrier. dad wearing a baby carrier

Attention: the presence of a special insert-blanket – significantly adds heat while wearing. Carefully watch your baby, remember that overheating is much more dangerous than a little cooling, especially when wearing indoors! Still, keep in mind that wearing such a backpack without an additional insert-blanket does not guarantee a physiologically correct position of the child.

Ergo Baby Carrier and Breastfeeding

Many mothers are concerned that the design of the backpack and the tight pressing of the child with the straps will not allow them to continue to breastfeed the baby on demand, or it will become an obstacle for them on walks.

In reality, this is a misconception. The design of the correct ergo baby carrier allows you to adjust the height of the position of the child. Thus, the mother can lower the child to the level of the breast, increasing the length of the straps and then also pull it back without problems. Thanks to the hood, the feeding process is not noticeable to others, which is another advantage of ergo backpacks.

Advantages of Ergo Baby Carrier

 Convenience and simplicity, the ability to adjust the straps and belts for mothers of any body size. Even distribution of the load over the shoulders and lower back. Ergo baby carrier can be used with any structure of the child’s body. The back is not rigid, designed to fit snugly to the body, evenly supporting the weight.

 A child feels mother’s warmth and protection and behaves calmly.

 The possibility of feeding the child. You can loose the straps, slightly lowering the baby and breastfeed directly in the backpack.

 When carrying, protection is provided by wide straps and a belt fastened at the hips.

5 Even with the sudden unfastening of the fasteners, there is no reason to worry that the child will fall out.

ergo baby carrier. a mother and a baby in a baby carrier

Other Pros

  • The back is easily adjustable in width.
  • Physiological position of the baby.
  • Convenient to take off and put on.
  • Unloads the spine of the mother.
  • Can be used for older children weighing up to 20 kg.
  • Convenient when breastfeeding.
  • Can be used for long walks.
  • There is a safety elastic band.


 When carrying it is necessary to pay attention so that the baby has symmetrically arranged legs in order to avoid spinal curvature.

 During the walk you should always be careful in order not to stumble.

Before using the backpack it is recommended to carefully read the instructions, including safety requirements. Also, you can get expert advice at the point of sale.

ergo baby carrier. smiling baby in a baby carrier

When choosing a baby carrier, it is recommended to be guided by the following criteria:

  1. Gender of the child – this argument does not play a significant influence, but it can make an impact on the color scheme choice.
  2. Age – a good baby carrier for newborns should have inserts to support the head of the baby. If the child is 4 months or more, then when choosing, you need to pay attention to the length of the backrest. If this element is short, then it is possible that the child will fall out of it.
  3. Reliability of fasteners and belts – metal options are the most durable compared to plastic ones. Keep in mind that belts should be adjustable in length.
  4. Regulation – the length and width of the back should be adjusted to the size of the baby. It is recommended to choose wide straps so that there is no pressure on the shoulders.
  5. Comfort – before purchasing it is recommended to try it, check how comfortable it will be for an adult and a child.
  6. Other accessories. The presence of the hood from getting wet, inserts to support the head, and other elements can also be added to a baby carrier.

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