Exercise During Pregnancy Brings Benefits, Including Childbirth

exercise during pregnancy

Are you pregnant and afraid to exercise? Have you ever received advice from someone about the dangers of exercise during pregnancy? Hopefully, this article is able to answer all your doubts about the sport done during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time that has many questions: what does well, what a woman can do, what can not, what care to take with her health, in addition to all the essential medical routine for a healthy gestation. And a question that always raises doubts is about the practice of physical activities during the period. If the woman already has the habit of exercising, it is common to appear that natural instinct asking to slow down. But if the woman does not have this routine, the tendency is to think that starting now will not do either. However, experts warn that the practice of exercise can bring many advantages, from the relief of muscle and joint discomfort to the decrease in labor pains.future mom at the doctor's

Physical activity in pregnancy is not only welcome but also necessary. Depending on what they propose, exercises can help decrease skeletal, muscle, and joint injuries, reducing pain and improving a woman’s cardio-respiratory pattern. According to the doctor, when a woman trains during pregnancy she improves her muscular endurance and prepares for a calmer birth.

The logic is the same as an athlete practicing for a competition. The more you prepare your body, the more chances it creates of having no complications in the big day. The cardio-respiratory pattern helps a lot to improve labor since it will waste a lot of energy. Just like the exercises that work the flexibility and muscular strength in the pelvic floor and in the abdominal musculature. This is because the musculature is much used in childbirth; in addition, people who exercise often have more release of endorphin which decreases pain, so these women will suffer less. It seems to be concluded that regular exercise has a strong effect on reducing pain during childbirth. This is an interesting fact that is rarely known to people.exercise during pregnancy - future mother doing yoga

Know some physical activities indicated for pregnant women

Research also indicates that lactation may benefit from exercise during pregnancy. Some say that exercising women handle the lactation process better, are more willing to breastfeed and it seems that there is also improved milk production. And, of course, those who exercise and keep their body fit could avoid the extra pounds of pregnancy. Hydro helps maintain muscle tone, so we grow in size, but do not get flabby. Another good thing is to stay in the water because we do not feel so much the weight of the belly and it helps to relax.


It is worth mentioning that when intuition says to slow down, the advice is valid. Not all activities can be done during gestation. Those who are already accustomed to some modality may even continue, but only under medical guarantee. Those who have never exercised may begin, but slowly and with more attention in the first trimester, when the pregnancy is more fragile.exercise during pregnancy - future mom smiling

Impact exercises should be avoided, as well as others that require supine position and diving. Many physiotherapists warn about the intensity of activities, which should not be strenuous or generate a significant increase in heart rate and blood pressure. From this article, it can be concluded that exercise for pregnant women is quite advisable certainly with some restrictions to avoid disturbance to the fetus and also at the mother’s blood pressure. Hopefully, this article can be useful to increase your insight. If you want more info, it’s recommended to get as many as reputable sources from the Internet. You need to go to answers to homework for quality essay help about women.

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